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4 Star Review
Address: 426 N.WOOD AVE
Linden, NJ 07036 - US
Business Hours: 10:00am - 7:00pm Mon - Thur, 10:00am - 6:00pm Fri, Sat close. open Sun.
Sales Phone: 877-300-5070
Service Phone: 877-300-5070
Sales Email:
Cust Service Email:


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Date Reviewed: 11/25/2010
paul from unknown
Member Since:
Very good process. No problems to date Overall Rating
5 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 05/28/2010
gjanssen92 from unknown
Member Since:
It's three weeks after the date of order. No package yet. Customer service reps contradict eachother one tells me that it's shipped with USPS other says Fedex. After multiple phone calls I finally get a USPS tracking number which according to US Postal Service does not exist. Just got a Fedex number but it too isn't in Fedex's system. I was asked why I would cancel the order when it will arrive tomorrow (which should mean it's already on its way). Latest is that this Fedex number is overnight delivery but hasn't been picked up yet. That makes it three shipments to my address of which none has arrived. Don't hold much hope that I ever will get a package. Contacted my credit card company to dispute charges for none delivery. Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 04/26/2010
Wildcatdrew from unknown
Member Since:
I am very satisfied with my shopping exerience with US1Camera. I bought a Nikon lens. They had it in stock and shipped within 24 hours. These guys are the best. Overall Rating
5 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 04/14/2010
squalex from CA
Member Since:
First I had them on the phone and they told me I would receive my order in less than a week. One week later they told me something happened and I would receive it in another week. Another week later they told me one piece was backordered what they didn't tell me before, why?!? Because they didn't know... So I canceled the order and they told me I would receive it the next day (miraculously the piece ws not backordered anymore??) but it was too late I got my order from elsewhere... Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 04/10/2010
beeach from unknown
Member Since:
I was pleased with the ordering procedures, and I always like it when you click 'continue shopping' and it kicks you back to the exact screen you were on, so buying accessories is easy. I can't say that I saw anywhere that the item was in stock, but a message did come up that said that the order would be arriving in 2-9 days, depending upon shipping preference. I would like to see on Pricegrabber a preference for shipping time, as this is usually different than the "bottom-line" shipping price that is default listed. Thanks. Overall Rating
5 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 04/06/2010
skillit1 from unknown
Member Since:
Placed an order for the Canon Rebel T2i body and Tamron 18-270 lens on 2/26/10. Waited a few days without hearing anything, decided to call, and after the "normal" 15 to 20 minute wait time, talked to Thomas. I was informed the camera was backordered. Received camera and lens on 3/19/10, but the Nikon mount lens was sent, not the Canon mount I ordered. Called 4/2 and was told by the end of the business day, and that the refund was made on 3/29 so they were going to call the bank and check. Its now 4/6, and I will be calling the credit card company today to file fraud charges against them for the $538.00 for the lens I returned, and I will be contacting the Office of Consumer Protection in New Jersey to file a complaint. Never do business with this company!! I think the people who have had a good experience with them were lucky and should never order from them again! Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 04/05/2010
dsanchez78 from TX
Member Since:
The shopping experience was great, I was happy with the price and service I got from Bruce at US1Camera. I could not give them the highest rating because the shipping end was not as smooth and easy. Overall I would still recommend them to a friend. Overall Rating
4 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 03/18/2010
djones62 from NC
Member Since:
(Edited March 19th by djones62)   I ordered a Pentax K-x for my wife on 2/26/2010. Two days later, I got a call to verify the order. The rep said that I needed an upgraded battery or I wouldn't be happy with my camera's performance. Not being a camera guy, I added the battery pack to the order. The rep said the camera would ship immediately and I'd have it in six or seven days. On 3/11/2010, I called the company again to check on status. Reggie told me the item had been sent for drop shipment on 3/5/2010 and would arrive on 3/16 or 3/17. On the 18th, Thomas told me they would send another camera via FedEx that day and send me a tracking number. On the 19th, I had not gotten a tracking number and called to follow up. Thomas had no idea what I was talking about and said that the item had shipped on the 10th. I got another rep, Kevin, who told me they would place a "claim on the previous shipment" and send me another camera via FedEx (this sounds familiar), if not, I would receive a refund. Avoid these guys. Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 03/16/2010
mikehitt from unknown
Member Since:
(Edited March 25th by mikehitt)  2/27/10 - I ordered a Canon VIXIA Camcorder from the website, and I selected the 4-6 business day ground delivery. 3/1-I received a response email asking for confirmation via phone. 3/2-I spoke with Bruce on the phone and he offered other add-ons. I denied those and was told they would get the order out to shipping. 3/11-Order status was still "Sent to be drop shipped", so I left voice mail and email inquiries about the delivery status. 3/12-I called the number and spoke to customer service. They said the product would be delivered the week of 3/15. Still no shipping confirmation. 3/16-Still no shipping information. 3/18-called customer service and was redirected to voice mail. 3/22-called and was told it's a back order issue, but I'd have delivery by 3/26. 3/25-Called again, was told the camcorder was shipped but lost in the mail. They are canceling the order; refund promised by 3/29. Only one month later and no camcorder. Avoid this company! Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 03/15/2010
JustJared92 from NY
Member Since:
The customer support (Bruce) truly cares about its customers and hopes to treat them with the best buying experience from US1photo. Allowing said customer (myself)to develop trust and a bond with the company allowing me to continue buying whatever my camera needs may be in the future with ease. I was most pleased with the service and great deals. Thank you! Overall Rating
5 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 03/13/2010
LongIsland7 from NY
Member Since:
(Edited March 24th by LongIsland7)  After some misanderstanding finaly wy are satisfyed with prices and service prapobly will do buisnes again with this seller Overall Rating
5 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 03/12/2010
Xochiltmb from AZ
Member Since:
Buyers beware! I chose US1Camera for competitive prices and high avg customer ratings. I am a middle aged fastidious professional. I should have read the reviews more carefully. Shame on me! I am new to photography and purchased a Sigma 18-200mm lens for a new DSLR. I initially felt a resistance when in the zoom. After a photo shoot, I noticed a very small object or crack inside the lens. The lens had not been mishandled. Following the company's 30-day return policy, I emailed customer service to report the problem with the lens. Begins the nightmare: no email response, long phone hold times, and discourteous customer service. I was bewildered by the additional stipulations to the 30-day return policy and varied timeframes. Had I read the reviews for this company, I would have noticed the discrepancies highlighted in the negative responses. I am now waiting for a response from a manager. If the outcome is satisfactory, I will post a follow-up review. Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 03/09/2010
psali from unknown
Member Since:
Not very happy with their service. Very pleasnat people on the phone, but it basically took them 17 days to just ship my order. I still have not received it. They emailed a few days after the order to confirm the shipping address. Then a couple of days later they wanted to confirm my phone number because it was not working, which was not the case. Later I get an email about the bank rejecting the order, and when I called the bank I was told that they used the wrong expiration date 4 the card. It took several days of phone calls and emails to finally get a response from them, and I was told that it would be shipped that day. I called days later to confirm it was being shipped since their website only said dropped to ship. I was told that it would arrive in ~ 5- 7 days. I sent an email and asked for the track number and I got an email 5 days after my email indicating that it was just shipped. Not happy at all. Overall Rating
2 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 03/07/2010
Deb2010 from PA
Member Since:
James helped me quickly to order a lens for my Nikon D 5000 & lens filters. I was short on time, before leaving for my vacation. James made it a rush delivery a no cost & was very helpful to accomadate my needs. I will tell all my freinds about the quick and accurate accomadations he was able to advise me on. Thank You ! Overall Rating
5 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 03/06/2010
bgeklund from unknown
Member Since:
(Edited March 07th by bgeklund)  Bad initial experience, they called me back after order was finalized though and made things better to keep me as a returning customer. They really go the extra distance to please every customer. Overall Rating
5 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 03/06/2010
PGUser-X from CT
Member Since:
(Edited March 07th by PGUser-X)  Similar experience as qzr05. Bruce tried to upsell me and I declined and said the product would be shipped. A week later I called to find out where the product was and a very polite customer service rep told me the product was lost in shipping and a claim was filed. He assured me another product would be shipped. Meanwhile they charged my credit card and when I asked for a shipping number they were not able to supply one. This went on for over a month at which time I asked for a refund which took them another week to post. I did not expect this to play out the way it did with so many positive reviews for this company. Makes me wonder how many of these reviews are fake? Update (3/7/2010): I received a phone call from customer service the day after posting this review. I found this interesting since I also emailed US1Camera twice with no response. James gave a different excuse this time and offered me a free 4gb flash card as a sign of good faith... if I removed this review first. Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 02/27/2010
qzr05 from DC
Member Since:
(Edited March 07th by qzr05)  2/5/10-Ordered a camera via their website. 2/8-they called to sell some items. I declined. The rep said ok and my order would be sent to shipping. 2/17-order status was still 'Sent to be drop shipped”. I called about the status. They said it would arrive on 2/19/10, but had no tracking number. 2/19-I called again (status was the same), they said it would arrive 2/22, still no tracking number. 2/24-Obviously it never shipped. I called to cancel. Phone rep insisted it did and would arrive 2/26. Still no tracking number or ship date. I told him to cancel the order. Argued with the manager for 10 minutes (he repeated the rep's story). I agreed to wait until 2/26. 2/25 (a day after I called to cancel) it shipped next-day FedEx (so it would arrive when they said). Nikon said it's gray market, so I have no warranty. 3/7 UPDATE-Got a call from James. He will send a US market camera in exchange for a positive review. I updated this from 1 star to 4 for his effort to make amends. Overall Rating
4 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 02/17/2010
DavidBK from MS
Member Since:
Bruce was very helpful, I appreciate his advice, his recommendations came across as informative rather than pushy/just trying to make a sale - I'd use them again. Overall Rating
5 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 02/16/2010
Member Since:
patient and informative Overall Rating
5 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 02/15/2010
misc2000 from unknown
Member Since:
The guy (his name is Bruce) over phone was very helpful, flexible and positive. He spent over 15 minutes trying to get a better deal for me. I really appreciate his attitude. Overall Rating
5 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 02/14/2010
canonlover123 from NY
Member Since:
The worst online shop EVER. They said an item was in stock and they could not honor the price advertised because the vendor they planned on buying it from was charging them more $$ so they told me to go buy iy somewhere else for more $$. So kevin called me and told me if i dont leave a bad review anyehere they will send me some free gifts. Needless to say i was not Bribed by him like many others. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE. THEY ARE A SCAM. They wait till some1 leaves a negative review and they call back to try to make things right. They should try to make things right from the beginning by not being a scam and as i look it seems like almost every good review they have shows that it was edited. So it was BAD review 1st and afterwards they managed to change teh customer's mind somehow. BUYER BEWARE!!!!! Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 02/13/2010
owilliams042 from FL
Member Since:
I've been looking to buy the nikon for about 4mths now an not sure on who to order from.i had my mind made up on oreding form boardway photo but when i call a few time the people their seem to not much on the nikon d90.s when i taled to bruce at us1camera he preety much had me on buying from them so great job on the sale bruce,an i have told my friends about us1camera.i told them when they call ask for bruce he will help you out on what you need. Overall Rating
5 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 02/12/2010
MohamadGhamlouch from unknown
Member Since:
5 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 02/12/2010
jsingh78 from CA
Member Since:
They are fake! Ordered my stuff on 02/09 for about $2700!!! and with fast shipping option but haven't got a tracking number yet. Called them several times but they give some kind of excuse every time. Thinking about disputing the payment with Citibank credit card and have them blacklisted with my bank as well. Will cancel order today. Wasted my time with them......Bunch of crooks. It's really a shame on to advertise such crooks. My trust on is also gone for good. Jas Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 02/07/2010
versonphoto from IL
Member Since:
(Edited February 08th by versonphoto)  Had some trouble with the shipping initially but after I expressed my concerns I was promptly helped out by James, who refunded my express shipping costs and made sure I wasn't dissatisfied. Definitely made me feel better about the retailer as a whole and I'd come back to do more business here in an instant. Overall Rating
5 Star Review
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