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Indoo Books

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Date Reviewed: 09/13/2008
judi69 from CT
Member Since:
I have ordered from many book dealers but this one was the worst. They said the book was suppose to ship on 8/29 but it didn't ship until 8/30 (or so they say). It was shipped out of NJ going to NY but as of yet, we haven't received the book and it's now been 2 weeks. I tried to reach Indoo but they don't have any phone number and only an email that I see now is an automatically created message so I'm guessing no one is even reading your email. Same message everytime I've written, it takes 7-14 days and up to 21 days. I'm ready to refuse the shipping and call my credit card to not pay. Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 06/02/2008
emnation from VA
Member Since:
I do not recommend buying from Indoo Books. I ordered two books, paid for expedited shipping, and have just received one book after 12 days. No idea where the other book is, and they did not provide tracking information (even after I contacted them 5 days ago to get tracking / shipment details). On the 3rd part bookseller website, the order was listed as being shipped / completed 8 days ago but when I checked the USPS tracking info on my package it was listed as being shipped 2 days ago. That means they falsely listed the order as having shipped 6 days before they actually put it in the mail. Don't buy from them if you want anything remotely timely with regards to shipping - go somewhere else. Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 11/09/2007
CollegeBIOmajor from PA
Member Since:
I received a textbook from It was listed as "new condition" but arrived with one of the corners bent and water damaged. The box it came in had no damage, so I can only infer it was packaged after it was damaged. The seller was uncooperative with replacing the textbook, unless I returned it first, and paid for the shipping too. I ended up sending it back, buying it from my school bookstore, and demanding a refund. I waited over a month for it to be resolved, but was unsuccessful with I contacted the credit card company I bought the textbook with, and they resolved it with Citibank has better lawyers than I can afford. I will never do business with this seller again, and I don't plan to buy from Barnes and Noble either, since they didn't want to make any changes about using sellers with a poor customer service rating. Check this company out on the Better Business Bureau website. Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 09/02/2003
kvmj from SC
Member Since:
I ordered a textbook for my son early on 8/28. The site said this book would ship in 24 hours. Shipping would take 3-7 days. I checked the status of this order after about 26 hours and saw that nothing had happened. There is no way to contact this company except by email. On 8/29 I sent them an email advising them that if this book had not shipped on 8/29, to cancel this order. I received a reply on 09/02 which stated that this book shipped 09/02 via USPS and would arrive in 21 days! Overall Rating
2 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 04/11/2003
srkambam from NJ
Member Since:
Best Prices and Fast Service Overall Rating
5 Star Review
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