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I have had this washer for about 6 months, and love it. I am married with 6 kids and two large dogs. I can keep up with the laundry effortlessly with this matched suite. I always have time to launder the things I used to have to take to the laundromat. We can wash/dry sleeping bags, sofa slip covers, king sized comforter, small rugs, etc. From reviews I saw before purchase and my own experience, READ THE DIRECTIONS before using, and make sure you purchase a matched set, so dryer capacity is compatible with washer capacity. This will eliminate most problems with wrinkling. Controls are easy to understand and use. Plenty of options for a custom load. My laundry room is inside the house adjoining kitchen/family area and we use this set with the laundry room door open all the time. It is fairly quiet. Also, dryer keeps up with the washer for most loads, so I don't have to wait. I think this is a great value, great product.

By KMOMO7 on Home Depot - Oct 14, 2011

Not worth it

Quality/workmanship of materials is good & machine seems well made overall-just doesn't work well. Full load of jeans & shirts & machine only "fills" with 3 1/2" - 4" of water when normal settings for this type of load are used. Not nearly enough to properly wash as clothing cannot move freely in water & it scrubs against itself in a very rough manner. Only way around this is to try to trick the machine by washing most loads on the sheet setting. It thinks sheets shouldn't be that heavy so it usually adds just barely enough water to get by. If it doesn't add enough I pause it once it starts to wash & I add buckets of water plus it will generally add more when you pause it & lift lid even if you don't add more clothes as it assumes you did.If you time it this way it will not empty the water as someone stated but it will empty if you add water before machine is done "filling". With or without adding extra water this machine will tangle & knot your clothing beyond anything you could imagine. Yes I load the clothing exactly as the instructions state. Even the fancy matching steam dryer is no match for getting out that type of set in wrinkles. I don't know how anyone could give this machine a good review. It does seem that people either love it or hate it. Maytag-you need to take heed of those of us that hate this machine as we are more powerful with our word of mouth than any ad you can produce to tout this product.This machine should be either totally recalled & replaced with something different or you should consider retrofitting it with a new control panel that would allow the machine to add more water, or better yet allow the user to set the water level, and possibly consider adding an agitator. This should be done of course @ NO CHARGE to the customer and would go a long ways in promoting good will towards your company & products. Otherwise, those of us that are dissatisfied will continue to be your biggest & worst advertisement.

By susiehomemaker60 on Home Depot - Oct 13, 2011

Both the Bravos washer and dryer are excellent products!

I was concerned when I read some of the reviews about the Bravos washer that it would leave clothes wrinkled and or torn. Nothing of the sort has happened, these appliances (dryer too) are excellent, very quiet, very efficient and my clothes have never been cleaner. I highly recommend them.

By MikeinPS on Home Depot - Sep 27, 2011

Worst purchase in 40yr marriage

This is a horrible product. You cannot adjust the water level such that all of the goods in the tub get wet prior to the rinse cycle. The unit weighs whatever is in the tub and uses a predetermined amount of water for that weight. If you add water when the goods are put in the tub the washer will spin out the water and start over. If you stop the cycle and add water it will do the same thing. We have changed laundry soap and fabric softner and as yet are unable to get non-blochy dark clothes. The service rep who has been out three (3) times in the last year to replace the control panel has told us: 1) your water may be too cold - (imagine summertime in Houston, TX having water too cold for the detergent !); 2) your water may be too hard (we added a water softner to the household) and saw no improvement; 3) use less soap and softner, (clothes were absolutely not coming clean we added so little - we had to go to a neighbors to do laundry). Buy a front loader or top loader with a full height agitator. DON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT. !

By TEACHER on Home Depot - Aug 22, 2011

Great machine

I had been a little concerned about other reviews that said this machine damaged clothing but we had no problems. We did follow directions and zipped and button clothing so that may have helped. We have cut detergent use in half and clothes come out clean. You may get a few wrinkles because of the way it extracts water in the spin cycle but I just give them a shake. We just love this machine. The timer that tells you how long it will take is great and really helps to keep the our loads moving on laundry day without having to waste time periodically checking to see if the laundry is done. Love all the different cycles and the ability to override water temp, spin cycle etc. if needed. We are now planning to get the matching dryer this fall.

By Ann85 on Home Depot - Aug 6, 2011

Maytag mvwb450wq

Strengths: nice look; simple to operate; quiet

Weakness: wrinkles clothes, especially pantsBIG COMPLAINT: The fabric softener dispenser and the bleach dispenser collect and retain water in most cycles. This water remains in the machine.

BIG COMPLAINT: The fabric softener dispenser and the bleach dispenser collect and retain water in most cycles. This water remains in the machine. The manual says this is normal, and Maytag reps say the same thing.

By anonymous; - Jul 25, 2011

Leaves spots on white clothes

Have used this washer for 6 months now, and kept convincing my wife to give it a chance. Now I am convinced it is worthless and I wasted my money and time on it. White shirts repeatedly come out with mysterious spots on them (and, yes, I have followed instructions on cleaning the washer). Don't buy the model with the glass lid - you then see how poorly your clothes are being washed. Only good thing - the dryer seems to work good!

By frustrated on Home Depot - Jul 10, 2011

Great product, would recommend to all

We have had the machine for about four (4) months and it is super. It does a wonderful job of cleaning everything we put in it. It is quiet and mostly stays balanced (with the correct settings, of course). The stainless steel construction keeps it looking clean. Without a center agitator, more cloths can be washed at one time. It works very will with bulky items (e.g., comforter, etc.). It has a wide variety of settings to accommodate any type of load. The delivery and setup was excellent.

By EigenFunctions on Home Depot - Jul 10, 2011

Really cleans clothes well.

This machine cleans my clothes so much better than my former front loading machine. You can literally smell the difference!

By scb4x4 on Home Depot - Jul 1, 2011


I got my Washer and Steam Dryer back in Jan 2011. I absolutely love it! I have a family of 5 and I have never had a problem with not having laundry to do...and now I have to wait for enough clothes to wash. It will wash 4 pairs of sheets and the comforters for my kids full size beds at the same time. Definely recommend! Make sure if you are washing heavy soiled items you change the setting to heavy soiled.

By Supermom on Home Depot - Jun 24, 2011

Washes fine when it works

We purchased this washer 3/2010. We are a family of 4, the washer machine washes our clothes fine, 97% of our clothes only get lightly soiled, no mud or grease that being said, i like the missing agitator in the middle i feel the dark clothes fades alot slower now, and stay crispier. However, this Machine cannot not wash certain items like tennis shoe or pillows because of the sensors it has, the load has to be even, it will start but then shut off. Now for the issues, weve had to call technician 3Xs in the past 11 months (owned for 14 months) on top of conducting manual resets from trouble shooting guide atleast 7 times!!! the machine has a cool screen that shows error codes, ive only had "LD" over and over again, First they blame the surface said it wasnt level, wich it was sligthy off not visible to naked eye, then they said we are not loading properly, uneven load and now it wont drain tub, finally, Techs came today currently waiting atleast another week or 2 for new cpu because not kept in stock. this is the first time i can say i have repeatedly used the manufacturers warranty and now im using extended warranty to cover repairs, FYI we use only HE products when washing, and complete cleaning cycle with tide washing machine cleaner as instructed. Hey maybe we got the 1 lemon

By jojo49 on Home Depot - Jun 10, 2011

Love it

I love the washer it uses less water, no tangled clothes, see through top, a tone of different settings, and gets clothing clean better. The only thing that I would say I wish was better is the cycle time tends to be a little to long. Other than that I told my family members to get one.

By KingLow on Home Depot - May 28, 2011

Maytag Bravos top load washer

we absolutely love it. We had to get used to "HE" detergent, and fabric softener, but other than that it has been great. It is so much quieter than our old machine, and the intelligent water level makes it so easy, you don't have to select a load size!! Spin cycle is either too wet or the clothes are too wrung out, so they are wrinkled if you just wanted to hang them up. Nice to have a fabric softener container, we didn't have one before.

By u24me on Home Depot - May 28, 2011

Harsh on the clothes

First of all it took almost 2 months to get the washer delived to my house. Now, I wish I had my old washer back because this one beats up on the clothes and doesn't clean them as well as my old one. It's put holes in my new towels and frayed my husbands's pants and demolished my son's pillow. I also don't like the fact that you can't pre soak the clothes.

By becky3 on Home Depot - May 18, 2011

Maytag Bravos 4.0 cu. ft. High-Efficiency Top Load Washer

If you're like me, I had the old style washing machine with the agitator. I was interested in the new style washers(no center agitator) thinking that it would be much more gentle on fabric. I had no idea that this also involved a totally new concept in the washing process itself! I purchased a Maytag Bravos 4.0 cu. ft. High-Efficiency Top Load Washer from Home Depot. I first considered a front load washer but often soak items over night and wasn't sure if that was possible with a front loader(a downfall of purchasing online-no salesman available to answer questions!). I also purchased a matching Bravos dryer. These were offered with "free delivery and installation" which was a definite bonus. However, the catch to this offer is that it's invalid unless you purchase ALL the necessary hook-up items(washer/dryer water hose lines, dryer venting AND electric cord) from the installers off their truck. Home Depot requires the buyer to purchase these products even if they want to reuse any of their existing parts or prefer an upgraded quality(which they don't offer). First of all, I consider that MY choice and secondly, a set of water hoses comes packed with each appliance(dryer uses one for its steam feature) already which you've paid for within the purchase price! How ridiculous is that!?! So, because I refused to purchase an additional set of water hoses, I had to install the units myself(they did deliver the set for free). Now, for the appliance reviews. I love the look of these units. They seem well made and pretty hefty(time will tell!). As I said before, the washer uses a totally new concept in cleaning(wash load is NEVER actually submersed in water). These are supposed to be HE(High Efficiency) but I don't see how that's possible. All I know is that my old washer started and finished a load in about twenty minutes. Most cycles on the new washer take about an HOUR or longer from start to finish! One of several dial selections is labeled "Rapid Wash" and it's now the ONLY one I use. It takes a reasonable time to complete and the items are just as clean.....all the others are useless to me. The "spin" cycle on the washer is impressive. The only problem being that the entire load is totally compressed together upon completion. Nearly all items(besides things like socks) need to be individually taken-out and shaken loose before placing in the dryer(very time consuming!). I've always done this anyway with large towels and jeans but now it's necessary with almost the entire load. Because of this tight compression, I've noticed more items leaving the dryer excessively wrinkled. I also dislike the musical jingle that's played with every load start-up(on both units).....guaranteed to wake a sleeping baby! As for the matching Bravos dryer, my only other complaint is the dryer run time. You can only choose pre-set times and are not given the choice of selecting your own amount. I've found that most loads are done long before the pre-set timer has finished. All in all, I'm hoping as I get more used to this set, I'll enjoy them more and the HE will pay-off($). It's a BIG change from the former and I attribute some of my displeasure to that factor. I don't feel this particular Bravos set can be singled-out and that this is just what "progress" is all about in modern washer/dryers.

By Bud7 on Home Depot - May 16, 2011

Very pleased with purchase

I'm very impressed with this washer. It has lived up to all it's claims. I love the large capacity, low water use, and ease of loading and unloading it. The controls are VERY easy to use. Our clothes come out fresh, clean and well spun, which reduces dryer time.

By Glad123 on Home Depot - May 15, 2011



By DKMI31 on Home Depot - May 14, 2011

Love this washer and dryer

Just purchased this washer and dryer. Was a little nervous because of the few bad reviews. In the 2 weeks I have owned it I have washed everything...linens, towels, rugs...etc. Everything turned out great. What normally took me Fri and Sat. to get done, I was done by Fri night!!

By AGB292 on Home Depot - May 9, 2011

questionable environmental economic advantage

Positive advantage: clothes are much drier directly from the washer, machine uses less water in the wash cycle. Negative : high spin rate frequently produces unbalanced load. Low water utilization results in high soap retention in the clothing. Although following the manufacture's recommended soap measurement, re-rinsing may be required to remove excesive soap retained in the frabric. Soap residue in clothing may result in itching.

By muddywaters on Home Depot - Apr 30, 2011

Still love it!

I purchased the Bravos washer and dryer in December of 09. I am still in love with it. I have not have any problems with clothes twisting or not getting clean, though I have followed the directions. My husband is a dairy farmer, and no matter what is on his clothes, they come out clean and fresh-smelling. If the Bravos can tackle my dirt, it should certainly tackle yours!

By DairyFarmwife on Home Depot - Apr 18, 2011


I bought this washer 4 years ago and it stinks! the lid cracked within 2 years. the bearings went out after 2 years and maytag came out and fixed them but the bearings have gone out again and it is going to cost $500.00 to get it fixed. I have had to replace the pump twice. Our clothes have been chewed up and torn. My husband,s dress shirts have been damaged. I would never recommend this washer to anyone.

By laundryomatic on Home Depot - Mar 21, 2011

Great if your clothes aren't really dirty!

I chose this washer for it's large capacity, hoping to wash more of my horse clothing items at home. The first problem I had was that when I used oxyclean, my clothes would come out covered in white goo, which would only come off with stain remover and careful scrubbing. Had service out, who said that if I was going to use Oxyclean I had to run the machine on warm or hot. I used it in my old machine without a single problem always on cold. But okay, I'll just stop using it, I prefer to wash in cold. So the guy runs a cleaning cycle on it, I do a few loads of my regular clothes with no problems. Then a couple days ago I bring home some items from the barn (not with loose dirt on them, just dirty from being around horses), run them through the wash on heavy stains, warm/cold, extra rinse, and they come out with dirt just sitting on them! Ran it two more times to no avail. It even got the other items in the wash covered in the dirt that weren't that dirty before. I am so frustrated with this washer, I wish I would have kept my old one that worked but had a smaller capacity. So if you have anything that is actually dirty don't buy this washer. If you have just normal clothes you can buy this washer and pretend that it is cleaning your clothes.

By Kristen123456 on Home Depot - Feb 17, 2011

Want to spend less time on laundry?

My wife and I really hate doing laundry so anything we can buy that will allow us to spend more time with our kids is worth it. Compared to our old Kirkland branded Whirlpool washer, the Bravos 5.0 cu ft washer can wash at least 1.5x our previous load size. At times it can wash twice our previous load size. Have you ever washed two twin size comforters at the same time? This baby can do it with the bulky setting. Do you have heavy, double-weave Judo Gis to wash every week? Throw'em in! Sometimes the wash cycle stops because the load is unbalanced but, it's because each Judo Gi weighs 25lbs when wet. The medium spin cycle extracts most of the water out of our clothes. I noticed my work shirts come out a little wrinkled but, we have a Whirlpool Duet steam dryer so that is not a problem for us. This washer is really quiet while in operation too. My wife likes to see how much time is left for the wash cycle so she knows when to return.

By sk44 on Home Depot - Jan 25, 2011

excellent performance

We have now used this washing machine with matching dryer for one month and it has lived up to my high standards. This set replaces a Maytag washer and dryer that was 32 years old. I did my research on the internet and chose this set based on consumer reviews, (thanks everyone) and the fact that Consumer Reports rated it as a recomended buy. The first thing we noticed was how much fresher and cleaner the laundry came out of this machine. My son brought over a large comforter to wash and this machine with its large capacity handled it with no problem. It has never gone out of balance with large loads and has not damaged any laundry as a few reviews have stated. So far, I can't find anything about it to criticize at all. My main concern with it is all the electronic features and for this reason I purchased the extended warrenty which normally I would pass on. With all the bells and whistles on this machine, I just don't see it lasting 32 years.

By purist on Home Depot - Jan 24, 2011

Worth the wait

We'd had our eyes on the Bravos washer and dryer set for some time before Home Depot put them on sale at a price we just couldn't pass up. So far, we are thoroughly pleased with our purchase! The washing machine is just amazing. The quiet power of this top load unit surely surpasses that of any top of the line front load machine, costing hundreds more. It may use just slightly more water than a front load machine, but I feel the unit will make up for this slight lack in the fact that one time is all that is needed to get the clothes noticeably cleaner than with our previous set. We definitely love the capacity of this machine. It is nothing for this washer to handle a queen size comforter, sheets, pillow cases, mattress pad and blanket all in one load! It has been said that it can handle all of that in a King size, but as we don't own a king sized bed, I cannot verify that claim. Though it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest that it could! The many setting options for type of wash load are astounding. From heavy duty to bulky to delicate/hand wash cycles, are all there at the touch of a button, while leaving the operator a wide range of options to tailor the washing cycle to the clothes being washed. There is even a "Rapid Wash" cycle for those of us with teen aged daughters who simply MUST have a particular shirt or jeans to wear to the movies that night! No more guessing if the load is medium, small or large either! The washer senses the load at the start of its cycle and adjusts the water level precisely! I've never seen another machine that could do that. I could go on and on singing the praises of this machine, but to truly appreciate everything that went into its design and construction, one simply has to own one! If you're looking for a well built, quiet and efficient washing machine, then look no further than the Bravos 5.0 IEC High Efficiency Top Load Washer! Money well spent! Even if you have to pay full retail for it!

By Serrin on Home Depot - Jan 23, 2011


My wife was skeptical at first. But after a few washes she really likes this machine. It works totally different than the other top loading machines. It is amazing how clean the clothes come out with using just a small amout of soap and the small amount of water it uses. My wife didn't think she would like it but she does and I do too.

By steve104c on Home Depot - Jan 22, 2011

Maytag Bravos 5.0 HE Washer

So Far Awesome!!! This machine does it all. Very quiet...cleans clothes thouroughly!! I must recommend reading the owners manual first. Has a lot of important info in it. Delivery was great. No mess, no damage, no sctatched up walls. I got free ship, free installation, and free haul away. Plus I got washer on sale for 719.00. I did purchase extra four year warranty which starts from the end of 1 year manufacturer warranty. So I have 5 years covered. It is bizarre how the washer cleans so well when the clothes are not completely covered in water, but it really does work. The settings can be a bit intimadating at first, but if you read problem. There is a CLEAR explanation for everything. Maximum extraction spin cycle is great. Clothes come out nearly dry. Seems to be significantly less drying time. The lid will not slam down if you hit it. You can add a item anytime you want...just pause cycle and add and start again. Takes like 3 seconds. I would highly recommend this washer.

By fansofar on Home Depot - Jan 14, 2011

Buyer Beware

We bought this washer in March of 2010. We've placed two repair calls on it since then and had the tub replaced. This washer has put holes in our towels, sweater's and silk underwear. It is our opinion that it has some serious design flaws. We only wish we had believed some of the negative reviews we read before we bought it! We are only putting this review up with the hope that other prospective buyer's will think twice before purchasing it. Hopefully, you will.

By NotHappyWithMaytag on Home Depot - Jan 6, 2011

Excellent Washer!!!

Quiet and efficient. Great savings on water. It let's you know when it's done and automatically adjusts water levels. Huge capacity and the clothes come out very clean. I would recommend this washer to anyone looking for a new washing machine.

By ssthecollector on Home Depot - Jan 2, 2011

Great Washer!

We purchased our washer in November '10 and we are loving it! I did a lot of research before selecting this model, this model received high rating from Consumer Report and that played a role in my decision making. Going into it, I had some high requirements for our new washer, due to the fact of having a newborn and adventuring into the cloth diaper world. This unit met all my requirements: it has a large capacity, has a great number of cycle combinations (soaking feature being the top) and no agitator. Upon using the unit we also love that it is quiet and easy to use. The options are endless! We can set it and forget it. The cloths come out smelling fresh and almost dry. For a growing family, this washer fits us well...

By Rivera on Home Depot - Jan 2, 2011

Maytag Bravo top load

I am in absolute love with my new washer! It is soooo huge, I am getting all of my wash done in record time now. Instead of it taking me days to do laundry, it only takes me one. It is so quiet and very efficient which I really love since I'm trying to make our home greener. I would absolutely tell someone to buy this machine!

By peppers10 on Home Depot - Dec 31, 2010

Love this washer!

We are very happy with this washer. Holds an enormous amount of clothes. I'm doing laundry far less frequently than with my old set. You can't load this washer like a traditional washer with an agitator. Clothes must be loosely piled around the edges, and large and small pieces should be mixed. You get used to it quickly. Also, it has quite a process it goes through at the beginning - it analyzes your load! Don't worry about it just let it do its thing. Settings are easy to use. Experiment with different settings and you'll figure out what works best. I'm not fully convinced the clothes are quite as clean or soft, but overall I am thrilled with the washer. I would recommend it.

By 4fromstchas on Home Depot - Dec 30, 2010

Black Friday special

We purchased the Washer and Dryer set for the Black Friday price and couldn't be happier although we have only been using it for 2 weeks. Very quiet and easy to use. A little patience when loading it to make sure everything is layered around the edge and you are good to go! Love it and so glad we that we bought it.

By Iyaoyas on Home Depot - Dec 30, 2010


I have used MAYTAG for over 25 years and highly satisfied. It is true that the Maytag serviceman is "lonely" as they truly do not need repair. Very study appliance and well worth the money.

By illybella12 on Home Depot - Dec 26, 2010

Not Good For Rugs

When washing small area rugs (2ft x 3ft) and similar heavy items, the washer won't stay balanced. I recommend a standard washer with central agitator. This washer works well washing clothes but the balance issue with larger items is a deal-breaker.

By RONinVA on Home Depot - Dec 23, 2010

Excellent value for price

We researched this Maytag Bravos washer/dryer pair for several months. Waited for an online sale and ordered online. We are completely happy with the Home Depot deliveryman/installation and the quality of the appliances. They are simple to use, offer many options, clean and dry efficiently and are very quiet in use. Would highly recommend. PS, we have 2 college age kids home for the holidays who agree!

By ttngso on Home Depot - Dec 21, 2010

Love my Maytag washer

I love my Maytag Bravo Washer. It is really quiet and there is so much room in it. I can now wash my queen size bedding in it too with out any wrinkles or running to the laundry mat. It washes the clothes so good even with the water save button.When i first got it i was like wow there is a lot of buttons on this to choose from , but It is really easy to use. I also bought the Maytag Bravo Dryer and got a great price on the set online. I went to Home depot to see the set but they didnt have it in the store. I like to see the sets before i order anything, but i took the chance and remembered all the reviews i read. Home Depot was very helpful with ordering the set for us and setting up the delivery date. The delivery guys were so nice and fast setting it up and took our old ones, so we didnt have to worry about disposal of the old ones. Best purchased i ever made. Thank you Maytag and Home Depot

By Ginny5S on Home Depot - Dec 15, 2010

Big and Fast

the washer does not have a midle agitator that was one reason we went for the top load it it just like our frount loader we have two washer and two dryers this set is faster than Amna front loader it is also bigger it has lots of bells and lights

By twarner on Home Depot - Dec 15, 2010

If you're on the fence/High Efficiency Washers

I have been reading about the front loading HE Washers and was not comfortable taking the plunge considering the price... I saw this washer and for the same money (less the price of the bases that are sold separately with the front loaders) you get the same high quality. I absolutely love my new washer and am so happy I made this choice.

By sharlhar on Home Depot - Dec 14, 2010

No complaints - I love this washer

This washer is absoluetly wondeful. My clothes come out very clean. I somtimes hang some garmets on the line to dry and they are ready to use in no time at all. The washer spins them out almost dry. They do come out a little more wrinkled than my last washer, however, the wrinkles come out in the dryer. No problem at all. MJS

By Pamaja on Home Depot - Dec 12, 2010

Bravos 5.0 cu ft High-Efficiency Top Load Washer

I was so happy with the Bravos Top Load Washer that our daughter bought the same set without looking at any others. I was told the Whirlpool Cabrio was basically the same washer but a little less expensive, but this one has more options, glass door, etc. Anyway, love this one. The biggest complaint about top loaders is that your clothes are wrinkled when they come out of the washer. One person wrote that you have to read the manual so you know how to load the clothes in the wash. I think this is the key - take 20 minutes or so to read how your washer works. You have to wash your clothes by similar weight. For instance - there is a setting for sheets and a setting for towels. You wouldn't want to wash your sheets with shirts/ blouses because the sheets would twist around the other clothes. I have washed jeans with dark towels and this works fine.. Once you load your clothers properly in the washer (pretend there is an agitator in the middle of the washer), you choose the setting (most loads go on normal setting), confirm the temperature setting, and then press start. The washer determines how much water is needed to do the wash and you don't have to set the water level. When I take the clothes out of the washer, I just shake them out once or twice and throw them in the dryer. Because the washer spins so fast, khakis look somewhat dry when you take them out. This makes drying time much faster. A "normal" wash takes 38 minutes. Because the clothes are not very wet, permanent press and light weight clothes dry in about 25 minutes. This means that the clothes are dry before the wash cycle is complete so I can pull the clothes out of the dryer, fold them, and be ready to start the next load of laundry. I wish I had bought this washer and dryer several years ago when I had three more children at home. I used to do 8-9 loads of laundry on the weekend. It used to take all day because of the drying time. Now - it's just no big deal to do the laundry. It has really made a nice difference in our lives. My daughter loves her new washer and dryer and can't believe how much easier it is to do her laundry. My nephew and his wife bought the Whirlpool Cabrio set and love it. Even though a washer/dryer is a boring thing to shop for and not fun to spend your money on, the time savings will make you happy that you made the purchase.

By mjlte on Home Depot - Dec 12, 2010

An Excellent Buy So Far

We had an older non-HE washer before this one and we have no complaints so far. Works and looks great. Not as noisy as our older washer and uses much less water and detergent. Also, the clothing seems to be fresher out of the wash. Bought it during the sale, paid about $600 less than MSRP.

By oisanteria on Home Depot - Dec 11, 2010

Great purchase

I absolutely love this washer...and the matching dryer. I find it very easy to use and like how it senses the size of each load. Definitely a water saver. And the size of the tub is just right for washing our comforters. Online buying and the Home Depot installation team were great. I'm not hoping for my next appliance to go out, but when it does, I know where to purchase the replacement. Thanks.

By 5StarSteve on Home Depot - Dec 11, 2010


Put our front loading Bosch washer and dryer to the curb due to irremovable mold issues. Researched consumer reports and friend recommendations before purchasing this washer. Love love love it. Quiet. Way less vibration than my front loaders. We have a 2nd floor laundry, and that makes a big difference. Spins clothes nearly dry. Gets them clean too. Lots of great cycle options. Love the clear top. A quality washer for certain.

By Dailywasher on Home Depot - Dec 11, 2010

Maytag Bravo 5.0 cu ft Top Load Washer

We bought this to replace a front load LG that was shaking the whole house (installed on second floor). Very happy with this washer. We have used it many times but it's always just 1/3 or 1/2 full, that's all we need. The high capacity LG dryer cannot take any more than that. In case it wasn't clear. This washer has an amazing capacity. We would need to split each washing load into 2 dryer loads (even with the high capacity dryer we have). Highly recommended.

By tatman on Home Depot - Dec 11, 2010

Cons and a couple of pros

I would not have bought this washer if I had the chance to try it out first. As the customer service representative just reminded me "there are no trial periods for washers". I am not happy with the way it washes my clothes. I don't think they get as clean as they did with the old agitator style washer and I would trade back in a heartbeat. The cycles take too long with all the "sensing" that goes on and there are no shortcuts for each cycle. On the pro side it spins the clothes to nearly dry, cutting the drying time drastically and I do love the matching dryer.

By Grams2many on Home Depot - Dec 5, 2010

Worst Washer I Have Ever Owned

I purchased this washing machine a month ago and it absolutely is the worst machine I have ever owned. It has a huge load capacity which is useless because if you put more than a few items in the machine it moves everything to one side and it becomes unbalanced. If you try to wash a large item, such as a blanket, again it ends up on one side and the load becomes unbalanced. When the machine is unbalanced, it knocks around and sounds like a jack hammer is knocking the house down. While it's washing, it rolls the clothes into twisted knots and I have to remove them to unknot them so the wash cycle can continue. I have to consistently use the "bulky items" wash cycle in order to get enough water in the machine to get the clothes wet. It is no wonder they come out so dry as the previous person commented on, there is no water in the machine in the first place. I previously owned the first Maytag front loading machine and never had a problem with it for nearly 10 years. I am so disgusted with this machine and the waste of nearly $1000 and the fact that I have no choice but to purchase another washer. Aside from the washing machine, Home Depot was fantastic with the purchase and set-up.

By Carol1234 on Home Depot - Dec 1, 2010

The Ultimate Washer!!!

I am the laundry queen: six children and two parents; We KNOW washing machines. Finally dumped our front-loading Whirlpool because of smelly mold. It is impossible to clean because the mold builds inside the machine where you can't get to it and no amount of bleach, etc. will clean it. This Bravo is great: pleasant chimes, TONS of space for big loads, lots of wash options, and very quiet, even at high spin speed. I LOVE this machine. Home Depot delivery right on time, polite, knowledgeable. Great, fast free shipping in two days! I couldn't be happier.

By BusyMomSTL on Home Depot - Oct 30, 2010

Best Washer Ever!

I purchased the Maytag Bravos 5.0 cu. ft. IEC Capacity Top Load Washer Model # MVWB750WQ with the matching dryer 850 model. I researched washers and dryers for about 6 months. I finally made a decision on this one and I'm glad I did. I definitely didn't want a front-loader because of all the negative reviews about the mold issue. Not worth the trouble! So I decided to stay with a top loader. This one is huge and efficient. It's quiet too. During the spin cycle, it sounds like an airplane. Sounds cool. (Not loud, just cool). I'm a guy so some of you may not know what I mean but I hope you do. Anyway, my wife loves the bells and whistles. All the lights are cool also. I actually look forward to washing clothes. It's not boring anymore. Of course my wife doesn't mind that part. Anyway, I got this one on sale AND I got the Maytag Rebate offer, so I couldn't pass that up. It is true, some people say if you set the spin cycle to maximum, it will extract almost ALL the water out of your clothes which means you will use the dryer even less. it is true that It will make your clothes more wrinkled but I have to iron anyway so it really doesn't matter. I actually use the dryer half the time than I use to. If you don't like wrinkled clothes AT ALL then set it to mediium and it won't wrinkle much but it will be in the dryer longer, that's all. At least you have the option. I like being able to see the load through the glass. That's really cool also. I think it's great. I also like using just a little detergent. I gotta get used to only using a little with HE. This is a great machine.

By DarioK on Home Depot - Oct 26, 2010

Washes like a dream

My wife loves this machine. We have had it for about a year and it has has done a wonderful job on all items that we have washed. It is big enough to wash bedding as well. Can't really comment on the energy efficiency since our electric bills are pretty eratic. It does a great job of wringing out the colths so if you are air drying, it take much less time. Definitely recommend this unit. WIth the commereical motor, it shoud last a long time.

By Karl46 on Home Depot - Sep 25, 2010

Very nice washer.

Very nice looking and working washer. It's very quiet also. I recommend it.

By PTCruiser72 on Home Depot - Aug 8, 2010

So far so good

Of course we don't pay the ferryman until he gets us to the other side but for an extra Benjamin Franklin we can go four years beyond Maytag's warranty. It is unlikely that Home Depot is going to take a long term four year risk on the usual landfill fodder the manufacturers are pumping out these days. This washing machine should be a work horse for us. We're just one month into it but we are a family of six and have definitely done a few test laps. No suprises. We have kids and they do their own laundry so I like the feature that shuts down in case of imbalance. Our Bravos is easy to use and can handle some very big loads. It handles bulky comforters and pillows very well. The high efficiency detergent requirement is well worth the minor inconvenience. Consumer reports rated this washer at the top of the heap, and, as I've noted, so far so good.

By Jimmyjoe on Home Depot - Aug 2, 2010

Great washer!!!

We bought this washer late March 2010... and we love it! Didn't want to go with a front loader- due to issues I've read about them online. Plus the high capacity of this washer is just as good- maybe better? We can fit a lot in with no agitator and easier on our clothes. I was a bit concerned at first due to some reviews saying their sweatshirt pulls got stuck in the washer and pulled out- but I wash my sweatshirts ALL the time and have not had one issue. They all come out just fine and the pulls are still where they should be- they may be pulled more to one side- but that's it. I'm glad we stuck with the top loader for sure... ONLY issue is that the matching dryer we bought already had the mother board go out and we are waiting for it to be shipped for repair--- keep in mind, since these are newer (less than a year old) they don't always keep parts on stock-- so you may have to wait... but I was told that would change in the next 4-6 mos... otherwise this is exactly what we needed!

By seoj on Home Depot - Jul 30, 2010

I love my washer!!

My family and I have just moved into a new house and we were buying a washer. This was the first appliance I have ever purchased completely by myself. When I lived with my parents, they bought the appliances. When I left for school, appliances were provided. When I got married, my husband and I would shop together. This time, however, my husband was really busy with work and didn't have much time to spare. I picked this washer out all by myself!! I'm so proud of *my* washer and I couldn't be happier with it. I was very careful when making my choice. I read all the reviews on Consumer Reports as well as the reviews on other sites that sell this washer. Reading the bad reviews first and ending on the good reviews was a great way for me to shop, because the good reviews usually address what people complain about in the bad reviews. I'll admit I was slightly concerned about the spin cycle wrinkling the clothes. I'm a stay at home mom of a 1 year old. I have enough on my plate, I don't need to add ironing 6 loads of laundry every two weeks to my list of things to do. I was a little concerned that people mentioned clothes just sit on top of the water and don't get cleaned. I have to say, in my experience, these weren't big issues at all!! Admittedly, the clothes do come out wrinkled, but when they come out of the dryer, they're fine. My clothes that I don't put in the dryer lose their wrinkles when I hang them in the closet. And the clothes really do come out so dry! What once took an hour or more to dry one load of laundry now only takes 30-40 minutes! That's money I'm saving right there! And I have noticed that clothes do sit on the top of the water, but the agitator is really good about moving the clothes around and nothing stays on top for too long. Most importantly, stains come out! I haven't noticed the water levels to be an issue. Like I said, everything gets moved around, so all the clothes spend time cycling through the suds. I will admit that I was a little disappointed to find out it *only* accepts HE detergent. I know other reviews mention using it, but I didn't realize it was required. The only reason this isn't favorable is because we stocked up on detergent many many months ago and now I can't use up my stash. Not the washer's fault. I just didn't realize at the time of buying. And had I known before making the purchase, I still would have gone through with it. One of my favorite things about this washer is that it remembers the selections I make for each cycle. I never use the "normal" cycle, but I use "colors" for colors, "bulky" for towels, "whites" for whites, and "sheets" for sheets. Pretty self-explanatory, right? Well, when I make changes to the cycle - like wanting to use cold water (our detergent is for cold water) and change the spin speed and stain levels - it remembers for the next time I use that cycle! I also really like the "water save spray rinse" rinsing option. I was concerned at first that it wouldn't get all the soap out of the clothes, but I tried it and it works really well. And because it's water saving, it's money saving too! Finally, I love the capacity. My husband and I have a king size comforter for our bed, and it had *never* been washed because we could never find a washer for it to fit in. It fits in this one with room to spare! Now I can wash my comforter! What a great washer!! I love it to death!! Thank you, Maytag!

By HappyHappyMomma on Home Depot - Jul 29, 2010

WOW!! This is the BEST washing machine every!!

This is the best washing machine I have ever owned! I have owned other Maytags before but this machine really takes the cake. It is SUPER quiet! And it cleans better than any washer I have ever used. The first time I used the machine was the day I moved into the house and HAD to run a load of bedding. All I could find was Borax powder - not the HE detergent. My sheets came out crisp and so soft. By the next day I found my HE detergent and have been using that regularly. The clothes come out even better and cleaner. I have stopped using Oxi-Clean in every load as it is not needed any more - and with 2 kids under the age of 7 that is saying a lot!. So would I purchase this one again? In a heartbeat!

By Andrea19 on Home Depot - Jul 24, 2010

it broke again

We have had this washer for about 2 years. I love that it holds a HUGE load of clothes! The only problem is that if a penny gets in your washing machine, it will put a hole in the motor. We have had our machine serviced 7 times withing the last two years. It is very frustrating. Other than it being broke down a lot, it's a great machine. If you don't mind having the motor replaced every couple of months, it is great.

By addole on Home Depot - Jul 18, 2010

Good washer

This washer was delivered yesterday and has done many loads since. As indicated in other reviews, read the manual and load/ operate as instructed. I have washed everything from underwear to dog blankets and I have had no problems with clothes twisting. The clothes come out much drier than my old washer and shortens drying time. It was an investment to spend this much on a washer, however, I hope the energy savings help off set the initial purchase price.

By BRMom on Home Depot - Jul 16, 2010


Does a great job. Is very quiet and does a fantastic job.

By Millied on Home Depot - Jul 8, 2010

As always, a great product.

This Maytag washer/dryer set is just perfect for me. A person can not find better quality than this.

By kittykens on Home Depot - Jul 3, 2010

Bravos 5.0 Washer

I was afraid of getting a new washer and giving up my old large capacity Maytag washer. After living in Europe using a front load washer that took two hours to do a small load of wash I did not want anything to do with a front load washer. This Bravos is beautiful and easy to operate holds so much more than my last large capacity machine, it does take a bit longer but drying time is less. I am a very pleased sceptic and would recomend this machine to anyone.

By sdoty60 on Home Depot - Jun 29, 2010

Great washer for towels and more

Had my last washer for 20 years and loved it so I didn't want to give it up. After much research I settled on this Bravos top end high efficiency washer. It does a great job on my laundry - especially towels. Still miss my old Maytag washer but it's going to be ok. Only minor complaint is that once in a while it's off balance if the load shifts during the spin cycle. Has only happened twice in thirty some loads.

By Towels on Home Depot - Jun 29, 2010

HUGE capacity, Great washer!

I recently purchased this washer and the matching steam dryer. So far I love them! I did 5 loads of laundry in under 6 hours and was done! Haven't had any trouble with clothes coming out twisted, etc...even the load of sheets I did today. I just used the "sheets" setting and they came out fine! I'm looking forward to trying out the "bulky" setting for sleeping bags, comforters, etc. I love how you can change the pre-sets on soil level, spin speed, etc. I also like how quietly it runs in comparison to the front-loader I used to have! As long as you read the manual prior to using it, you shouldn't have any problems with this washer. My clothes came out clean and fresh!

By DAI95 on Home Depot - Jun 24, 2010

Like No Other

This washing machine is very quiet and easy to use. It operates differently from other traditional washing machines. It takes a few minutes to add water and get to the optimal water level to begin the wash cycle but it's great. I swear my clothes are cleaner. It can hold a King size set of sheets and still have room for another set. It washes a King blanket great. I know these are more pricey than most, but, if you're on the fence, go for it. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

By Etnguy on Home Depot - Jun 14, 2010

Expensive joke!

This washer washes with very little water. Several of my better towels have holes in them. They look like something took a big bite out of them. The older towels look like the sides have been shredded. No, I am not overloading - 3 or 4 towels with some smaller items. Yes, I have have read and followed the instructions. This Maytag is a big disappointment. Reminds me of "the king that had noclothes". I find it hard to believe that more reviews did not mention this "little" problem. Be sure and buy a good iron. You'll need it.

By Ganmutter on Home Depot - Jun 12, 2010

Excellent machine

Highly recommended. Able to wash things other machines couldn't handle (large comforters, fabric motorcycle jackets, even delicates like sheer curtains). The only partial negative is that the cycles take a little longer than my previous machine.

By cabot on Home Depot - Jun 2, 2010

Bravo for the Maytag Bravos

We needed a new washer at our home in NY. We own a front loader in FL and after looking at the Maytag Bravos , decided it met many of the needs we wanted . It is extremely quiet, easy to use and saves water as well. I love not having the center agitator so loading is a breeze. Clothes come out clean and we save water at the same time. Perfect combination. If you are looking for a super top loader, this is the washer for you. We also checked out consumer reports before buying, and this washer was #1 on their list.

By Jednaples on Home Depot - May 23, 2010

Frequent Washer

Pro: Plenty of features, self-adjusts how much water to use, can add an automatic extra rinse (LOVE THAT!), can still add a garment after start, tells you how long until done. Con: Jeans get really wrinkled unless you use a LOW spin speed, takes longer to wash than my old one (but does as good a job or better)

By DriedUp on Home Depot - May 17, 2010

I LOVE this Washer!

I have to say, this washer has surpassed all my expectations! I was amazed to see how much softer and cleaner the clothes come out. It also cuts the drying time in half! I knew it was amazing when there were no stains remaining on my 9 month old daughter's clothes! I highly recommend this product and the delivery team was great!

By MissLynn on Home Depot - May 4, 2010

Fantastic, I love it!!!!

This was delivered Thursday night and it has worked great. Home Depot was the easiest and most convenient way to purchase and the delivery was on time and courteous even tough we have plenty of steps. I love watching the way it works and clothes come out clean.

By Lulubitrdy on Home Depot - Apr 18, 2010


I have had many different washers/dryers. I have seen many prior to purchase. I have not seen anything close to this one. Larger capasity than most but with name that is so reliable its unbelieveable. I love the specific features this machine has. Delay is great. I like how the machine turns on when u lift the lid. No agitator to twist your clothes up into knots. With the economy as it is the water savings is great. You can go wrong. The name alone says it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By TerryG on Home Depot - Mar 30, 2010


This is a fine washer with a lot of options. It cleans very well and is energy efficient!!

By CarlSla on Home Depot - Mar 27, 2010

Awesome Product

My washer and dryer arrived last Saturday and I have to say this is the best investment I've ever made. They are affordable and so easy to use. I did all my blankets and comforters the very first day. The cycles are quiet and clothes come out cleaner than my old maytag. I like the fact that there's no more small, medium, large load. This washer determines how much is there and adjusts the water automatically. The dryer also dries the clothes and blankets quicker than my old dryer which was also a maytag. Great product! Kudos to Maytag!!

By astilman on Home Depot - Mar 26, 2010

Great High-Tech Washer

We've had this washer for about 2 weeks. I'm very happy with it. You can do large loads of laundry and the clothes come out clean. I have not have any of the issues that some others have mentioned about clothes coming out wrinkly or not clean. This washer does a good job of getting clothes clean and is very quiet. I like that it shows how much time is left until the load is done and it also has a very pleasant chime to let you know when the wash is done -- much better than the jolting buzzer. Without the large center agitator, I look forward to being able to do comforters and blankets without having to jam them in and deal with unbalanced loads, etc. I'm very happy with the purchase.

By TerryHP on Home Depot - Mar 22, 2010

Bravos 5.0 Cu. Ft. IEC Capacity Washer

I made this purchase on line. It was quick and easy to do. I would shop this way again in the future. I got a better price and faster delivery date that I would have in the store. One location said it would take three weeks. I got it delivered in two days. Delivery men were great too. They called prior as they said they would. They showed up on time and installed the washer and removed my old one in under ten mintues. Washing clothes couldn't be any easier now. I love the machine. Love the large capacity. And the spin cycle has a max extract setting that really pulls out most of the water. I find my clothes dries in half the time now. Thanks to Maytag and Home Depot for making my life easier.

By Robi on Home Depot - Mar 20, 2010

don't buy

We purchased this washer and after waiting a little over a week to be delivered, we were so excited to get it. BOY WOULD WE BE DISAPPOINTED. We came home at lunch and started a load, 3 hours later the load was still not done and had to go back to work. The machine kept saying it detected suds and would stop. (and yes we used the HE detergent and used the right amount, we had a front loader). So the machine would drain and fill again. 5 times this happened and there was water on the basement floor from this. It also kept saying uneven load and would stop. We tried another load with a few pieces of clothing to see if that would change and the same thing. We loaded the machine into the truck and brought right back to Home Depot the same day. HATE THIS MACHINE... went back to the front loader. Should stick with something that works. I just wish Maytag would pay our water bill. So much for saving water.

By goldens on Home Depot - Mar 10, 2010


I couldn't believe how well this machine cleaned my clothes! I could put over twice the amount of clothes I normally washed and still had room to spare! I was amazed at how little water this machine used and kept peering through the glass top to see if it was ever going to fill up with water, but it didn't. It was incredibly quiet, didn't move or even wiggle during the spin cycle, and the clothes were so much cleaner than before. I actually had a couple of items that still had stain spots on them even though I had just washed them in my old machine. I didn't expect them to ever come out, but to my amazement, the spots were gone and the clothes looked incredibly new! I just couldn't believe it. What a fantastic machine!!

By bvinson on Home Depot - Mar 9, 2010


If you are used to conventional washers, this will take some getting use to. Unfortunately the glass makes us all look in the washer and worry that the washer isn't filling. Once you get over that, it is kind of fun to watch. As the other reviewer stated, the washing is different and you have to set the buttons accordingly. It does take all of the water out of the clothing which can cause wrinkling, but if your dryer isn't taking the wrinkles out, set your washer spin cycle to a lower setting. Even though the clothes are a little wetter, they still are not nearly as wet as conventional washers leave them. It does take some experimenting, but this washer is great! I researched them for a year and decided front loads were having too many problems and smelled, but I wanted to be able to wash bulky items and be water effecient too. Bravos gets high marks from other websites and Consumer Reports. So far in my two months, I completely agree. have to get the steam dyer is soooo cool!!!

By Lve4Bravos on Home Depot - Feb 11, 2010

Works great!

I purchased this washer (and a matching gas dryer) in mid-November. It has worked great for me, no problems. It does take some "getting used to" because it does work differently than normal washers; therefore I'm providing my experience here. You don't set your loads for low, medium, or high; you set it by the type of laundry you're doing (bulky, normal, whites). The washer automatically detects how much laundry is in the machine and adds just enough water to wash it. But it doesn't fill the machine and then wash; it squirts out water and spins, squirts and spins, repeatedly for about 20 minutes, until the clothes are wet. So don't panic if you think it's not filling properly, that's normal. It also does not sound like a normal washer; it kind of sounds like Anakin's pod racer that he built in Star Wars: Phantom Menace. My clothes and linens have come out quite clean, and much "dryer" than standard washers, so they spend less time in the dryer. They do come out more wrinkled from the wash, but my dryer has been able to remove them just fine. Since I would not normally wash fine delicates in any washing machine, I have not tested the "delicate" cycle in this one to see if that helps with wrinkles. The only time I've had an unbalanced load was when washing a comforter cover for a queen size bed. It fit in the machine just fine, and came out nice and clean, but if you are going to wash large items, make sure to toss in a couple of smaller ones, maybe a few towels, to prevent the large item from bunching up into a big ball. I do not have this problem when washing loads with sheets, just the heavy duvet cover which weighs a ton dry, much less wet. I have had no problems with mold or funky smells, which are occasionally reported with high efficiency machines. That's why I chose this machine over front loaders. You do have to buy the special washing detergent for high efficiency machines, so you're more limited in choices if you like the nifty scented ones like lavender/vanilla, or white tahitian lilac, etc. Although you do end up saving money on detergent b/c you only use one little cap; with a regular washer I would always dump in lots more soap! Hope this info helps!

By phillyspice on Home Depot - Feb 4, 2010

Great Machine

This is the first washing machine I ever noticed as being different from any other machine and I'm 67. The automatic load system is convenient and I love how "dry" the clothes are at the end of the cycle. I do not add extra work to my life and I did not want to deal with the reported problems with the front loading machines requiring extra cleaning steps. I am going to buy one for my daughter who has 5 children. And I wanted to save water and energy.

By lkseed on Home Depot - Feb 4, 2010

Love this washer!

First, let me say that I am normally very indifferent about doing laundry and could really care less about my washer & dryer. In December 2009, my old 16 year old Maytag washer finally broke down. I did a great deal of research & finally decided on this washer because it was the right size (we live in an apartment with a very small laundry closet) and because it was high efficiency. I was a little worried about some of the negative reviews, but figured that a washer is just a washer, and that people are more likely to post a review if they were unhappy. I sure was wrong that all washers are pretty much the same! This washer is VERY quiet and washes our clothes properly. You need to read the instructions before you wash your first load. Don't worry about the water starting and stopping - this is the mechanism used to determine the proper amount of water needed. If you overload the washer, your clothes will not move properly in the water. Yes, your clothes do come out of the washer a little more wrinkled than they do in a conventional washer, but they are fine after being dried. The washer's capacity is HUGE! I can do an entire week's laundry for three adults in two loads, and everything comes out very clean. I also love the timer - it helps me plan my time effectively. For the first time ever, I am looking forward to getting my water bill - I can't wait to see how much I've saved! Overall, you can't go wrong with this washer...

By cbaker on Home Depot - Jan 28, 2010

Not Impressed

I purchased the washer and dryer back in November and I plan on returning them tomorrow...The washer does not get my clothes as clean as my older smaller washing machine did...My clothes also come out very wrinkled and normally drying them would take the wrinkle out of the clothes but they don't...

By Griffin10 on Home Depot - Jan 25, 2010

Maytag Bravos Washer

I purchased this washer 10/27/09. It was delivered and set up on 10/29/09. I began washing the same day. This washer is great! It has a separate place for you to pour the detergent, bleach and fabric softner. I was amazed at how clean it got my clothes. This washer rings out your clothes so well, that it takes less time to dry your clothes. Now my dryer can finally keep up with the washer. It also takes the guess work out of deciding what size load you have. It automatically ajusts the water level. Very smart technology. You have a variety of wash cycles, as well as water temputures to select from. You know how much time the wash cycle will take from the beginning. The machine sings a chime when the cycle is complete. I like the see through glass lid. You can see whats going on inside the washer. It has an indicater light to let you know what part of the cycle the washer is on. I like the the small agitator in the middle, no more clothes getting tangled or wrapped around the agitator. I've owned previous maytag washers, but this is by far the best one I have owned yet. Bravos to Maytag for making such a wonderful machine.

By bhipmom2 on Home Depot - Jan 24, 2010


I researched machines for weeks before making my decision. I decided to buy this machine because of the majority of the reviews were great and it was rated well on the consumer reports. I am a mom of 4 and my husband is a factory worker. I was so behind with my laundry with my old machine and there was no way I could keep up. I used to have to take my laundry to the laundry mat to stay caught up. When I got this machine installed I was behind by like 12 loads with my old machine. It took me 7 loads with this one and it was done. WOW how nice that was. My clothes are super clean and spun out so well that my old dryer can keep up with it. The reviews that said there clothes were not getting to the bottom may have overloaded it. I have stood there and watched while in the wash cycle and they do get rotated through. Oh and the coolest I can wash sleeping bags with ease. My first load was a comforter and 7 baby blankets and it handled it with ease. I highly recommend this washer.

By ratnea on Home Depot - Jan 19, 2010

Worse over time...

We have had our Bravos machine for about 3 years now and I absolutely HATE it! It was fantastic in the beginning. It was quiet and seemed to be doing well. After about a year I noticed clothes getting more and more knotted then it began to get louder and louder. I have had to replace a drain pump as there is no trap for change etc that can get lost in a washing machine therefore a penny got into the pump and cracked it. NOW it continuously tells me 'uL' when it is clearly NOT an unbalanced load! It takes me 3 times as long to do a load of laundry as it has to continuously be stopped and restarted because of the 'uL'. Again in the beginning it was wonderful but now it is falling apart. We paid over $1000 for this machine brand new and you would think it should last a lot longer than 3 years. I had a Maytag before this that was over 20 years old and I am very sorry I got rid of it, it worked like a charm. DO NOT BUY THIS MACHINE, if you are looking for a long term investment! Sorry if I bursted any bubbles!!

By Virginia217 on Home Depot - Jan 5, 2010

Excellent Machine

My dryer stopped working, so that prompted the buying of a new set. My old Maytag still worked, but I was tired of manually having to do extra rinses, etc. to get clothes completely clean. My husband is a dairy farmer, so I have a lot of bulky items to wash, as well as items that are caked in mud, manure, grease, silage, and dirt. The first night I had my new machine, I washed my husband's bib overalls, as well as all of his other farming clothes. There was plenty of room for everything, and the power wash cycle was amazing! His clothes came out so clean, and they smelled cleaned, which I can't say always happened with my old machine. I followed the directions on how to load the machine, and I have not had any problems with twisting. Towels, king size comforter and sheets, jeans, farm clothes--no matter what challenge I put forth, this machine can handle it. I'm sure the clothes I wash are dirtier than most people's, and if this machine can tackle mine, it should handle anything you want. The dryer is wonderful as well--no overdrying of clothes, and it can handle large bulky items as well. Love the damp dry signal. You can't go wrong with this set or the savings from Home Depot!

By DairyFarmwife on Home Depot - Dec 22, 2009

Unwashed clothes

I am not happy with the way the washer cleans cloths. If you put clothes in to wash you will notice that the ones on the top never move and hardly get wet. Not one of Maytags better ideas i dont think. It also took me 3 washers delivered to get one that wasnt damaged even with the boxes not having a dent on them.

By michellen on Home Depot - Dec 20, 2009

Maytag Bravos.....Maybe Not

I have been using this washer since the end of October 09 and the more I have used it, the more I wish that I had done some really SERIOUS research before making a decision on this particular Maytag. The best thing that I can say about the washer is that it is quiet and nice looking. I think it is nice that it has the water efficiency feature but I feel that it should have an option that allows you to use more water if you feel it is needed. Like a previous reviewer said, more often than not, most of the clothes just do not get clean using less water. I too have noticed when washing jeans that they do not always get completely saturated with water. It seems that half of them are washing and the other half rises up above the rest of the clothes. Since some of the clothes sometimes only get half wet during the cycle, I have started to use the extra rinse cycle or just wash them twice. So much for the water efficiency!! I don't think this is one of Maytag's best washing machines and I would definitely not recommend this washer to anyone.

By MsHousekeeper on Home Depot - Dec 19, 2009


The minute it was delivered and set up I could not wait to do laundry. It looks intimidating, but is very easy to use and very quiet. it automaticall adjusts the water level after sensing how much is needed, so don't bother looking for a water adjustment. The spin cycle is adjustable, max extract really top it off, we bought the washer/dryer the day after Thanksgiving at Home Depot and got $600 off we got both pieces, delivered, installed for $1500.00 WOOHOO

By LSUFAN on Home Depot - Dec 18, 2009

Maytag does it again!

Bravo for the Maytag Bravo! Cleans great quiet and efficient. Easy to load and unload, did large comforter with ease, like the locking top and cycle choices. Have had no problems with bunching or twisting, just load as directed, around the side and not higher than the top of tub. Cycles are not abnormally long at all. In all things more than happy this was our choice, was sad to see the 15 year-old Maytag go but now I am thrilled it had to be replaced! Price, service, delivery, timing from HD all excellent. P&B

By Bobnorthside on Home Depot - Dec 14, 2009

Maytag Bravos Washer & Bravos Dryer

We purchased these items approximately one month ago online. While at first the varied buttons, dials, and different sounds of the washer were alittle daunting, we soon became familiar with all that and have come to REALLY love these machines. As far as cost savings on water or electricity, its too soon to tell. However, we have noticed our clothes are cleaner, and the dryer does not over heat our clothing. These machines compliment each other and are well worth the cost........

By Texaspsych on Home Depot - Dec 12, 2009

Not for bulky items

Have had this washer for less than 2 weeks. I'll admit, it is neat with all the electronic settings and low water usage. But I work outside and my clothes get dirty. The first thing I noticed was my work pants were not as clean as with my old front loader. A few days later I noticed some blue jeans did not get as clean. I washed a load the next day and included the jeans, again. As I watched through the window, the jeans rarely went down in to the water. They pretty much stayed against the drum. But the new thing is this: My wife has washed a blanket and later a big bedspread today. She even set the controls to "Bulky." Both of them got unbalanced and the machine made a terrific noise when this happened. The blanket even got unbalanced again after she adjusted it in the tub. I am not too happy with this washer. I wish we had purchased another front loader. Our old one cleaned great and never got off balance. It just wore out. I suppose we just got caught up with the "bells and whistles" and all of the good ratings. Sorry if I spoiled it for anyone.

By oldngray on Home Depot - Nov 22, 2009

Excellent washing machine

This Maytag washer is very quiet and uses much less water than our old machine. You also use much less detergent, as well. The spin cycle really rings out water from the clothes so they dry much faster.. The machine is very easy to operate and works great. Energy savings will pay for the purchase over time.

By pn1409 on Home Depot - Nov 1, 2009

Bravos 5.0 washer

I love it - reduced my wash loads tremendously because of capacity...great thorough wash. highly recommended.

By interlin on Home Depot - Oct 31, 2009

great michine

I have had a front load washer that did not seem to clean as well as a washer with an agitator.this one has a small agitator with a large capacity drum that washes your clothes clean with a small amount of water.the wash cycles are easy to set for the type of you need.I love it and would recommend it

By on Home Depot - Oct 31, 2009


I love this washer. It is well designed and washes like a dream! Hand wash is almost like I hand washed the item. Buy this washer you will not be disappointed!

By Sasanav on Home Depot - Oct 25, 2009

Great Buy, Worth the Money

I recently bought this washer and its running great. It is real easy to use and can fit any load. Because of my job I bring home all kinds of mud, clay, dirt, and grass stains on my clothes, and this washer has had no problems with getting them clean, our clothes have never smelled fresher. My wife said that old stains in clothes are even coming out. When it gets done with a load, there is almost no need to dry, this thing has a super spin cycle and is ten times quieter than our old machine. No question, you definately get your moneys worth out of it. I wish I would have bought it sooner.

By Gunny01 on Home Depot - Oct 6, 2009

Does not clean well

Great looking machine, easy to use, nice controls.... BUT does NOT clean well, even against minor stains and armpit odor.

By DisappointedToo on Home Depot - Oct 3, 2009

The name says it all!

Bravo that this washer saves my wife alot of time doing laundry. The capacity and quality of the washer is far superior than the standard ones we used to have. The machine is very quiet and effecient. We are very happy with this purchase and would recommend it.

By PTM on Home Depot - Sep 26, 2009

great product.....

love this set......and the steam cycle.....wife loves it....lots of room and doesnt move when in use.....great great product and would definetly recomend. get this.

By sawa on Home Depot - Sep 26, 2009

Great machine

We have had this washer for 2 months now and the whole family loves it. The capacity is HUGE - my college-age daughters can do all their laundry quickly -- a big plus in our house. It is a convenient washer, as you add all detergents at the beginning, set it, and leave. It's also the quietest washer we've ever owned. AND, the clothes really do get clean at low water levels! We have not had the problems others speak of in terms of clothes knotting and wrinkling. It helps to load the laundry as the owner's guide suggests. If there are wrinkles (as with any washing machine), they come out easily in the companion dryer, which is an equally fantastic machine. So far, it's well worth the money!

By JavaGuy on Home Depot - Sep 12, 2009

Best High-Efficiency Top-Load Washer

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Maytag MVWB750WQ

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