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Total Reviews 2 7 798
Avg Rating 4.5 Star Review
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4.5 Star Review
Address: 14701 Arminta St. Unit E
Van Nuys, CA 91402 - US
Business Hours: 8:30AM - 5:00PM PST
Sales Phone: 818-994-9966
Service Phone: 818-994-9966
Sales Email:
Cust Service Email:

CompuBiz USA, Inc.

With PriceGrabber Since 04/24/2003

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Date Reviewed: 09/04/2003
pcmaker from FL
Member Since:
Make sure that the item you order is in stock before you give them your credit card #. They will charge your card even though they don't have the items in stock when you order from the website. The only way to get them to credit back to your card is to cancel the order.
Retailer Response (09/08/2003): We would like to point out some of the inaccuracies of this customer's claim. At CompuBizUSA, Inc. it is our goal to make every interaction with every customer as positive and effortless as possible. However, due to extenuating circumstances beyond our control the product this customer ordered was backordered, and this would have resulted in a delay of shipment of the product. As a courtesy, our Customer Service department placed a call to inform the customer of the delay of shipment. The customer initially accepted the delay, and opted to maintain the order. However, next day the customer decided to cancel the order. As the order had not been shipped, our Customer Service department was more than helpfull to comply with the cancellation request.
Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 10/09/2003
elau from CO
Member Since:
good site. needs to tell if the product is in stock. could display the different cost of shipping before the final invoice. Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 10/28/2003
midkiff from GA
Member Since:
I purchased a printer from compubizusa, had it shipped to my house. Compubizusa requested that the package be signed for, since I am not home during the day this is not possible, I called fedex to see how I could get my package. They said I could call the shipper and have the package rerouted to another address. I called the shipper and they refused to have the package rerouted and they refused to do anything to help me get my package. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!! Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 12/22/2003
danimal77 from MA
Member Since:
after waiting I still have not received my order today is the 22nd of December. I called them and they told me it shipped.the shipment date was three days after ordering it. Also asked for a tracking number they said it was against company policy!that is unbelievable. So I can not at this time give any answers except I am very unhappy at the delivery time. I ordered from two other companys the same night and have received both of them promptly. Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 12/23/2003
shingwong from CA
Member Since:
They sold me a refurbish digital camera as new. When I try to RMA it they will not let me unless I pay a 15% restocking fee. I am disputing this via my credit card company. Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 02/16/2004
ptanabe from IL
Member Since:
I am still waiting for BompuBiz USA to credit my account for the charges. Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 03/09/2004
h0ll0wshad0w from NY
Member Since:
Information at this website was not accurate.The consumer has to call in to verify that the item is in stock when it should be stated that the item is or isn't on the website. Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 03/15/2004
shandababy2 from unknown
Member Since:
It wasn't clear until 2 months later when the monitor stopped working correctly that I'd purchased a refurbished unit, not a new one. It didn't say on the packaging, or the invoice. Only one sentence amidst the pages of supporting information on the web-site. Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 03/22/2004
vollraths from OH
Member Since:
I purchased a Kodak C6330 off the price grabber web site. When I received the camera it was tagged "refurbished". ComuBiz did not list the camera as refurbished on the price grabber site. Other vendors designated their product as refurbished. I am waiting for resolution from ComuBizUSA but I am doubtful of the results. Also the shipping was untrackable and took 11days to arrive. I would avoid this company if at all possible!!! Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 04/18/2004
kc4334 from unknown
Member Since:
Order had pleaced, order not received. Tried to check order status the link only had order info, not the status info, misleaded conformation note. no link to contact the merchant. I would wait one more week, if I still not receive the order, all I can do just call my CC company to disput the charge. bad bad bad left me in blind ;-(
Retailer Response (04/19/2004): We don't have an on-line order tracking yet, but we will be more than happy to track down your order and let you know what day to expect your product. Our 800 number is on top of every page also in " Contact us" page, please contact us (Phone or E-mail) and we will update you for shipping info. Thank you
Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 06/01/2004
flicks from TX
Member Since:
This merchant has in my opinion a product description page that is not as clear as it should be with regards to whether the condition of the product that they are selling is refurbished. As such,this merchant is unwavering in their insistance of trying to collect a 15% restocking fee if the item is returned. Very unfair in consideration of their NOT EASILY DISCERNABLE product condition on their product description page.
Retailer Response (06/04/2004): We at CompuBiz USA do our 110% to illustrate a product for our customers along with our shipping methods and purchase options and other services. We do offer a specification table next to each and one of our advertised item and expecting our customers to read it before placing an order. In this case our customer probably overlooked some information and we offered him a 'Full Refund” on his purchase. (Our customer was NOT charge for any restocking fee or shipping charges)
Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 06/10/2004
gsspears from FL
Member Since:
I had called CompuBiz prior to completing an online order for an Olympus D560. I was told on the phone they had them in stock and I would be able to receive it on time via FedEx overnight shipping. I received a call the following day stating they did not have the item in stock and my order was cancelled. I called them and was told they should be receiving their Olympus cameras later that day. They called again saying they would not have any in stock for two weeks. Would not recommend them. Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 06/15/2004
iamcoh from NJ
Member Since:
Website was very unclear that I was purchasing a refurbished digital camera. I cancelled the order before it was shipped, but that was a story in itself. Was left on hold for a long time before someone got back to me to confirm order was cancelled. Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 06/27/2004
notreddy from MS
Member Since:
Ordering from the website was easy. However, I waited two weeks for my printer to be delivered, then called compubiz, only to find out it had only been shipped the day before. It was a total of three weeks before I received a printer that was supposedly in stock when I ordered. Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 07/26/2004
bonavita from CT
Member Since:
Merchandise received was defective. Time consuming and comber Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 08/18/2004
srthomasva from VA
Member Since:
CompuBiz has the worst customer service, they dont understand english to well,They lied and said that my add. did'nt match add. on card (not true) They just did'nt get around to verify my information,I've never had any other problems before. They have on their site COD but after talking to them in person they said they dont accept COD and needed a copy of a money order or cashiers check. Okay how was I going to do this at the moment when I was paying Cash? I think they suck!!!
Retailer Response (08/24/2004): We have over 15 customer representatives in our customer service department and between them; we speak over 10 different languages. We have no reason to lie to our customers about their address's', we are here to make a sell not to loose one. Our shipping policy is clearly posted on the web site and we have to follow the company's policy. We do offer 2% discount by paying COD Certified check, and we call this cash discount price. Instruction about how to pay with COD is listed on the web-site as well. We are doing our best to make your shopping experience as comfortable and easy as possible.
Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 09/08/2004
dmorris from unknown
Member Since:
My card was charged immediately. Informed about a week later they were out of stock. One week after that I received a check. They carried my funds for about 2 weeks. Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 11/16/2004
danholzner from CA
Member Since:
EXTREMELY BAD EXPERIENCE WITH THESE PEOPLE. Extremely bad. Classic bait-and-switch advertising tacticts. Reported them to the Office of Consumer Complaints and to the Better Business Bureau. What they are doing with pricing and jacking up the price *after* the order has been placed is patently illegal. Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 12/27/2004
rawheadrex from FL
Member Since:
First time using this company. Ordered a digital camera on the December 6. Arrived December 14. Wrapped as a Christmas present. Opened on the December 25th. Camera found with a highly visible dent on lens casing and was nonfunctioning. Because it had been greater than seven days, CompuBiz USA refused to take it back. Even with it being Christmas and a gift. Called Kodak, got return authorization. Because of dent present Kodak will be charging me an extra fee. CompuBiz unsympathetic.
Retailer Response (01/05/2005): Due to our contract with our vendors and manufacturers, return or exchane is not provided with after 7 day of purchase. However all of our products carry manufacturer warranty and technical support.
Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 01/04/2005
deansievert from WI
Member Since:
(comments when ordering) Want to know in-stock/estimated shipping date, at LEAST on order confirmation, if not before actually placing order!! Don't like being asked for credit card details before deciding to order... (almost 3 wks later) 2 days after order CompuBizUSA called, said my order was on hold, they didn't know when it would ship "maybe in 2 weeks?". Now (3 wks later) I called, they said "still backordered, maybe in 2 weeks?..."
Retailer Response (01/05/2005): Some items gets back ordered due to the manufactures delivery time and that is out of our control but we always inform our customers about the delay and arrival time or any other problem that might be and that's what we did with this customer. We emailed our customer same day that we received the order. Our customer claimed that he/she doesn't check that particular e-mail address. Our suggestion is to check the provided e-mail address after when you place an order for status updates.
Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 01/14/2005
thegoalie030 from MI
Member Since:
I was sent an e-mail from them telling me that my credit was declined and 2 call them. Then after confirming with my c.c. company that they indeed charged my account and was NOT DECLINED I then called them back. CompBiz USA then told me (by e-mail again)that the billing address did not agree with my credit card address. I called again & verified address that I have occupied for 10 years. The next day I am told that the item is not in stock and do not know if they will offer it again.
Retailer Response (01/26/2005): We always take an extra step to protect our customers and our company against credit card fraud. Credit Card Company had different information and didn't verify the information on our customer's order form.
Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 01/18/2005
rdepaola from IL
Member Since:
Item was not described as refurbished on pricegrabber's site. On the CompuBiz USA site the refurbished condition was in small font at the very bottom of the page. I didn't notice it and I was sent a refurbished camera that didn't work. They then refused to offer a refund! I Had to dispute the charges with my credit card company. What a nightmare!
Retailer Response (01/26/2005): We couldn't verify the accuracy of this claim since it's over 60 days old but we did offer an exchange and our customer refused.
Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 01/24/2005
billj32 from WA
Member Since:
(Edited January 29th by billj32)  Retailer Response listed below is absolutely untrue. I did not tell them they should have called. I am on my computer throughout the day and am checking my emails almost continuously. CompubizUSA did not reply to my two emails at all until I talked to two flippant customer support reps and I received an email cancelling my order while I was on the telephone with the 2nd one. They told me that HP no longer made the printer and it was not available anywhere. I ordered elsewhere and now have it.
Retailer Response (03/01/2005): We did send an email, stating that this item is on back order for 2 weeks and asked our customer if he would like to keep this order active or simply cancel it. He called us a few days after and asks us to cancel his order. Some times, items get back ordered by the manufacturer. Customers will be informed immediately if the item is on back order.
Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 02/22/2005
bpeschka from AZ
Member Since:
AVOID COMPUBIZUSA AT ALL COSTS! I won't use this sleazy company again, at any price. Ordered HP printer as a gift on 12/14, rec'd 12/23. Tried installing after Christmas, unable to print. Inside the box, I could tell it had been used before; orange tape HP uses on doors, toner was missing. Called CompuBiz on 1/3 or 1/4 to report printer Dead. Was told 7 day warranty period past, not their Policy to do anything after 7 days. No answer to my question on Policy of shipping USED & DOA product.
Retailer Response (03/01/2005): Our 7 day return policy is listed on the web site. Our customer was trying to send a product back after almost 2 weeks. We advised the customer to contact the manufacturer since it has 1 year manufacturer warranty. We just followed our company policy.
Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 03/18/2005
bluelabel from NY
Member Since:
This company should be avoided at all cost! They only ship FredEx and require a signature for delivery. I am on the 8th day and have yet to receive merchandise. FredEX supposedly attempted delivery yesterday, but left no note. Compubiz says they take a 50% restocking fee and refuse to waive it. I am disputing the charges with my CC company. If I could I would rate this company and the shipper with negative numbers!
Retailer Response (03/22/2005): We use FedEx since it's reliable and they deliver almost anywhere. We require a signature for the obvious reasons and if our customer is not at the billing address, we can always ship it to a different address that it could be received. We don't have 50% restocking fee in our company policy. (Our Terms & Conditions are posted on the home page)
Overall Rating
1 Star Review
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