Oriental Tall Sugar Glider Cage

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Oriental Tall Cage Tall Cage with Chinese Roof - 28 inches x 24 inches x 66 inches tall.. 3/8 Bar spacing, 2 large front doors. Suggested for Sugar gliders and Flying Squirrels. The entire cage is 66 tall. The cage is 24 deep from front to back and 28 inches wide from side to side. The pyramid roof overhangs the cage walls about 4 on all sides. This cage has just under 25 cubic feet of volume. There are two doors (on the front) that measure 9” x 9.5” each. This is perhaps the only downside we see to this habitat; the doors are a bit smaller (9 versus 14 for the Hex, which also has 2 additional 5 doors). On the good side, however, is the roof will come off easily by only removing four screws. Finished in a heavy powder coated (animal safe) paint containing no lead or zinc. Suggested for: Sugar Gliders, Flying Squirrels & Small Monkeys. The cage is outfitted with a pullout drawer in the single piece heavy duty base and a pullout grill for easy bedding changes. The doors do not have locks, but they are quite heavy .... too heavy for sugar gliders to lift. The cage is mounted on four easy roll casters. NOTE: - We also offer an accessory kit for this cage which includes shelves and ladders. See our cage department for this product. TO VIEW SHIPPING COSTS ... PLACE ITEM IN YOUR SHOPPING CART, CLICK THE 'CHECK-OUT' BUTTON, SCROLL TO BOTTOM OF THE PAGE - ENTER YOUR CHOICE OF SHIPPING METHOD & ZIP CODE - CLICK APPLY. YOUR SHIPPING COST WILL AUTOMATICALLY CALCULATE AND CAN BE VIEWED IN YOUR SHOPPING CART.


Product Title: Oriental Tall Sugar Glider Cage

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