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I love this cage!

This is great for Guinea pigs and rabbits. They need alot of space and this cage alows you to do so. These small animals need alot of space and this cage is great. Just dont get anything smaller if you are geting two.I hope you love this cage as much as i do. :)

By GuineaPigLover36522 on PETCO - Jul 10, 2011

Do NOT get this cage!! :(

This cage is waaaaaaaaaaaay to small for one guinea pig let alone two!! The rule of thumb is 7 square feet per guinea pig but more is always better! :)

By CCluvsherpiggy on PETCO - Feb 10, 2012

Larger Than Expected!

I purchased this cage for my lionhead rabbit. When it arrived, it was much larger than I expected! (Which is a good thing, because my bunny loves to hop around and play with toys.) It was very easy to assemble and it is sturdy enough that I feel safe leaving my bunny in there. Though I was expecting a wider cage, this one was very long and narrow. Not a problem, just a surprise. This cage will fit most any small animal.

By BunnyQueen on PETCO - Nov 23, 2011

love the cage

I got the cage for my male guinea pig and he absolutely loves it, i have to chase him around the cage to get him but two might be crowded all my 3 guineas have their own cages at this size and i take them out for play time but mine like their own space so a lil bit different-i would try and find a cage that you could extend out -guineas get to be good size

By on PETCO - Nov 1, 2011

Very Good Cage!

I used this cage for a single rabbit. It is very roomy, easy to clean, and looks cute. The only thing I would change is that I would make the openings a little bit wider, but that's certainly not a deal breaker! All in all, great cage and highly recommended.

By ALR223 on PETCO - Sep 23, 2011

Bigger and Better

This pet cage is bigger and better than I imagined. There is plenty of room for my pet hedgehog including his huge exercise wheel, bed and all his toys. It was so easy to assemble. Great product and price!

By MagnussMom on PETCO - Sep 2, 2011

Good cage

I bought a guinea pig and the owner gave me this cage with her. I'm not a big fan of the construction the wires bend too easy for my liking. However, the space that this cage gives my guinea pig is amazing!! She really enjoys all the room and when I put my other guinea pig in with her they really like it because they still have enough room for the both of them. So overall it's a decent cage. I still suggest the Super Pet X-Large Rabbit cage though. It's of much better quality and construction.

By GPBABY on PETCO - May 31, 2011

My Easter bunny loves it

He looks a little small in it though. He is a dwarf and it looks big enough for two dwarfs or one regular sized. Its is very sturdy and great buy. I would choose this cage again.

By nicandtrey on PETCO - Mar 7, 2011

Great purchase

I would give this product a 4.5 paws. The size is great plenty of room for my 3 month old rabbit to grow. Easy to put together would be better with larger access door on top of crate, but will make dostill plenty of room to get things in and out.

By fishon on PETCO - Feb 21, 2011

Great deal

We bought the Super Pet Extra Large cage for a new guinea pig. It was simple to put together. It is HUGE. We changed it for the first time today and had a little difficulty getting the side clips secured again. Over all, we are very impressed and would purchase it again.

By guineapigsarebest on PETCO - Jan 29, 2011

High sides

Great size and the bottom walls are high.

By mmec on PETCO - Jan 10, 2011


This cage is great; it is spacious and has plenty of room to add accessories, such as an igloo and some toys. It also has a lot of room for your pet to hop around in, in case it doesn't get to wander around the house too much. I would recommend this to anyone who would like to have a happy pet!

By nothing2345 on PETCO - Dec 19, 2010


I bought this cage so my rabbit would have more room to roam around. I like it and he likes it! Although it is not very wide, I have more room to fit his bed (wich he loves to play with), toys, food etc. He also has enough room to stand on his feet (which he loves to do when he wants to be nosey). The only thing that I do not like too much about the cage is that the top opening is not very wide so it is difficult to clean the cage. The hooks also do not hook very well on the top opening (luckily my rabbit can't jump that high).

By peanut87 on PETCO - Dec 13, 2010

Not big

If you think you are doing a favor to your guinea pig or rabbit, think again. Guinea pigs need a cc cage at least 28 by 42 and for a rabbit you need a way bigger cage. Dont get this exept for travel for your rabbits or temp housing.

By petlovertothemax1234 on PETCO - Nov 18, 2010

Nice cage, tough ramp

Overall, the cage is very nice- easy front and top openings, decent enough room for my 1 large rabbit to get around, and is attractive and clean looking. The downside is that my rabbit is having a hard time with the very steep hopaway ramp. I don't think she likes walking on the metal, and it's pretty high up- it's a really steep incline for her to get down, so I put a box underneath to flatten the grade. And when she's going back up into the cage, it's a awkward jump several inches down to the cage floor. She'll get used to it eventually, but I was surprised how high up the ramp is. As for the metal, I put a washcloth down so she wouldn't be freaked out over her paws slipping through the spaces btwn the metal, but I think she's gotten used to that as well. Other than the ramp issues, I like the cage a lot. And it's purple- nice!

By FatAlbertaSuperbunny on PETCO - Nov 4, 2010


My bunny is still getting use to the idea of not having a wire bottom, she does not seem to like living on the shavings so I am going to try a different type of bedding. Overall I like the cage. The high sides help keep everything in the cage.

By nana38 on PETCO - Nov 1, 2010

Great Product

Very easy to assemble! Great cage for the money! Shipped quickly and for free!

By Pickles1 on PETCO - Oct 28, 2010

Best Pruchase

I was looking for my ferret Charlie a cage and I was surprised to see that my first home is big and lots of room, very affordable easy to put together.

By Tani on PETCO - Sep 10, 2010

Overall, very nice guinea pig cage.

I have this cage for my moms two rabbits and it's a tight squeeze, but my other is for my single guinea pig and it's just enough room for his two houses. It's easy to assemble and clean and the only con I can think of at the moment is that I would really like it if it was bigger. I really want a cage with a ramp on it that could fit two piggies in it but I just can't find one with good reviews.

By shaylaK on PETCO - Aug 25, 2010

Awesome Cage

I really like this cage, its one of my best rabbit purchases ever! My 4 baby rabbits fit perfectly. They can finally run and lay down without bumping into eachother! Also I love the purple color.

By 42094pam on PETCO - Aug 14, 2010


I love this cage. I bought it for my 2 guinea pigs and it is perfect. They have plenty of room to run around and play in. They absolutly love it! This was a great purchase and I would highly recomend it to any animal lover!

By zvanilla on PETCO - Jul 22, 2010

Roomy, but...

This pen is one of the largest pens I have seen. It is a breeze to put together, and the two access doors (one on the top, one on the side) are large and allow you easy access to the cage for cleaning and feeding. This cage would be great for a single guinea pig, but I wouldn't recommend it for pairs. I currently have two 5 week olds in this pen, and I will need to find a larger cage as they grow so that they can have adequate room. FYI for all Cavy newbies - the larger the cage, the easier it is to clean. This is not just a ploy to empty your wallet. A larger habitat allows the pigs (and you) the space to deliniate eating / resting / play/ bathroom areas. It may be initially more expensive to purchase or to make a larger habitat, but you will spend so much less down the road in litter/bedding/liners/cleaners, etc. A lot to $$ to consider since an average Cavy lives between 5-8 years.

By CavyLady on PETCO - Jul 21, 2010

Best cage ever!

My rabbit loves the cage I bought her. I might have spended a lot a money,but it was all worth it. My rabbit Chocolate Chip loves it. She has enough room to jump on her shelf to eat. She gets plenty of exercise by jumping in her new cage.

By Chorizo on PETCO - Jul 15, 2010

Pretty Good

It is quite small, but I only keep my guinea pigs in it at night. During the day I keep them in a C&C cage which is alot roomier. Good for night, but not forever.

By gpluvr24 on PETCO - Jul 7, 2010

Good for single Guinea pig

This cage is spacious enough for a single Guinea pig to romp and play in. The adequate room allows an abundance of toys and shelters to be placed in the cage without cramping. However, the space is not large enough for two Guinea pigs. Perhaps my favorite feature though is how easy the bottom comes off of the wire top. The tray is extremely easy to clean and does not stain easily. Also, the two doors allow easy access to your little critter. This cage is definitely a good buy for your single piggy.

By piggycrazy on PETCO - Jun 24, 2010



By rabbitsue on PETCO - May 11, 2010

Great for Guinea Pigs

The size of the cage is very ample and the base is taller so that the spray of bedding material outside the cage when the guinea pigs run has been eliminated. Both the pigs and I love the new cage.

By Petsy on PETCO - May 9, 2010


well ive read the other reviews and people seem to have a high opinion of this not so much the wire doesnt fit properly so my little buddy boots (ferret) easily pops the sides in and out....we've had this cage for about a month and a half and its already to small and falling apart....might be a good home for a gerbil rabbit ect but not for a ferret

By luckyboots on PETCO - May 1, 2010


This cage is perfect for a guinea pig...i have 1 guinea pig and he loves it he is a baby so theres lots of room for him to run around...theres enough room for hay, houses, toys and space to run around...over all if you have one guinea pig this is really good! :)

By petpetcutie on PETCO - Apr 18, 2010

BUNNYTOPIA (rabbit cage)

I recently got 2 new bunnies. I bought this cage due to the cold snap we have been experiencing so that they can be in the house. It is a fairly large cage, but well worth the room it takes up. My bunnies have plenty of room to run around and play. It was so easy to put together, and cleaning is so easy I did it in less than 5 minutes. I just took it out of the box and snapped it together. You don't even need the directions. My husband and I commonly refer to it as bunnytopia. They love the cage, sometimes they just like to stay in the cage. Ha-ha! I have a corner litter box, 64oz (half gallon) water bottle, hay tunnel, food bowl, and a hay cave big enough for both rabbits to fit for them in there and they still have room to run around and exercise. This cage is worth the money. The only thing I would advise is to have the ramp platform to add in there. They really like being up higher.

By collegegrad on PETCO - Feb 10, 2010

Good choice for 1st home

I bought this cage for my dwarf bunny after adopting him from my daughter's classroom. He was in the very small starter cage and he had practically no room. (We now use that cage for trips to the vet.) This cage is probably twice the length. He's small, so I have room for a hut, food dish, and Kleenex box or toys, but if you have a big bunny, the cage will start to get cramped. He likes to shred his bedding and paper, and I LOVE how this cage keeps all of that stuff OFF the floor! Very easy cleanup! A few of the wires were bent when I pulled it out of the box, but they still work fine. I recommend this cage for a baby/small bunny, a guinea pig who likes lots of room, or 2 guinea pigs.

By NewBunnyMom on PETCO - Feb 2, 2010

Mostly Great

I had this same brand cage for our guinea pig but it was too small for our new rabbit so we bought this one. The one big difference is that this cage has a different type of clip, plastic rather than metal, and only on the two long sides. I worry about these breaking over time as they don't seem that sturdy. Also bunny comes down in the morning and goes upstairs to sleep in my daughter's room at night. It is hard to carry because of it's size, lack of handles and the fact that I don't completely trust the clips as they aren't on all four sides. Only for a dwarf or small rabbit as door isn't too big.

By BunnyLover22 on PETCO - Jan 31, 2010

very good deal!

I love the cage size. It fits perfectly on the dresser top. I have a small room for my pet turles and my guinea pig. The cage base is very deep so the hay etc. doesn't go flying everywhere like my last cage. I couldnt ask for a better fit. It's large enough for Ruben to run and explore and also gives him excersize by standing againt the sides to peer over when I call him. Also very easy to put together!

By pettymama on PETCO - Jan 19, 2010


I just upgraded to this larger cage for my lionhead rabbit and she loves it!!!! The cage was deeper and larger then I expected which was great! If you are looking for a future home for your small animal, I highly recommend this home! Believe me you will not be sorry.

By Bambieyes on PETCO - Jan 6, 2010

Cage is excellent

I have two Guinea Pigs, I bought this before vacation, arrived well on time. Works very well. Easy to put together; Cage is large and simple to use

By GuineaPigLover1234 on PETCO - Dec 26, 2009

Just ok

Assembly of this cage was extremely easy. The base of the cage, however, is a much thinner plastic than the cage it is replacing. I would not purchase another cage like this.

By nacee5 on PETCO - Dec 16, 2009

Large Enough

I have a Holland Lop rabbit and the cage has a lot space for my Bun Bun. This cage would be great for small rabbits like mine. Bun Bun does get playtime sessions out of his cage whenever I'm home (at least 4 hours). He doesn't mind staying in the cage since he has a lot of space. Buying online is a lot cheaper than in store. I checked in Petco store and they're selling the same cage for $109. I paid only $70 online w/ free shipping. Still a lot but worth it. :)

By BunBunOwner on PETCO - Nov 29, 2009

No Way

Unless your ferret is out all the time I don't recommend this cage. It is small and boring. Because the ferret will do it's duty in the corners it doesn't leave A lot of play room. I highly recommend a multi level cage.

By m8r5k on PETCO - Oct 20, 2009

Good Nice-Sized Cage

I originally had two male cavies in a single cage -- the Petco multi-level cage, which I also reviewed in November 2008 on this site. They seemed to do fine initially, but then one came down with a mite infestation. I separated them while the infested one was being treated. They seemed to miss one another while apart... or so it seemed to me. Unfortunately, when I tried to put the two cavies back into the Petco cage, the larger male ended up assaulting the smaller male and actually drew blood. I guess while they were separated some territoriality developed. So I decided to get a new cage. Anyway, this cage was on sale so I went with it, rather than purchase another Petco multi-level cage at full price. I have been happy with both cages. This cage lacks a ramp and second level, but that made it easier to put together, and I didn't have the same problem with flimsy parts and clamps. The cage is easy to clean and has attractive coloration. I would recommend it for 1 or 2 cavies (assuming they get along).

By bustertheboa on PETCO - Sep 11, 2009

Great Cage!

This is a great cage for a large rabbit. It is also chew proof.

By Smallanimallove on PETCO - Aug 31, 2009

Great Purchase

We used this cage for our guinea pigs Nibbles and Sweet Pea for 5 years. They loved the space and it was very easy to assemble and to disassemble when it was time to clean it. It cleaned up very easy in the bathtub. Easily held two plastic igloos and all their toys and food. We always left the door off so they could peek their heads out and take vegetables from our hands. Even though it seemed expensive when we bought it, we definitely got our money's worth from this cage.

By petgurl on PETCO - Jun 25, 2009


I have two piggies, and this is a great size for them, and everything you need besides timothy hay is included. Great buy

By akarn on PETCO - Jun 23, 2009


GET THIS CAGE!!! My guinea pig (Gus) gets really boared and now that he has more room in his cage I can put toys inside with out Gus being squished. He loves it... he can run around and with the wire caging he gets fresh air. IF YOUR GONNA GET A CAGE GET THIS ONE!!! :)

By Phily on PETCO - Jun 22, 2009

I have 2!

I have 2 Rabbits,one is a Dwarf,the other is a Holland Lop,and they both have one of these cages now,as I just bought a second.The cage is simple to assemble and very easy to clean up. ANo wire bottom grid,makes it safe for the bunny feet also. My Rabbits have the run of the house most of the time,but when they are in their cages,these are roomy enough to give them some stretch and stand area space. Always remember,the bigger the cage,the better.

By SDevs on PETCO - Apr 19, 2009


when i first got my rabbit about a year ago i got a cage with a wire bottom and a corner bucket so it could learn to use the potty in there and it would only sit in there and he seemed bored so when i came across this cage i got it and took it home and put the bedding in the bottom put my rabbit in there and he loves it so much he is so much more active!!!!!

By nortonkira on PETCO - Apr 8, 2009



By YESYES on PETCO - Mar 1, 2009

best cage ever

this is the best cage ever!!!!!! i had originaly got this cage for my female guinea pig. but when she had 4 babies {i gave away one}at first the cage was big enough for them but then it was way to small when they grew so i got another one and put 2 babies {brownie and oreo} in one and mom {cinomon}in the other withone baby {moo moo} and 2 years later the cage still looks new and they all are happy piggies in their two cages. highly recomended.

By piggieloverforeverandever on PETCO - Jan 31, 2009

Very Sturdy Product But...

This is a very nice and very roomy cage. I use this cage for my Golden Hamster. He is very big for his breed so he can not escape through the wire bars. If you were getting this cage for a normal sized hamster or Dwarf hamster I would not reccomend it. Other that that I have no complaints I love it!

By Hamsterwiz on PETCO - Jan 12, 2009

this is a very good cage

Strengths: it is one of the best cages we use where i work i work in a feed store and we love to use these super pet cages

Weakness: you want to get the door thats wire not plastic it works better know from expireance

this is a good cage for rabbits farrets and guinea pigs i love useing this cage it is verry light and easy to clean which is a must when you cant lift hevy objects.

By anonymous; - Jan 10, 2009

A Great Cage For Guinea Pigs!

It's a good cage for my guinea pig, Coffee. He has lots of room to move around and has lots of room to play in. It is a good cage for any guinea pig owner but if your guinea pig is a little one it may be to small. Sometimes when I clean the cage some of the cage spots were never used but its good anyways. One really good thing about it is that it has lots of room for my guinea pig and he likes it. On the other side it's not the best because sometimes it's hard to get the top off, and when you first get it's sorta hard to put it together. But it's a wonderful cage for me and my guinea pig, Coffee!

By Tarabear on PETCO - Jan 4, 2009

Its Ok

Strengths: Wire Top

Weakness: Plastic Bottom, Price.

The Hamster Cage Was Not As Good As I Was Expecting. For The Price It Is Terrible Infact. Heres Why, The Plastic Bottom is not even thick so the hamster can chew through and escape just like my hamster did. With your wheel and everything in the hamster cant hardley move. The stains that this cage holds is un real. It Is Terrable.
I Would Not Reccomend This Cage At All

By anonymous; - Dec 30, 2008

yummy to rabbits

dont spend your money and by this cage! my bunnys coockies and peter eat their way through it. it just setting yourself up for a rabbit chase.

By iluvpetco on PETCO - Nov 23, 2008

it was pretty good

it was not the greatest but not the worst. it was kind of hard to put it together but it was worth it because it's good for as long as i have had it. i had it for one year and it is still good. i recommend this product to anybody even if your bunny loves to dig and chew on things.

By littledude on PETCO - Aug 17, 2008

Great cage

I was wary of purchasing this cage but it turned out to be great!!! My guinea pig loves her new cage!!! Well worth the money. The only complaint I have is that the doors could be of better quality.

By guineamommy08 on PETCO - Jun 18, 2008

wonderful for...

This is great for a small guinea pig or a hedgehog but not something bigger. My hedgehog loves it he can do anything in it but I had to get a different cage for my guinea pig because he outgrew it before I had him for even 1 week!!! This is great though for some animals. I also had problems with the door they try to chew it and suceed I had to make something for it!

By Jazmine94 on PETCO - May 12, 2008

Okay starter cage

This cage is decent, however, the door is a pain and is not chew proof! I would recommend the other super pet cage with the wire door.

By PiggiesMommy on PETCO - May 4, 2008

piggy condo /room for a friend


By snickerdoodles on PETCO - Apr 28, 2008

Great size!

bought this the other day for my daughters ferret. its a great size! she was able to have plenty of room to romp around and JUMP! she loves to jump and this has the head room to do so. its large enought that she was able to put a large ferret plastic house and a blanket and some toys... the ferret (AZIE) still had room to run around and MOVE the ferret house around inside it! great buy and a great price!

By nadinep on PETCO - Apr 24, 2008

decent cage

i bought this cage for my first bunny and it is great. its very easy to assemble and looks good too. its is very roomy and you can fit a ton to stuff in it. my only concern is that when you open the cage (my door was wire, not a ramp) it makes a noise and vibrates the whole cage. my cage also does not have a flat bottom. in one corner of the cage the floor comes up, but isnt that big of a deal. i also wish this cage had a door on the top, as well as the side. overall very nice cage.

By alevy on PETCO - Apr 13, 2008

Standard Size Bunny very happy!

Our first rabbit was an adult dwarf, that had the smaller version of this cage (he came with the cage from the previous owner). Our current rabbit is somewhat bigger already at 6 months; when we decided to get a second cage, I upgraded to the larger one. This cage is sturdy, well designed, easy to assemble, and roomy!!! The door is also wire, not the purple pictured here (?!) Very durable, strong bunny worthy, easy to clean, side and top access, hay and stuff stays inside, and all in all, instantly happy with the product. The sale price was just icing. THANKS for a great product! (Also, my first Petco purchase, I had excellent communication from the company, quick delivery, and excellent packaging. Also, bio-degradable packing material. This is all good.)

By flashdif on PETCO - Apr 8, 2008

super pet cage

This cage is ok for only one small rabbit, not big enough for two. Other than that this cage is ok, no problems with it yet.

By mandyblue on PETCO - Apr 4, 2008

my first home

this is a great cage plenty of room for my guinea pig we both love it!!!!!!!!!!! luv from winnie and joshua

By guineapigluv on PETCO - Mar 25, 2008

very nice cages

These cages are easy to work with and very roomy.

By hjkaga on PETCO - Mar 19, 2008

Super Pet Extra-Large My First Home

This cage is very very roomy. I currently house 1 six month old bunny, and when its time for bed, he just loves to jump up and bounce off the side of the cage, which causes the cage to raddle and make so much noise. The locking system connecting the metal top to the plastic bottom isn't really tight, I had a tab break off. Overall, I'm glad the bottom plastic tub is high, so bedding doesn't flip out easy.

By Lawliet on PETCO - Mar 13, 2008

I like this cage a lot.

I have an Abyssian Guinea Pig in here. She is so happy with the cage. There is a ton of room to run around and keep all her stuff. The ramp is good for them to walk down so they don't hurt their feet. It is easy to assemble and accesible to your pet.

By Roho on PETCO - Mar 9, 2008

Very nice cage for the price

I bought this for my ferret and it's wonderful. There is more than enough room for her and all of her stuff. The only concern I have is whether or not the bars will be sturdy enough to hold her. She pulls at them and tries to escape, but so far it's held up well. I have a smaller version of this one for my rabbit and have had it for several years. It has held up great. These cages also have the option of accessories such as shelves and ramps. I'm considering adding some for my ferret~I think there is plenty of room. For the price, this cage is great.

By alnnay712000 on PETCO - Mar 7, 2008


money well spent, bought 2 - 1 for my piggie & 1 for my rats! they all love their new homes, so much room,easy to clean & well constructed!

By luvmyanimals on PETCO - Mar 3, 2008

very good buy

thhis cage is the best cage houses rabbits PERFECTLYand is very easy to clean.i would HIGHLY recomend it.

By ahappyperson on PETCO - Feb 13, 2008

good for 1 or 2 guinea pigs

I just got two guinea pigs!!! Mr. Wiskers and Lucky love the cage! It is very big and roomy. Even with a hiding place,toys, and a food bowl they still have a lot of room. The only bad things about the cage, is that the plastic side clips break realy easy. But you don't even need them, so that dosen't mater. My last complaint is that the cage dosen't come in a selection of colors. The cage is very cute if your a girl but guys may not like a purple cage.

By fgyjguui on PETCO - Feb 11, 2008

Very Roomy

This cage is great for big animals like Bunny, ecpetially a bunny named Thumper who lives in one of these. He absolutely loves all the space. All of his things fit in it, including his iglloo, litter pan, food powl, water bottle, hay holder, and his toys. There is still lots of room in it for him to run around and have a great time. It's also easy to assemble, so there's no hassle to put it together. It also dosn't let any bedding get thrown out, because that happens a lot with other cages unlike ones like this. This cage is totaly worth it, and your pet will love it like thumper does.

By RatsRock on PETCO - Feb 11, 2008

Long live the guinea cage!!!!!

Our family has had a total of 14 guinea pigs and this is the best cage we've had so far. One of our guinea pigs had two litters (it was an accident) in this cage and they all survived and are off to good homes and now we only have two and we still use the same cage! Thanks Petco!

By Guineaqueen on PETCO - Jan 30, 2008

Best Cage Ever

It's easy to clean. Lots of space.

By AnimalLover102 on PETCO - Jan 30, 2008

Pet home

I use this cage as a traveling home for my ferret. Her regular cage is too big to fold up and take with me, but this smaller cage is just right. If you travel with your ferret I would recommend this cage as a traveler home. It is easy to fold up and stick under the bed when not in use.

By PaigeV on PETCO - Jan 28, 2008


this cage works wonders, there is no set up involved all you do is take it out of the box and snap it together. the cleaning is so easy! its very roomy, we have 2 hammocks, some blankets, and the needed things(water,food,litter pan) and there is still room to move around. i would recommend this cage to not just any body but every body!! just cant beat the price :)

By babygirl3402 on PETCO - Jan 24, 2008

looks great!

this cage is great for rabbits and ferrrets.i have a guinea pig and this a good way to spend your money!i highly recomend it.

By apleasedperson on PETCO - Jan 23, 2008

Guinea Pig loves it A+A+

My guinea pig loves having all the space to her self. She has her hide a way,toys , and dishes with room to spare. It is so easy to clean. The plasitc also dosen't give her bubblefoot which other wire cages do. This cage is the best plus it doesnt cost a foot and a leg. I give this cage a A+

By Devs on PETCO - Jan 23, 2008

Good for medium pets :)

I have a medium size rabbit and this cage is a bit cramped. I think this would be a great size for a guinea pig, large rat, or dwarf rabbit but definitely not for bigger bunnies. They need a cage about 1/4 bigger than this one to be comfy but all in all nice cage. Love the top door.

By Phaze on PETCO - Jan 19, 2008


This cage is the perfect cage for my guinea pig. It gives her a lot of room to roam and play and everything. The only bad thing about it is because it is so big, it can sometimes be a problem to clean!

By Anole2006 on PETCO - Dec 31, 2007


I bought the cage for my guinea pig Goldie I had changed her cage a couple of mths ago and she was not pleased I bought this one and she LOVES it it is better than her old one I threw away she has so muck room to run and play she is really enjoying it I really do swear that she is teasing her brother Booka(chinchilla) because she has a new cage!

By Motherof2FurBalls on PETCO - Dec 13, 2007

Plastic Parts Very Poor Quality

The plastic attachment tabs and side latches that attach the wire cage to the base snap and break with the first time cleaning the cage and cannot be fixed. Very poor quality plastic. Door latches cumbersome. Wouldn't buy or recommend this product or it's manufacturer.

By Bunny on PETCO - Dec 6, 2007

Bad Choice

This cage is way to small for a ferret and a rabbit and a guiena pig. If you want a nice cage make one. This cage is way tooo small.

By braveheart on PETCO - Jul 12, 2007

Great Home For A Hamster.

I would NEVER recomend this cage for an animal like a rat, rabbit or ferret though it makes a lovely home for my syrian hamster!

By KKBABY on PETCO - Jul 7, 2007

great cage

This cage is very nice, a lot of space and deep cage bottom. It's great for your bunnies when they are caged. A good price for this as well.

By ilovebunnies on PETCO - May 19, 2007

The best cage ever!!!

i just got this cage today, and my chinchilla loves it! he runs around and jumps on and off his lepn'ledg. i added an extra level to put his bowl, timothyhay, and water bottel. i love the deep plastic bace thats easy to clean!All in all this is the best cage ever, you should get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By chinchillaLover on PETCO - Mar 17, 2007

It's Perfect!!

This cage is all-around perfect! I have two of them, and both of my guinea pigs really apreciate the space, ventalation, and quality of this cage! I think it would be great for 1-2 guinea pigs, a single rabbit, a few rats, or a ferret or two. I love these cages!

By april33 on PETCO - Dec 25, 2006

my "first" home

This home was good for our guinea pig for about 6 months. I assumed from the description that it would be roomy enough for our guinea pig to run around and play, but now that he's full grown he can easily touch the top of the cage with his nose and is always having trouble getting exercise. It seems like a large enough cage from the description, but once you put in a food dish, water bottle, hut for sleeping in, and even just 1 toy, the cage is full. I would recommend buying something larger, so you don't have to buy another cage later.

By Emzily on PETCO - Nov 6, 2006


i bought dis cage 4 my 2 rats cloey and maizy and dey LOVE IT there is SOOOOOO much space 4 dem 2 roam dis cage is soo big they dont want 2 climb on d bars n e more THIS CAGE IS AWESOME AND IT IS WORTH THE PRICE !BUY IT IF U HaVe RATs period

By jamakinmecrazy23 on PETCO - Aug 1, 2006


My bunny loves this cage he feels very open and free in the cage. I also love the cage too. :-)

By on PETCO - Jul 12, 2006


Great for rabbits

By on PETCO - Jun 14, 2006

Super Pet Extra-Large My First Home

I don't keep a pet in this cage, but I like to use it for my Chinchillas dust bath pan. I keep the door closed while they get their out-of-the-cage play time. When it's time for them to go back I open the door & ask if they want to take a bath & they come running! It keeps the dust in the room to a minimum & by putting news paper on the bottom of the cage it's an easy clean up.

By KathyM on PETCO - May 2, 2006

no good cage!

bad apperance and no fun for your animal dont bother to get it.(o)stars-my opinion!!!!!

By on PETCO - Mar 20, 2006

Rabbit Fanatic

My twin furkids, Peter(Cottontail) and Heidi enjoy the space. They also like the plastic bottom more compared to our old wire-bottomed cage. I looks great, too, and theres lots of room for hanging toys(not so much floor-based toys. Medium-sized bunnies like ours take up alot of the space) The only problem we've had is that they've rejected their chew stix and attacked the plastic base! They can almost tunnel out of the hole now, so we keep it against a wall.

By on PETCO - Mar 1, 2006

Great Cage!

I just bought this cage for my little bunny. I got him yesterday and he looked so depressed when I brought him home. As soon as I put him in his cage he was hopping around and digging in the bedding to try to bury himself. He absolutely loved it! The cage was a snap to put together and it looks great to have inside of the house. I love that it's all plastic b/c I used to have a wooden cage and that held all of the odors and bacteria. This'll be a cinch to clean!

By on PETCO - Dec 29, 2005

big but user unfriendly

I just set this cage up for our family guinea pig and I plan to dismantle and return it tomorrow. The plastic front door is nearly impossible for my 7 and 10 year olds to open and I can only open it by squeezing one of the coated wires (I don't think that was the idea) so it won't be long before the door or cage bends or breaks. Also, the side clips don't clip at all although we spent forever trying each bar...they just hang there. This is a completely disappointing product.

By on PETCO - Dec 9, 2005


my new bunny loves her cage. i am going to recomend this cage because it has so much room even if you put a lot of stuff inher cage. SO GET IT!!!!

By on PETCO - Dec 2, 2005