Watts Current USA Nova Extreme 2xT5HO - Saltwater Light: 24" - 48 Watts

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Buy Replacement T5HO Bulbs - CLICK HERE! The Nova Extreme X2 Saltwater Light Fixture combines the best in both design and functionality and is a great addition to any aquarium. The sleek black-aluminum construction not only maintains a low profile on the aquarium, its design also allows it to dissipate heat away from the aquarium, lamps and components. - European style high output T5 lamps - Performance driven electronic ballast - New single lamp reflector greatly increases light output - Slim design & energy efficient German-style polished reflector directs over 99% of the T5 lighting into the aquarium while a polycarbonate splash lens protects lamps. Sliding aquarium mounts adjust easily to ensure a proper fit for your aquarium. Only a single power cord delivers all the lighting you need for the ultimate looking aquarium. TrueLumen High Output T-5 lamps offer a quantum leap in lamp performance, nearly doubling the lumen output compared to an ordinary T5, T8 or T12 fluorescent system. Using our proprietary blend of tri-phosphors, the high PAR & CRI levels produce stunning color rendition and penetrating intensity. Coupled with our finely tuned electronic driving system, SlimPaq lamps have the longest usable life-span of any aquarium lamp. Each Nova Extreme includes two high output T5 TrueLumen lamps and sliding docking mounts. TrueLumen 460nm Actinic T5HO (Saltwater models only) - A super actinic blue lamp emitting light energy required by corals and invertebrates, along with producing a high UV output. Outstanding color rendition that makes corals, invertebrates and fish fluoresce brilliantly. TrueLumen 12,000K White T5HO - A powerful, penetrating full spectrum lamp replicating sunlight found on living coral reefs. Exceptional high lumen output concentrated between 400-480nm stimulates zooxanthellae production increasing both coral and invertebrate growth. Model Application 460nm T5HO 12,000K T5HO Freshwater T5HO Total Watts Fan Cooled Production Dimensions 1136 Saltwater 1 x 18w 1 x 18w N/A 36w No 18 x 5.25 x 2 1124 Saltwater 1 x 24w 1 x 24w N/A 48w No 24 x 5.25 x 2 1137 Saltwater 1 x 24w 1 x 24w N/A 48w No 30 x 5.25 x 2 1125 Saltwater 1 x 39w 1 x 39w N/A 78w No 36 x 5.25 x 2 1126 Saltwater 1 x 54w 1 x 54w N/A 108w No 48 x 5.25 x 2 Current USA Nova Extreme 2xT5HO - Saltwater Light: 24 - 48 Watts - (1x24 Watt 12K Daylight + 1x24 Watt 460 nm Actinic) #1124 - Aquarium T-5 HO Light Fixtures


Product Title: Watts Current USA Nova Extreme 2xT5HO - Saltwater Light: 24" - 48 Watts

Manufacturer: Watts

Power Score: 4.2 | 140 Reviews

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