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Date Reviewed: 10/22/2014
CareyMandell944 from unknown
Member Since:
"Ordered the JVC EM37T HD TV on the 11th of October. After 2 days, there was no update on the website so I called and was told it would go out the next working day. Website still not updated after 2 more days to called (left a msg) and emailed. No response until the 16th when I received both a UPS notification that a shipping invoice was made and an email response from company saying the TV was on it's way. Later that day, UPS updated their site that the package was picked up. Followed the UPS trail day by day as it went from state to state. Stayed at Atlanta Ga. for 48 hours. Not sure why but got to Florida on the 19th and to my door by mid-day on the 21st when it was estimated to arrive. I had gone on-line to see reviews of the company and was not happy to read most of them but it turned out OK for me. TV in perfect shape and a great price and we are enjoying HDTV at the moment. " Overall Rating
5 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 08/13/2014
MadSavery from unknown
Member Since:
I was looking for a Vizio 55" LED 240 Hz 3D television (m551d-a2r) Wal-mart had it listed for $998 but were out of stock online. I found the exact TV I wanted through for $849.99. Wow! What a steal! I placed my order on 8/5/2014. The funds were deducted from my paypal and I was excited. Then I went online and started reading some of the bad/sketchy reviews online. I got worried. On 8/7 it STILL showed shipment pending and I was getting nervous. On 8/8 it was STILL showing shipment pending and I was going to email the customer service when I got a shipping notification with fedex tracking number with an estimated delivery date of 8/11/2014. The TV arrived as promised the packaging was in-tact only a few crumples in the box at the corners. TV is beautiful and works exactly as marketed. My experience with is nothing short of PERFECT in my opinion. An amazing tv for an amazing price delivered in 4 business days. Overall Rating
5 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 06/09/2014
syd2012 from unknown
Member Since:
I WILL NEVER SHOP HERE AGAIN!! The customer service i have received with this company is hands down, the worst I've ever experienced. I received a damaged tv, and it took me 4 days of calling for some one to actually answer the phone. I was instructed to send pictures, which took another 3 days and 2 more phone calls for some one to actually get me set up for a return. When I finally received my return instructions, I was sent a picture of a shipping label that did not work when I tried to drop of my return at Fedex, and had to wait 2 more days for someone to reply to my e-mail about needing an actual shipping label. I ended up trying again, and pleading my case to FedEx who finally excepted the picture of the shipping label after the 2nd time I drove it down to FedEx. I was told a replacement would be sent out as soon as I dropped my return off, and I have now been waiting over 7 days for anyone to even respond to my phone calls or e-mails. Seems like a total scam. Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 05/20/2014
bigbadjoe613 from NY
Member Since:
My generator arrived severely damaged, must have been dropped on its side. I tried to contact them by phone and could only get a answering machine. No response by phone for over 3 days. I sent an email and got one response to email photos of the damage. I did so and still haven"t gotten a response and today 6 days later. Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 05/01/2014
loitran from unknown
Member Since:
shpping man ,very nice ,helped me carring to uppdair. i like this good -turn on tur off didn't hear any noise...picture nice...i am high recomment for buy Overall Rating
5 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 04/10/2014
Pete7175 from unknown
Member Since:
You may have to email or call them a couple times for shipping but they are very accommodating and do respond...I had a visa gift card that I wanted to use and he split the invoice for me in 2 so I could use it... Try that with a regular online retailer.... Substantial savings over any other electronics store was well worth an extra 2 days in my book! I bought a Yamaha surround system which is awesome! I will always check for my electronics purchases from now on! Overall Rating
5 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 03/17/2014
daneizer from unknown
Member Since:
Well I'm on day 8 and my order is still pending. This didn't stop them from collecting their money. Been trading e mail for several days . Still have no idea when the TV I have already paid for will arrive . Placed a call to them today . Was told they would get back to me ,that was 5 hours ago. I will update this review if and when the order arrives . At this point I would not recommend them ... Overall Rating
2 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 01/24/2014
Piyel224 from unknown
Member Since:
"I was afraid at the beginning and even more after reading some not good reviews before deciding to order a TV in I choose a LG 55GA6450, and went for it, the result, after waiting 11 days I receive the TV here in FL. It was funny when the logistic guy call me they said I have a package from Sam's Club, but I knew was the TV from, the issue is that this same TV cost $250 more at the store of Sam's Club, I bought it for $ 949, and it really wort it, the TV works great. I haven't been able to see any tv station yet because I don't have cable or antenna, but you tube and Netflix are so far covering my needs, also this is google tv, so It has many features and the streaming is one of them. My recommendation about the store is that this is a good place to buy, their prices are unbeatable, and if you pay with pay pal you are cover, thanks for all." Overall Rating
5 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 01/03/2014
Jeremiah23 from unknown
Member Since:
TERRIBLE TO DO BUSINESS WITH!!! STAY AWAY!!! NO COMMUNICATION, NO RESPONSES, NO EXPLANATIONS, NOTHING!!! ONCE THEY CHARGE YOUR ACCOUNT AND GET YOUR MONEY THEY COMPLETELY IGNORE YOU!!! I ordered my TV on Christmas and didnt receive any confirmaiton after the purchase. Had to send 3 emails and left 3 voicemails before finally getting someone on the phone who took my order number and said they would call back. No one ever called back but i did receive a confirmation the next day. Days went by with no tracking number or shipment notification. Again had to send emails and place calls leaving voicemails with absolutely no answer or response. Finally got a tracking number 3 days ago, and the tracking number doesnt work. Called the frieght company and they told me they have not received anything under that tracking number. I am going to be contacting PayPal to rescind payment, BEWARE, THIS PLACE IS A SCAM!!!!!!! Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 11/23/2013
holly2452 from unknown
Member Since:
I would not recommend this merchant to anyone. Their customer service is horrible. You can not get anyone to ever call you back on the phone and emails are very few. Took 17 days to receive my 50" TV with a broken screen and another 10 days for them to finally pick up the damaged item. I was never informed when they would pick it up and once it was picked up, I never received a response from them by email or phone as to when I would get a replacement. I ended up filing a claim with PayPal and I have been issued my full refund. NOT WORTH ALL THE FRUSTRATION...DO NOT USE THIS MERCHANT!!!!! Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 11/12/2013
alanaly from NJ
Member Since:
Very long wait with no explanation..TV arrived in an open box (returned item or refurbished item)..TV was defected, yet The company had horrible customer service and refused to do anything about it.. I will never ever use them or recommend them Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 11/11/2013
taperwing from unknown
Member Since:
(Edited November 15th by taperwing)  I ordered a Panasonic 50" TV on Oct 20. They acknowledged my order and my account on line said waiting to ship. They charged my paypal account. After 10 days on Oct 31 I emailed them as to why my account still was waiting to ship. They emailed me back right away and said the TV was back ordered and the would ship it the next Monday Nov 4 and send me a tracking number. Nov 4th came and went with no tracking number. I then emailed them every day from the 4th until now the 11th. No response. I tried calling them and on the first call talked to a man with a Jamaican accent who took my information and said they would call back or email me. Never heard from them again. Now all I get when I call is a robot woman and never a call back after leaving a message. I called at least 8 or 9 times. They must block your emails and calls after the first contact. It is now Nov 11, web site still lists my order as waiting to ship and no word from them by email or phone. They just totally ignore you. Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 10/31/2013
johndoe1726 from unknown
Member Since:
Well just got new 65" Plazma TV yesterday. Takes about two weeks from order date for delivery. Opened the box and the corner was crushed and cracked. Sent some emails with no responses after the first acknowledgment my problem. Lets see how the return goes..going to contact credit card co. to be on the safe side. Ill keep you posted if any additional problems. Overall Rating
2 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 10/23/2013
Rwimberly from MN
Member Since:
They will not respond to me about my tv screen is cracked called three times emailed three days in a row contacted pay pal to resolve this. Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 09/22/2013
dogmom18 from unknown
Member Since:
Awesome price for the 60" Samsung TV I was looking for - best price I could find. Plus no tax and free shipping. Slight delay in shipping due to the item being temporarily out of stock, but still arrived within the 14-day window advertised on seller's website. TV (from Sam's Club) arrived in brand-new excellent condition. Responsive communication from seller via email, and the delivery company (Seko) was also a pleasure to deal with. Very happy with my new TV and overall great experience!!! Overall Rating
5 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 09/21/2013
Gerrr from CO
Member Since:
If you're in no hurry to get your HDTV and you're on a shoe-string budget, BrandNewDealsUSA may be worth considering. The TV itself eventually arrived in good condition (with "Sam's" sticker and was definitely NOT a refurb. PROs: Pricing (and free shipping plus no tax outside of Utah) New merchandise (no refurbs) CONs: To save $90 I had to wait two weeks for the TV to be delivered (by a company called Seko). Charged PayPal the day I placed the order (and didn't tell me plus BrandNewDealsUSA's own "Account-Recent Orders" page still says "Shipment Pending"). Poor communication (no automated e-mail updates regarding status changes, their own "Recent Orders" page never changes status, left 4 voice mails but they never called back, didn't give me a tracking number until I initiated an e-mail to them). Were the CONs worth $90? In my opinion, no which is why I'm giving BrandNewDealsUSA two stars. I'm sure some people are saving quite a bit more than $90 so for them the answer migh Overall Rating
2 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 09/16/2013
terje113k from unknown
Member Since:
(Edited October 03rd by terje113k)  Got my replacement tv and im very happy with it.the price is awsome. Thank you brandnewdealsusa. Overall Rating
5 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 09/05/2013
maluminse from unknown
Member Since:
Placed the order on August 30th. I received an email with an account link. Nothing has changed since the order five days ago. Bank has been charged but their order says no payment made. Ive emailed no less than five times and left message on their robot voicemail. I received one email stating that order received and will be shipped by Wednesday. Not concerned that its not here or shipped, concerned that there is no communication explaining why it has not shipped. Concerned that their 'account page' still says not paid when my bank has cleared the payment. All 5/5? Suspicious. P.o. box - seems shady. Tomorrow if no word visa gets a call with fraud claims and a request to charge back. Overall Rating
1 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 09/01/2013
hotbacon from unknown
Member Since:
I was hesitant to place on order for a 60" plasma TV through a website that I had never heard of, but decided to go through with it on a whim. I am very glad I did. Excellent communication after the order was placed, quick shipment and delivery, and the product was exactly what I expected. There were Sam's Club stickers all over the box (which is where I was going to buy the TV from originally for ~$100 more). No complaints from this customer and I wouldn't hesitate to use them again. Overall Rating
4 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 06/22/2013
GoodStuff18 from NY
Member Since:
Great price on a variety name brand electronics. I've already recommended many friends to the site. The only drawback was the delay on shipping. Other than that, I highly recommend it and do intend to make more purchases soon. Overall Rating
5 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 06/17/2013
Idfend from unknown
Member Since:
Read the one negative review about merchandise being from Sam's Club Auctions but decided to take a chance. Delivery was 4 days early (from Sam's Club). It was exactly as advertised -51" Samsung Plasma TV. Great picture, good audio, great price. Definitely would recommend Overall Rating
5 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 06/16/2013
GGAllin from OR
Member Since:
I order best price then I read www others say they bad i got scare then TV came it was good! my wife birthday present make her very happy I going to get many "reward" Brandnew deals new company they work hard they do good to me do not be scare buy from newdeals we now watch american movies in 3d wife happy Overall Rating
5 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 06/16/2013
bradley2360 from unknown
Member Since:
I would definitely recommend to a friend. Order arrived in a timely manner, delivery person was pleasant, I didn't have any trouble or problems at all. Box arrived undamaged and I am loving our new TV! Overall Rating
5 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 06/16/2013
happy_customor from unknown
Member Since:
Product was broken during shipping. These folks replied and sent a replacement right away with no trouble and were pleasant to deal with. Very satisfied! Overall Rating
5 Star Review
Date Reviewed: 06/10/2013
SiPPMSH from unknown
Member Since:
I was very pleased with BrandNewDealsUSA's prices and I received my product in a timely fashion and in perfect working order (brand new). I will be back! Overall Rating
5 Star Review
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