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Works excellently, with some quirks.

Strengths: Smartset. Loud alarm. Big snooze button. Big display.

Weakness: Stops snoozing after something like 6 snoozes.

I've been through many clock radios. You may have been thru a similar situation, testing out a new clock radio, then finding yourself waking up in the morning, cursing like a drunken sailor when you finally wake up at noon because the thing never went off.

The Smartset feature of this is neat. One thing to keep in mind, this is not the same thing as the clocks that set themselves to a shortwave signal. It is set at the factory, and has a very accurate internal clock and a long life lithium battery inside that maintains that time. You can adjust the time, and in fact, you must adjust the time if the internal battery drains, however they say that should not happen for at least 5 to 10 years. It is easily replaceable and available at any drugstore.

My biggest stink is that you can only snooze the alarm a finite number of times. Then it stops snoozing!!!! Fortunately, this clock has TWO alarms. I figured out how many snoozes you can get on the first alarm, and set the second alarm to pick up at that time! About 1 hour... OUTSMARTED!

Whats really cool is the visual indications that show you the two different alarms, when they are active and not. Also, when you snooze one of the alarms, and its currently snoozed, that alarm light flashes. Subtle but cool feature.

Overall this is probably the most intelligently designed clock radio I've yet owned. I picked it up at Walmart for about 20 bucks.

5 stars.

By partipilo - Feb 20, 2006

Emerson Clock Radio with SmartSet Auto Time

Strengths: Great display. The SmartSet sounded terrific until I read the limitations

Weakness: SmartSet will no longer work after USA institutes new Savings Time rules in 2007

This clock radio sounded like a great deal until I read the instruction manual and the insert alerting me to the inability of the SmartSet to recognize correct savings time dates after 2007.

The USA will be starting and stopping savings time on dates that are different from those programmed into the SmartSet.

Since I received this as a gift, I had no opportunity to research this problem. I believe it is being "dumped" on unsuspecting and ill informed consumers. Shame on You!

I have a bit over a year to enjoy the SmartSet until it mutates into a DumbSet

By CritiqueNYC - Jan 8, 2006

Model #CKS1862

Strengths: NOTHING


I have used this product for approx. 2 months. I discarded the reciepet and box it came in because I put more dependance in this product than I should have.Now I've spent 40 dollars for something that no longer works and I can do nothing with.

By broadford - Aug 27, 2005

shows alarm times and can handle new DST changes

Strengths: shows what time alarm is set for below main time display can handle new DST date changes

Weakness: am/pm display could be bigger

I love seeing that the alarm is on and what time it is set for - no middle of the night worries about "did I set the alarm". As for the new dates of Daylight saving - these can be adjusted in the clock - once done it will be automatic again (until/unless the gov changes it again) a quick online search should show you how.

By anonymous; - Sep 17, 2009

not programed for the new daylight savings dates

loved the clock until the buttons to adjust the alarm time fell into the unit and now i cant change the alarm time. also, this clock was not set up for the new daylight savings schedule so the time is now one hour behind for another month.

By anonymous; - Mar 11, 2007

2007 Time change aside best $20 Clock on the market

Strengths: Plug it in.. sets itself.. If the power goes out it resets itself.

Weakness: unable to accomodate the 2007 time change.

The daylight savings may no longer work after 2007 time change but that is easy to over come. For a $20 Clock you could not ask for a better clock. It automatically sets itself everytime you power it on. No longer worry about loosing power in the middle of the night or the kids unplugging the clock and the alarm being off. The clock will set itself to the correct time as soon as power is restored. As for the time change issue I can handle a manual time change a few times a year. I do it to all my other clocks.

By acesdeuces - Mar 11, 2007

Best bang for your buck !!

Strengths: It is user friendly...alarm sonds quietly at first, then gradually louder if not snoozed or turned off.

Weakness: the only thing I can see might be the fact that the smart -set might be obsolete in 2007.

I have used this alarm clock for over two years bought one for each of my daughters last Christmas. I was disappointed to find that WalMart didn't have any in stock when i went in tonight to buy another for my spare bedroom. I have no clue what people are expecting from a $20.00 clock radio .... I have paid a lot more for a lot less ....

By jodanni - Aug 21, 2006

Soon Obsolete

Strengths: I liked the blue color display and that it would reset itself after a power failure and DST.

Weakness: Automatic Daylight savings time setting will soon be outdated.

I bought this unit because I liked the idea of never having to fool around resetting the time again--either after a power failure or for daylight savings time. But when I got the unit home, I discovered an extra sheet in the box explaining that as of next year (2007), daylight savings time was going to change. It went on to explain that in order to keep the correct time, not only was I going to have to manually reset the clock twice a year, as with any ordinary clock, then it would be necessary to reset it FOUR TIMES per year! Twice to compensate for DST and twice to undo the then incorrect automatic adjustment of the clock!

In my opinion, this totally defeats one of the clocks major features. I promptly packed the unit back up and returned it to the store. I would have gladly kept the clock if it had the proper programming for year '07 and beyond.

By anonymous; - Mar 28, 2006

SmartSet dual alarm clock radio

Strengths: nice display

Weakness: time setting did not work, clock freezes up and doesn't work, had to wait 20 minutes to talk to a customer service representative, can't e-mail them for help.

I received this clock as a gift--it looked like a great deal, but the first time I plugged it in, the time was wrong. Then the clock froze and I couldn't change anything. I called the customer service phone number, had to wait 20 minutes, and then she told me I had to reset the clock manually. I did that, and also replaced the lithium battery just in case. The time then worked for awhile, until the clock froze again and I was unable to change anything, set any alarms, or do anything with it. I unplugged it, cursed at it, and will not use it.

By anonymous; - Feb 3, 2006

Emerson CKS 2237

Strengths: Automatically gives your the proper time

Weakness: Set time does not fuction after 2 monts

Bougth this umder assumption it would be easy to use. Alarm settings malfuctioned after a couple of months. I would not recommend buying this product. The time always is correct, but what we bought it for, to wake us up does not work

By anonymous; - Oct 2, 2005