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3 Star Review
Address: 2010 Main St. Suite 550
Irvine, CA 92614 - US
Business Hours: 24/7
Sales Phone: 1-877-690-0099
Service Phone: 1-877-690-0099
Sales Email:
Cust Service Email:

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Date Reviewed: 08/16/2011
whitehawk05 from unknown
Member Since:
Best price, easy to use site.... Overall Rating
5 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 06/21/2011
scheam999 from unknown
Member Since:
Did not complete purchase due to issues presented by the merchant. A majority of the questions do not apply. Overall Rating
3 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 06/04/2011
imadad6 from unknown
Member Since:
(Edited June 04th by imadad6)  My purchase was for a Nikon D5100 with two zoom lenses. I usually check reviews before ordering, but I did not when I recently ordered from Ritz Camera, because I had used them for a previous purchase and was generally satisfied. Within 24 hours, I had the "In stock, reserved" message on my order. I then checked the recent reviews of Ritz and was dismayed by what I saw. That evening, my order status was the same, so I tried the Live chat on the Ritz website. The representative informed me that my order had been shipped and the website had not been updated yet. She offered me the FedEx tracking number and I verified that it had already been shipped. I placed the order online on May 25 at night, it was billed as May 26. I requested the free standard shipping and it arrived on May 28. I could not have asked for better service or customer support. I am unsure why my experience with Ritz was flawless, but I would have to recommend them to anyone for price, speed of delivery, and support. Overall Rating
5 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 05/22/2011
samson07 from unknown
Member Since:
very pleased with the service especially the chat aspect.. very good!.. well done!! one of the best sites i have been on even e-bay.. Overall Rating
5 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 04/29/2011
avid_shopper from WA
Member Since:
Overall it was a terrible experience ordering with Ritzcamera. I wanted to buy a camera. I checked their website; it said "In Stock". I called their sales dept and confirmed that they had in stock. I placed the order online. I wanted it sooner, so I paid extra for 2 day shipping. Couple of days passed and I never received any email on shipping. My experience with CS was terrible. Once I waited for an hour, nobody picked up. Two other times I called, somebody picked up and after I explained about my order, they hung up on me. Finally with frustration, I called and cancelled the order. They said I would receive a confirmation via email. (The person wouldn't give me any confirmation/ticket number on the phone) I waited for few days and there was no cancellation email. I called them again (20 days after placing the order) and cancelled the order. Luckily I received the cancellation confirmation email 4 days later. I won't purchase with them ever. Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 12/28/2010
h2otime1 from unknown
Member Since:
After trying to save money at any cost, I checked PriceGrabber and went through each vendor. I ended up with a great product at a good price from a familiar and reputable name. I can't wait to get my new camera! My camera arrived quickly and was exactly what I ordered. Thanks! Overall Rating
5 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 11/29/2010
Linda-S from GA
Member Since:
DO NOT ORDER FROM RITZ CAMERA! This company is complete fail. I pre-ordered a d7000 from them on oct 17th. As of 43 days later the camera is/was still not delivered. I then receive a phone call from my credit card company for authorization (which i approved) ritz then tells me the camera is still back ordered. I cancelled the order and bought it elsewhere (order cancelled on 11-26 at 11 am) I was told I would receive a confirmation on the cancellation within 5 mins via email. No confirmation came. I contacted them and told them this, and was told I would receive the cancellation confirmation within 24-48 hours at this point. I contacted their company 3 times over the next 48 hours. No confirmation received. 72 hours later, on 11-29 they ship the camera. What is truly sad is, I had already ordered the camera elsewhere and received it before they could even process the cancellation. They have charged me, and shipped a camera I cancelled three days earlier. again DO NOT ORDER Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 07/08/2010
bobfox98 from PA
Member Since:
Several years ago I purchased a Prepaid DigiPrints card from Ritz, for printing 500 pictures. I printed 278 pictures by the expiration date of the card, so I lost the price of 222 prints. Don't buy a prepaid card! I don't want you to lose money like I did. It's ridiculous to have an expiration date on a pre-purchased card. Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 01/12/2010
ursulacrose from unknown
Member Since:
It took me two hours to place the order. The website crashed numerous times, the pages took forever to load, then the website would crash again. I tried calling the toll free number and was hung up on twice before I gave up. Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 12/28/2009
cyberspeys from MD
Member Since:
was excellent. Easy to find item that I was looking for. Description of the item was pretty clear. Easy checkout. A++ Overall Rating
5 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 07/20/2009
lds009 from MS
Member Since:
No answer on the phone numbers given. They tried to get me to order over Live Chat. Even offered a discount with free shipping to HONDURAS and no sales tax. I said I would order from the local store. He says Ritz Camera is not WOW What a risk they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 07/05/2009
cncdolphins from unknown
Member Since:
I was very satisfied with the website features, and you had the lowest price! Thank you! Overall Rating
5 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 04/10/2009
dief84 from CA
Member Since:
DO NOT buy from this company. Their customer service was awful when I bought my Nikon D300 last year, and it's still awful. I went to buy the Nikon 105mm AF-S VR f/2.8G lens from them about two weeks ago. I had to call India MULTIPLE times to "confirm" my order. Customer "service" attempted to tell me in broken English that the address at which I've been receiving mail for the last five or six years does not exist. I was then told that the person to whom I was speaking could not resolve my problem. I asked him to transfer me to someone else who could. I was transferred to one of his co-workers, who told me he could not help me either. At this point I'd been on the phone with them for about 25 minutes. I then asked to speak to a rep from the billing dept and and was told that customer svc. "didn't have" this number. I told them to cancel my order if they couldn't get me the number and magically they "found" it. I got the issue resolved but not without a lot of runaround first... Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 03/27/2009
JillW3867 from NY
Member Since:
I placed an order online with Ritz Camera. Once I hit the button, I realized I forgot an item and wanted to amend my order. There was no apparent way to to this online so I had to contact customer service. The person I dealt with placed a duplicate order instead of amending the one I just created. I emailed and called to return the duplicate product and was told I needed a "special number" to do so. It has been well over 2 weeks and I am still waiting for that "special number." The customer service is absolutely horrible and I will not shop here again! Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 02/06/2009
original77 from unknown
Member Since:
I placed my order on January 21, till today Feb. 6 they haven't ship it because they don't have it in stock. one of the worst shopping experience ever. I called them 3 times already and they don't know when they will have the item. My first order with them it took 7 days before they shipped it out. I'm done dealing with Ritz Camera. Don't buy from this merchant even if their price is low. Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 01/27/2009
glenngrossman from unknown
Member Since:
Check out is a total pain in the rear!! Overall Rating
2 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 01/27/2009
rdi24 from unknown
Member Since:
was very simple and i look forward to doing more shopping with ritz Overall Rating
5 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 01/27/2009
bcurious from unknown
Member Since:
Best prices and specials. Great buy and easy to find items. Overall Rating
5 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 01/21/2009
annedaly07 from unknown
Member Since:
if I get my order in a timely manner - I will think you are wonderful -and, it may mitigate my loss of happiness in dealing with my local Ritz store this past year.......Merry Christmas Overall Rating
4 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 01/20/2009
bagamalian from unknown
Member Since:
So far, so good Overall Rating
4 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 01/20/2009
swar10 from unknown
Member Since:
Ordering has gone smoothly, appreciated the online chat feature to clear up a question. Overall Rating
5 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 01/20/2009
kaylward from unknown
Member Since:
The transaction was easy enough, but they insist on using my choice to conduct business with them to promote other businesses. I will not do business with this company again because of that. I did not choose to get involved with other entities when I chose to make a purchase here. I don't feel it's right for a company to force other business entities into a transaction. This is like showing up to a dinner party with un-invited guests. It is just plain rude! Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 01/06/2009
njMartian from NJ
Member Since:
I took advantage of an advertised one day 10% discount on in stock items purchased via PayPal Checkout to buy Panasonic 50PX80U plasma TV and accessories. Four days later I received an email canceling the TV order due to it not being in stock. Yet my PayPal account was charged the full amount immediately. They also shipped the wall mount and cables (that I don't need without a TV) and at full price without the discount. I have been trying to find out what is going on with the email notices for charges and refunds (?) of strange amounts for 48 hours with no response. Online tracking is always 'broken'. Six days after my order and the TV is still listed as in stock on all of their websites! Is this bait & switch? Deceitful advertising? Or just a really pathetic inventory system? I would not recommend making purchase via their website. Don't trust the "in stock" labels. Overall Rating
2 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 12/23/2008
fuddworks from TN
Member Since:
In order to avoid any confusion with my planed order I had an online chat with a sales person. In this conversation I asked pointedly: "is this a NIKKOR AF-S DX lens as well?" and the res ponce was: "Yes, you are correct." However, they shipped me a Quantaray lens that isn't worth the cost of the shipping much less of Nikkor quality, and they expect me to just be ok with this product because it fits on my camera. Below is the actual online chat question and answer: me: "Price PLUS Bonus FREE 55-200mm Lens!" is this a NIKKOR AF-S DX lens as well? wolf: Yes, you are correct. Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 12/21/2008
gregoryfo from MD
Member Since:
Charged my credit card more then was authorized. Said they have refunded it two weeks ago, still not reflected on my online credit card account. Horrible customer service. Buyer beware! Overall Rating
1 Star Review
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