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4 Star Review
Address: 9840 W 44th Ave
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033 - US
Business Hours: M-F 8-1
Sales Phone: 303-594-9871
Service Phone: 720-242-5101
Sales Email:
Cust Service Email:

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Date Reviewed: 09/24/2009
glister1 from unknown
Member Since:
Well, to put it bluntly, I placed an order for : [XB360DVDDRIVE-PHILIPS 1 Philips BENQ VAD 6038 Replacement DVD Disc Drive for Xbox 360 (Storefront Purchase)] However, I received a Hitachi drive with my shipment rather than a Phillips BenQ drive, the one I had ordered. Instead of spending fifteen minutes replacing my XBOX360's drive, I spent three hours replacing it instead, since I had to make adjustments in the firmware I was to flash, because they sent me the incorrect drive. I was eventually able to get the drive to work however. Overall Rating
2 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 01/17/2010
blitzdiscjockey from unknown
Member Since:
The (Sony PS3 Laser Lens Two-Eye Repair Part KEM-410ACA with Deck Assembly for 80 gb Systems) part I ordered worked great in my Nephew's 40gb PSP3. I felt like I took a gamble with this company because they didn't respond to my e-mails with the questions I had about the part I needed. It caused me to hesitate for 3 weeks before finally breaking down and ordering the part I wanted. The only reason why I ordered the part from them was because the price for my part was cheaper than any other price that I found online. I would of rated the Merchant better than poor if they would of responded to my e-mail or answered the phone. I'm sure they can improve on that. Even though I rated them poor, I would still recommend them to people but, I would tell people the company lacks communication. Overall Rating
2 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 01/31/2010
lbartz from unknown
Member Since:
I thought they were great until I got the product and found it was used and in poor condition. Since then I feel I am being ripped off and the company is running a scam on me. The product worked a total of 4 days and the company has not followed through on their promises to get me a shipping label or to answer any e-mails that has not forced them to. I do not feel comfortable that they will refund me or ship me the new part I paid for. Overall Rating
2 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 02/12/2010
Grandmagator55 from unknown
Member Since:
Tell me how I can return this product to get a refund. Overall Rating
2 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 02/25/2011
oldblue05 from unknown
Member Since:
terrible warranty policy Overall Rating
2 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 02/20/2009
ClintsAngel11 from unknown
Member Since:
Very easy to navigate through site. Easy to find what I'm looking for. Unfortunately the triwing screwdriver was crap and there were no instructions on how to put everything together, but other than that everything else was fine. I found instructions online so it worked out for me Overall Rating
3 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 05/22/2009
jestunes from unknown
Member Since:
I would not recommend your site to anyone else or buy any future products in the chance that what I wanted to buy not be able to interface with what I already own. I bought a hard drive for my son's xbox 360. I have replaced many hard drives on many computers so it was not a problem for me. The problem was the xbox wouldn't read any game discs after I installed the new drive which is why I bought a new one in the first place. The drive worked fine but it wouldn't read the discs. I voided the warrantee because I tried to replace the original board from my original xbox but that didn't work either. Now I am stuck with 2 drives that don't work and a 360 that doesn't either. As a result I had to buy a new xbox 360. Overall Rating
3 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 05/31/2009
sorespot from unknown
Member Since:
I could rate it poor...time will tell. I received the wrong item and I am still waiting for the correct item. otherwise everything went ok. I ordered the Datel Rapid Response Wii remote but received a standard Wii remote instead. I was told that the situation would be resolved this week. Overall Rating
3 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 06/13/2009
g-orcide from unknown
Member Since:
I should have just bought a new xbox instead of trying to fix the old one. Overall Rating
3 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 07/01/2009
avidones from unknown
Member Since:
Meh. The product was correct and shipped undamaged, so no real problems there. But the shipping and insurance charges were not clearly or consistently indicated on the various confirmations and printed statements. I was unclear exactly how much I had been charged, even after I received my order. I probably won't bother ordering from them again. Overall Rating
3 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 07/16/2009
againstmebomb from unknown
Member Since:
Overall my experience was good. I would probably buy from them again due to the big discounts. Overall Rating
3 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 08/29/2009
icemon from unknown
Member Since:
I just want my money back. I will then go to someone else and get the PSP screen for my son who is heart broken. Overall Rating
3 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 03/09/2010
crusifixion33ad from unknown
Member Since:
A good site for ordering what I need. Overall Rating
3 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 05/03/2010
nai7.s from unknown
Member Since:
Not the best deliverer, but I finally got what I wanted. And I'm satisfied with that :) Overall Rating
3 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 05/12/2010
r.lcarolei from unknown
Member Since:
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Overall Rating
3 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 10/31/2010
thomasdavis79 from unknown
Member Since:
See above notes about shopping at vpgames. Overall Rating
3 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 11/07/2010
ryanrix15 from unknown
Member Since:
Your web site is fine. The product that I bought is junk. Overall Rating
3 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 03/18/2011
akr1 from unknown
Member Since:
Misleading item description.Item described for Playstation 1 and 2;however item does not work with Playstation 2. Overall Rating
3 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 09/29/2010
jerrymatthews from unknown
Member Since:
Tri wing screwdriver handle was to small. Was not able to get screw out of DS unit. Metal in tools was poor. Overall Rating
3 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 07/13/2011
rocky618 from unknown
Member Since:
its a good place for games just needs more accesseries Overall Rating
3 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 12/18/2008
vernsgal from unknown
Member Since:
The site is easy to get around. More details could be given on some items. Overall Rating
4 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 01/23/2010
e.r.kelley from unknown
Member Since:
I thought the website was well put together and easy to use. I had no difficulties. Overall Rating
4 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 04/20/2009
Rakman01 from unknown
Member Since:
Good site to go to.... Overall Rating
4 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 05/02/2009
danclpam7 from unknown
Member Since:
This purchase was made for a friend of mine but I do plan on making some of my own purchases from this merchant in the future. Overall Rating
4 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 05/22/2009
markwalus from unknown
Member Since:
The product I ordered arrived in good condition and timely. I ordered a DS LITE shell to replace a broken one, I also ordered the screwdriver set that was "supposed" to open the case to replace it. The tri-point screwdriver is the correct tool but it doesn't work. It is made of such terrible quality that it won't turn the screw. Good thing it fits but it doesn't work. I had to use my own mini screwdriver to get the normal screws out. But since I cannot turn the tri-point heads our device is dead in the water so to speak. I do not think there was any quality control to selling this product. If you are going to sell a specialty screwdriver for a Nintendo product, then I think it is your responsibility to have a product that is going to work. I like to do things myself when it comes to fixing things but I also discovered from a local game shop that if you fix it yourself it void's the warranty. That also was not mentioned in the replacement part. Product returned; w Overall Rating
4 Star Review
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