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Address: 1 Corporate Drive
Cranbury, NJ 8512 - US
Business Hours: 9am - 9pm EST
Sales Phone: (800)505-3274
Service Phone: (800)505-3274
Sales Email:
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Date Reviewed: 01/20/2015
Vermont123 from unknown
Member Since:
"I had a very bad experience with the sales and tire techs . I used the Website and picked their recommended tires for my stock Yukon XL 2500 SLT. The comuter generated recommedations for an 18 inch wheel was a 285/60/18. I was informed by the sales reps that the computer was wrong and that I need a 10 Ply tire. So they set me up with a 275/65/18 Michelin winter tire. They were delivered after a delay. I had them put on and they were too large for the stock truck. They rub the wheel wells when they turn. I did my own research: They Michelins are 31.1 inches in diameter ( 275/65/18), and the285/60/18 are 30 inches. Also , they have on the web site a 10 ply 285/60/18, the Nitto Grappler. I was never given this option . After multiple calls , they refuse to give me any data to support the reccs they gave me and they told me that I had to adjust the suspension myself. They accept no responsibility at all for their poor advice and I will need to do a 2 inch lift to get these tires to Overall Rating
2 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 10/11/2014
lamonica_joe from unknown
Member Since:
Shipping is always fast. Customer service is always knowledgable with any questions I may have. Overall Rating
5 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 07/31/2014
barlybong from unknown
Member Since:
this will be my 4th time to order . so far , all my orders where in excellent condition and had arrived on time as stated.. Overall Rating
5 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 03/01/2014
jvruggink99 from unknown
Member Since:
very good every thing is easy to understand and simple. Overall Rating
5 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 12/13/2013
cygm from unknown
Member Since:
easy to use purchase items all the time with them Overall Rating
5 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 10/21/2013
jfranklin2211 from unknown
Member Since:
Was very easy with no problems on my shopping experience. Overall Rating
5 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 09/27/2013
cj84chevy from unknown
Member Since:
It was good fast and helpful they assisted me in finding what i needed thanks car ID Overall Rating
5 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 07/20/2013
donnief from unknown
Member Since:
Shipping costs were vastly different after checkout. Overall Rating
4 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 07/08/2013
effectiveaction from unknown
Member Since:
(Edited July 09th by effectiveaction_8503254019)  I ordered a carpeted trunk mat and windshield sunshield for my new 2013 C250C sport. The trunk mat is absolutely beautiful. The materials and construction get an A+ and the product arrived within 7-10 days. The sunshield is one of the best quality sunshields I have ever owned and it's really easy to use as well. You just place it in its folded state in the center of the dashboard and it opens just like an accordian. No wrestling or fighting to get it in place, just pull down the cars sunvisors and you're done. The products were so well made, that I ordered one of the mats for my CL Mercedes as well. Frank T. Cote Overall Rating
5 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 06/01/2013
searaymo from unknown
Member Since:
I had no problem finding the products, it's just that someone dropped the ball with repsect to submitting the order to the manufacturer. I had to call customer service 6 days later only to be told the items had not been shipped after the total funds had been recieved from credit card. As a car mechanic, car enthusist and automotive Shop Owner, I can not recommend CARiD to anyone. I informed the BMW owner he should have ordered his spacers from BavarianAutoSports. I also mentioned not to get his wheel/tire package he saw at CARiD either.... Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 05/15/2013
retta4him from unknown
Member Since:
(Edited May 16th by retta4him_9967279258)  I was glad to find that we could order window shades for all 4 windows. I thought it was fgr the front only! I'm pleased. Overall Rating
5 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 03/18/2013
awolife from unknown
Member Since:
easy to shop great prices Overall Rating
5 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 01/24/2013
guilchem from unknown
Member Since:
This place is a worthy outfit to shop relatively with peace of mind. Their prices are not bad. Give them a try and see for yourself. Overall Rating
5 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 12/15/2012
timothy.zahl from unknown
Member Since:
Great selection of products and I love the website! really beautiful and easy to browse Overall Rating
5 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 12/06/2012
michael.grayen from unknown
Member Since:
Excellent service and prices! Overall Rating
5 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 11/14/2012
michael.grayen from unknown
Member Since:
Great selection of products! Totally satisfied with Michael G. Overall Rating
5 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 10/08/2012
EternityJuggalo789 from unknown
Member Since:
II would love to shop here again, there are a lot of products at a great price; however, the customer service was terrible. I ordered 4 wind deflectors for my car. I was adv that all 4 were shipped, which was not the case. The first two arrived after 16 days. The first rep I spoke with via email was very sweet and efficient to take care of me; however, when I emailed "Can I get store credit for shipping at least. I have another set to order this week" II was basically ignored in my request and advised to cancel: "Thank you for the order with us, we greatly appreciate your business. Please be advised that if you would like to save these money as a store credit we will need to cancel this part. Please feel free to contact with us if you will want to cancel this part and turn these money to the store credit." I gave them notice to cancel the second half of my order, and will be shopping elsewhere.
Retailer Response (10/24/2012): Dear Customer, I am sorry that you had difficulties with I would love the opportunity to speak with you to see how we can better serve you as a customer in the future. Please contact me at: 1-800-505-3274 Ext: 8803 Or you can email me Sincerely, Tim
Overall Rating
2 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 08/28/2012
coolone from unknown
Member Since:
I really liked the whole presentation Overall Rating
4 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 08/21/2012
skoepke from unknown
Member Since:
The Search capabilites were great. The return policy convinced me that if I did not match the product color exactly I could return it the right one no hassles. Overall Rating
5 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 08/21/2012
aotto_ja from unknown
Member Since:
I often use online shopping to find some items because it consumes less my time, and I can compare price from many stores Overall Rating
5 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 08/18/2012
tbmcclure from unknown
Member Since:
It was geat to find a merchant who had the part I was looking for with little effort! Overall Rating
5 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 08/14/2012
wachinery from unknown
Member Since:
Wid range of products ,easy to navigate as well Overall Rating
4 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 08/13/2012
kmallett4133 from unknown
Member Since:
Fast and painless...well almost painless. Overall Rating
5 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 08/10/2012
mloak113 from unknown
Member Since:
I sent 3 emails with questions regarding return policies. Received an answer to my first request, but there was no response from the following 3. Overall Rating
3 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 08/09/2012
pizzy03hk from unknown
Member Since:
Its quickly Overall Rating
5 Star Review
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