Phoenix 150 Watt 14000K Metal Halide Bulb - Phoenix, Double-Ended

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Product Title: Phoenix 150 Watt 14000K Metal Halide Bulb - Phoenix, Double-Ended

Manufacturer: Phoenix

Power Score: 4.6 | 188 Reviews

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Love them!

These are the perfect mix of white and blue light. The coral really seemed to love the new bulbs. Everyone that have seen the tank before and after have really thought the tank looks amazing. Great product. Love them.

By WILLIAM BROADDUS on - Apr 14, 2014


Fantastic bulb! Better then expected and highly recommended!!

By Corey Gates on - Mar 29, 2014

Very Bright

Can totally see the difference and already seeing results.

By KYLE MURPHEY on - Mar 1, 2014

amazing color

from day one colors in the reef tank just were amazingly brighter. After a week corals were more awake, fuller. The Fish had more vivid color to them. The nice blue tint it gives the tank is very pleasing to the eye. My tank looks even better now.

By MICHAEL CRIMIAN on - Oct 17, 2013

not too bright!!

I am disappointed in the amount of light these bulbs give off. The replaced bulbs are the same specs and they seemed twice as bright. Hoping it won't affect my fish or corals

By DAN GRAMEGNA on - Oct 3, 2013

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