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CareFresh Basic Pet Bedding is safe and healthy bedding for your pet! CareFresh Basic Bedding is an all-natural blend of Carefresh natural bedding and select soft wood shavings that allow for nesting and burrowing. Ideal for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Reptiles, Rats, mice, Gerbils, Ferrets, Chinchillas, Birds and other small pets. With no added chiemical contaminants or perfume, the natural aroma of wood will make for a fresh, natural smell. Carefresh Basic Pet Bedding is heat-processed to kill bacteria, mold and fungus and provides excellent odor control. Bedding is compressed and expands to the liters listed. Pet Mountain is proud to offer discount bulk pet products. - Provides excellent odor control - All-Natural, long-lasting absorbency formula - Safe for pets and families CareFresh Care Fresh Basic Blend Soft Pet Bedding: 30 Liters #100154 - Paper Pet Bedding

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Product Title: Carefresh Basic CareFRESH Bedding Basic, 30L

Manufacturer: Carefresh

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I've tried the "grayish" type of this brand that that's GREAT too but if you want natural bedding this is the way to go. It's nice and light in color and is very clean.

By Nerzie on PETCO - Jan 5, 2012


i love all carefresh products, but i do prefer tyo get the paper based bedding opposed to any wood shavings. This bedding works great, though! It did get a bit messy, but that's fine.

By Hammieandfishy on PETCO - Aug 15, 2011

The best for your guinea pig

Having a guinea pig means you need to be careful what kind of bedding you have in the cage. After trying numerous bedding products for small animals, this bedding is simply the best and having it delivered direct to you is soooo much cheaper it is unbelievable. It is easy to do a minor clean up of the cage daily with this bedding ,if you care, and highly recommended to keep odors to a minimum....
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By DPalmer on PETCO - Jun 26, 2011

Better than expected

I was surprised - this is a lot of product for the price and it isn't too bad. The only complaint I have is that it somewhat sticks to the bottom of the cage if very wet.

By mmec on PETCO - May 16, 2011

carefresh bedding be careful

first, I ordered the wrong type bedding,DUH -- NEVER order bedding with pine shavings if it is for rats, we will use it for our bunnies, but rats cannot and should not ever be subjected to pine wood shavings, however, I put in a new order for carefresh NATURAL, which is a great product, we use it without exception, and the shipping and price is great, we usually need a new supply right away, and...
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By paparattzie on PETCO - Nov 20, 2010

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