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Works as stated

The one thing is the instructions, they really did not come with any. So if you buy this item go online and read the PDF on the web sight. This will save you a big head ache. And there is no way to hook into the bus with everything plugged in. have to pull the i-temp bus plug to hook up Myreef. As for the product it does what it is meant to do. I had issues with my temp in my 90 gallon reef. With this thing i was able to set the temp, have it turn the heater off and kick a external fan on to blow across the top of the tank. PH probe shows my swings in the tank, witch is a good thing to know.All in all there are 101 ways to set thins thing up. And just added a ato to one of the switches with a lifter pump, works perfect. Would have given it a 5 stare if it had more detailed instructions, and a way to hook up my laptop with out having to pull the i-temp bus cable.

By DAVE SCHARENBERG on - May 8, 2014

rkl plus

Great piece of equipment make my life more easy no worry if ur out everything is doing it for u.

By GLENN GENUINO on - Mar 15, 2014

reefkeeper lite basic

Only had this unit up and running for 4 days. So far I'm impressed. Other reviews have stated the difficulties in the set-up process and I also had some problems, but only because this product has so many options. You don't receive any instructions for any of the detailed options. Downloading instructions from the Digital Aquatics web site is a must. At this time I am using the temp probe to control the temp on my 150 gal reef system. The temp never varies more than .1 of a degree. I also have the MLC module which when set up follows the monthly lunular cycle. Something to remember about the MLC, depending on the date this unit is set up and the phase that the moon is in on that date, will determine the brightness of the lunar pods. This could explain a few reviews that stated the lunar leds weren't bright enough. I use two pods on my reef, that were installed during a full moon cycle, they are very bright set at 99%. No need to add extras.

By VINCE SCHULZ on - Dec 21, 2013

Hard to set up

The product is probably pretty good, if i can ever get it programmed. Bought it a week ago and still cannot get the programming right. Online instructions are pretty useless for simple stuff. Have called Reef Keeper and you can not talk to someone. All they will do is email you. If that is not clear you have to email back and wait. I did cal MD but they said that the could not help me. Not sure i would buy this product again. Too much work and no support.

By Frustrated on - Dec 10, 2013

Product support lacking

The product itself is OK. Myreef software is an absolute headache to get working and support from Digital Aquatics is non-existent. I'll likely switch to the Apex controller once I sell this unit.

By Doc on - Nov 6, 2013

Worth the hassle?

The product does its intended job after fiddling, tinkering and screaming at it for more than two days, I finally figured out how to set it up. No help from Digital Aquatics, their customer service is nonexistent . I will never, ever buy a product of theirs again!

By AMKoegler on - Oct 28, 2013

Quick and easy

I love this product just wish I would have done the larger package to control more

By ALBERTO OLMO on - Oct 10, 2013

Digital Aquatics Reef Keeper

I got the Digital Aquatics Reef Keeper about two weeks ago now for my FOWLR tank and am taken by its ease of use and featers to put it simply this thing is sweet I plan on up grading with many the mods and the elite I would also recamend this to anybody

By TOM HOPKINS on - May 19, 2013

Good, but not good.

Nice product but I have two plug per light and I have two lights. The power strip have 4 spots for plug but my plugs are to big to fit on the strip. I guess I am going to have to spend another $90 for another strip...... :-(

By JEREMY WALLS on - Apr 3, 2013


This is a great piece of equipment easy to use aye you visit digital aquatics Web Site. No in depth Manuel included..

By RODNEY HALL on - Mar 12, 2013

Great controller

I actually won this at our latest frag swap, but I love this thing. The instructions were lacking but I found expanded instruction on D.A. website and now it really made sense. I still haven't figured out how to use it with my computer, but you can do it all at the module. I will be adding more power strips to expand the things I can add.

By EARL HARMAN on - Feb 25, 2013


I recently bought the RKL Plus and Love it. There are a few issues that I think everyone should know about. There is a slight clicking that can be heard when using wavemaker function, not annoyingly loud though. When using the alarm and it goes off you cannot referance your other values quickly or postpone alarm/ turn it off, it will keep alarming, but not beeping/flashing just the warning you have to lower/ raise alarm values to get alarm message off.It uses a 6 wire system so any phone adaptors must be 6 lines so that you can plug in sid and I-temp in at same time.Cannot disable SL1 temp port/switch ports when not in use.Myreef 2.0 provides no manuel and graphing requires the net module as far as i know of. Other than the things mentioned above this system is top notch, it has all the bang for the buck. I cannot wait to add SL2 module and ambient temp sensor to monitor light temp/ and humidity and salinity.Great options for expansion and multiple systems.

By robanister on - Oct 28, 2012

Good Gear!

Well I had the Lite Pro running for around 1 month and so far it's been great. I have the following running on it, lights, heater, auto top off, skimmer, return pump, and just about to connect my calcium reactor. The only problem I have had was setting it up. The instructions are worthless. Went on line to get the info I needed to set it up. Also still can not get it to connect to my lap top and I'm waiting on the company to get back to me.

By JAMES STEEL on - Oct 10, 2012

Good Gear!

Well I had the Lite Pro running for around 1 month and so far it's been great. I have the following running on it, lights, heater, auto top off, skimmer, return pump, and just about to connect my calcium reactor. The only problem I have had was setting it up. The instructions are worthless. Went on line to get the info I needed to set it up. Also still can not get it to connect to my lap top and I'm waiting on the company to get back to me.

By JAMES STEEL on Marine Depot - Oct 10, 2012

Awesome Controller

I have been using the mechanical style light timers, and every timer I have tried always failed and the timer dials would get stuck. The RKL is the best thing to happen to my reef aquarium! The instructions that come in the box with the RKL are very limited. Go to their website and print out or download the full instructions. Once you understand how it works and how to program it, the programming becomes pretty self explanatory. Another piece of advice is to purchase another PC4 power module, because if you are like me and have other things like aqua-lifter pumps etc you will need the extra outlets. The RKL is amazing!

By JOHNNY SANDS on - Aug 20, 2012

Great functionality for price

Extremely functional, flexible and great value

By STEVE on - Aug 19, 2012

reefkeeper lite jr

Once I got the hang of the programing of the unit it has become a great tool. I have had some problems with calibrating the PH brobe and the calibration solutions that came with were busted in the bottom of the bag. I had to go out and buy more calibration solution. Other than that I would recomend this product to any reefer, big or small.

By DENNIS IMBODY on - Aug 13, 2012

Poor instructions

I liked the RKL very much with all the controls alarms, etc. But when it came to the instuctions,I think they need to be improved, even with website you may find what you are looking for or may not. example the second temp. sensor on SL1 shows temp fault, which is misleading because you think it is the iTemp probe. Other than things like that I love the RKL plus. would be 5 stars if better instruction.

By DAVID MCKENZIE on - Aug 7, 2012

awesome protection

not just for your controlling your lights but also used for temp control and making sure your heater doesnt do its own thing and keep heating the tank when it shouldn;t controls my pumps skimmer etc hit stand by and all pumps go to sleep for set time and i can feed my fish with only one vortech running in feed mode..nice not sure how i checked my temp,ph before cannot wait to check my salinity using this ...

By ROGER CASTORENO on - Jul 27, 2012

Great controller

Works great. I am controlling eight differnet devices, pumps, lights, float switch etc. Very Easy to use and program compareed to other more expensive controllers I have had in the past. Also the customers help/support is great

By FRANK VERNESE on - Apr 12, 2012

Nice controller: RKL L1

I really wanted to take my reefing to the next level. I started with biological + mechanical filtration and frequent water changes. That was good for keeping fish, shrimp, and even a sponge, but I was having trouble keeping anemones and corals. So, I added UV sterilization, protein skimming, and <3Watts/gal of 50/50 lighting. The next step I wanted to take is automation, monitoring, and redundancy. That is where the Reefkeeper Shines. The alarms and actions taken for each device allow you to monitor water conditions, control every device, and prevent disasters in ways not possible with timers. Also, if I want more control or monitors the system is modular and expandable. I can grow into advanced and expert options like light ramping for dusk/dawn simulation, moon cycles for breeding, and dosing pumps for daily chemical supplementation. There is room to grow as I need, can afford, of feel comfortable with. I now feel confident I can keep corals and anemones alive but will wait to let everything adjust first. I got the Reefkeeper Lite level 1 for my modified 29Gal Marineland Eclipse 2 marine aquarium. I have owned an aquarium for a little over a year now but have been maintaining aquariums at work for 5. This is the first aquarium controller I have worked with. I did a lot of reading and searching on the internet to make this buying decision. The box was packed well and everything was in mint condition. I like that they passed on the saving by removing the attractive advertising decals on the box. Here is what you get in the Level 1 package: 1x RKL Head Unit (LCD Display panel/manual control interface) 1x PC4 Power Controller (Power strip with 4 outlets; 2 relay, 2 solid state) 1x Temperature Probe w/ suction cup (Accurate to 0.1 degree F) 1x SID (System Interface Device. It’s a USB cord to plug into your computer) 1x Programming Coupler (Looks like a phone cord extender, has 2 jacks on either side) 1x Quick Setup guide (Very basic how to wire everyth

By RIP-Felix on - Mar 25, 2012


Overall a good unit. I have an early (1st) ReefKeeper this is to replace. Only 4 stars because Digital Aquatics still believes any problem with their unit is some others problem. Like the on/off cycle of the early one to the latching of the newer ones.

By Don Coppock on - Mar 18, 2012


Awesome product easy to use I researched alot of controllers and chose this one

By CHRIS ROBINSON on - Feb 22, 2012

Great product

4 1/2 stars not 5, only because finding the software to download was rediculous. I had to search through a forum on the company's web site to find it. In the future I hope the company really includes a disc wth the software and/or a link on the homepage. Having said that. I love this controller. The actuall set up of the modules is simple and sraight forward. There are so many options it makes your system prettty much automated. The power strips are well built and spaced well. The cords are long and of good quality. The head unit is small, sleak, and stylish. The head unit also is bright and easy to read. Overall I reall love this contrller and would reccomend it to anyone looking for one. At the price point you can't realy beat it.

By JOCELYN JAMES on - Jan 15, 2012


I have only had it hooked up for about a week. It works very well except for the wave maker. I had to hook up a surge protector to the outlets for my Korillia Evo 1050's in order for them to turn off reliably. Programming is not to hard to figure out, there is a quick start guide in the box that helps. I plugged in lights to mine to see what was changing. Instructions are online for more details.The programming interface is very old school, stepping thru the menus. I have 2 pc4 modules and when programming it only shows the module name, would be nice to have A and B or something to tell which pc4 is being programmed. Standby function works great, Nice having that automated. I would also have liked it if some connectors were included so I could have hooked up my ATO. Waiting on connectors from an electronics store to hook up the float switch. Overall I am happy with this controller

By LANCE on - Dec 22, 2011

Reef Keeper

Is Good

By PETER KENT DE JESUS on - Dec 10, 2011

Good control unit

As previously stated lack of documetation was a disappointment, but you can download instructions. Everything works as expected and is nice for water changes and feeding. The only problem I have is I think the iTemp probe is wrong or defective. I checked with two different thermometers and they were both the same but the iTemp probe was off by 4 degrees. Again this is a good control unit based upon pricing and what you get.

By Andrew Young on - Nov 24, 2011

Good Product, HORRIBLE Instruc

I bought the RKL+. The PROs: It does a good job of maintaining and controlling your reef...Once you get through what is the absolute WORST instructions and setup procedure I've ever seen in a product! The CONs: As stated above, the unit is so confusing to set up it is absolutely maddening! First off, when you open the box there are NO INSTRUCTIONS! Nothing. ZIP. NADA. Just the power strips, head unit and accessories. So right off the bat you're stuck going to their website, to download and print the manual. So you think, "Okay. Now I'm good to go, right?" Nope. Not even close! Again, even with the manual there are so many things that you need to do before and during the setup that are not included in their own product manual. It would be nice to know that you must set up a free account with them, then search through the message board to find out you cannot simply put the system together like the pictures in the manual. That would be too easy. You have to download software called myReef, which is pretty decent. Then, using the myReef program you have to download the current program into each piece of the system! (USB adapter, power strips, SL1, head unit). Of course, NONE of this is in the manual...ANYWHERE! You either have to somehow know this on your own, search through their message board, or call their customer service that the website is very proud of. Customer service is a misnomer. I called for support three times. Each time I got an answering machine during their business hours. 3rd time I left a message that I cannot figure it out and need help. No return call. I contacted them via email with the same info, requesting someone call me back. Instead I got back a very generic email that basically wants you to follow a specific sequence to get the myReef software to work. Again, no user manual for the software and nothing anywhere to tell you how to trouble shoot. I spent literally 12+ frustrating hours setting up a 12-gallon nano reef with very basic controls. I cannot fathom trying to set it up on a larger setup with skimmers, reactors, sump... I honestly would return it product right now if it wasn't doing a good job of maintaining my tank. Final assessment: It is a really good product that does exactly what it claims to do. Unfortunately no one at Digital Aquatics had the forethought to put a comprehensive manual (printed or digital) in the box that includes step-by-step instructions for setting up their system

By JAMES BAU on - Nov 3, 2011


RKL performs as advertised. Haven't really had much use out of it as of yet but did pull it out and test everything out. Yeah, there aren't much in the way of instructions with the unit but it is fairly intuitive and easy to navigate, plus instructions are easily enough obtained through manufacturers website. Good product, satisfied with my buy. If nothing else my tanks "cool facter" just bumped up a couple points.

By CORY W. on - Oct 12, 2011

so far so good

This is a really cool gizmo.. and the wave maker is perfect.. 2 Koalia 750s in a 30 gallon cube and my corals are loving it.. believe it or not the heater is the one thing I am worried about most, but so far I am impressed

By DARRIN HYER on - Oct 8, 2011

Works but still disappointing

To be fair, the Reef Keeper Lite did keep my nano tank on autopilot. I'm just unhappy during the moments when I have to deal with the non-automatic things. It is buggy, the interface and controls are awkward, and the computer software is poorly designed and reminiscent of the '90s (and Windows only). The manual doesn't help either, which was seriously outdated. The bar for electronics should not be this low and I am glad that I don't have to deal with it anymore; I'm much happier on a different budget controller.

By AlexL on - Aug 22, 2011


I have had it about a week and I am very pleased with both the quality and functionality.

By MATT SCALES on - Jul 20, 2011

Full Featured, Budget Friendly

Looked at several controllers and opted with the ReefKeeper Lite Plus Package. After a bit of downloading and printing (50 plus pages of documentation), I was up and running in no time. Of course it gives you complete control over 8 programmable outlets, but also the peace of mind of having fail-safes for water critical events. The unit is fairly simple to program, but I would have appreciated a printed manual. Remote monitoring/control from my iPhone would have been nice, but not worth an extra 200 bucks (IMO).

By BURTO on - Jun 17, 2011

great product

So far so good. Connecting the unit is super easy. programing it isn't that bad. I had a little trouble setting the delay times on my pumps after a standby mode. All in all this is a pretty awesome controller. I just bought the Reef keeper Lite, but i plan on expanding with at least 1 or 2 more PC4 Modules.

By Fishguy2002 on - May 10, 2011

Good but not great

I purchased this for my wife's tank because I wanted a controller but didn't need all that the higher end RK Elite of Neptune Apex (which I have on another tank) had to offer. This is a good product for the price, pretty easy to set up and is pretty much straight forward out of the box. With that being said, there were some items that I did not like. 1. I feel for the price DA could supply complete instructions with the unit. You only get a quick start guide and have to go to the DA website and print out the full insturctions on your own. 2. The PC4's were a little dissapointing they were plastic and light not large metal and heavy duty like the APEX or any other high end bus or power strip unit for that matter. They feel alot like the $9 power strips you buy for lamps. Although they seem to work fine. Like I said the unit is cheaper than its counterparts but by having two different units to compare you can see where the costs were shaved from. I would recommend this if you want a good controller for an affordable price.

By TROY on - Apr 18, 2011


still setting up controller.I like it so far

By WALTER JOHNSTON on - Apr 12, 2011

Works Well

Will not shut off some pumps (ATO) in specific outlets. Be careful. There is no manual for operation, which this sorely needs. Programming is fairly intuitive, when the firmware isn't being buggy. It is a nice addition once everything was set up, but the missing manual makes setup a hassle.

By Ben on - Mar 29, 2011

Perfect Item

I have to say that this is one of those units that you setup and forget about it deals. They are VERY good to have makes your reefing experience so much more easier and fun.

By MICHAEL GOMEZ on - Mar 23, 2011


Great product. could use better instructions but not too bad!

By MANUEL GUZMAN on - Mar 4, 2011

Excellent Product!!

Love the product, simple set up, everything came updated. This is controlling the ATO, light in my sump, the skimmer (for feeding have it set to turn off so I don't always have to unplug my skimmer), and have the PH and OPR probes. Only two complaints; one, being there are no directions, not to hard to figure out, but would still be nice to have a heads up, especially to make sure your calibrating everything correctly. Secondly, my PH probe doesn’t stay calibrated; through they are working with me through Email to try to resolve the issue. ORP probe seems spot on, I just think I have a defective PH probe. Other wise this would have gotten 5 Stars.

By Bill on - Feb 4, 2011


No product ever bought for my tank has affected me like the purchase of my RKL. Big bang for your bucks, guaranteed. There is no better $99 purchase on the market, period! Get one, it does everything. It will change the way you keep tanks.

By cbianco on - Dec 28, 2010

Reefkeeper lite

This has got to be the best money spent in the 10 years I've kept my satwater aquarium. I make as much equipment as I can myself because this hobby is so expensive and have avoided the aquarium controllers because 4 to 5 hundred dollers to get started is ridiculous! Recently both of my heaters failed. Both of the titanium elements still work, but to replace the heaters cost more than this controller and it does way more. I just cut the heating elements off and wired them together and plugged them into one of the outlets and programed temp.. problem solved. With that one $99 purchase I now control temp within .1 of a deg. and turns a fan on and off that I used to have do myself and controls my lights including turning off my MH's if temp gets to high. I will be adding more of the plug bar modules soon and pitching all of my digital timers that I constantly have to readjust!

By WILLIAM RENKEN on - Dec 18, 2010

Great value for your money.

The ReefKeeper Lite is a great tool for any aquarium. I'm using it to control my lights, dosing pumps, and I have my return pump and in tank powerheads hooked up so that feeding time is a breeze. The quality of the unit is top notch and the programming is as simple as it could be.

By WLL D on - Dec 14, 2010

Great Controller

Well I finally bought this controller and man it is great. Took alittle time to figure out the programing but it's pretty simple once you get the jest of it.I also just did the new update and loaded the ne MyReef program on my laptop. This controller is well worth the price, lots of controll and expansion. I just love it.

By Blk822822 on - Dec 12, 2010

Excellent Basic controller

I really like the ReefKeeper Lite because even though it is lacking some on the functionality of the higher ended controllers it gets me into a new level of control of my aquarium without breaking the bank. What is nice is that as my wants and needs grow the RKL will grow with me. I have found it pretty easy to get set up and programmed and where I have needed help Digital Aquatics has an excellent support forum where all my questions have been answered quickly and got me what I needed. The level of control offered by the basic unit is excellent without adding on any of the other modules. Yes by the time I have added the modules I really want I may have spent a few dollars more but I just didn't have the initial cash in hand to put out $400 and this way I really only get what I really need.

By DON SANCHEZ on - Dec 3, 2010

Awesome toy for the tank

I went with the RK lite to control my lights and temp for my tank and it serves its purpose. The site has the lowest price I found so I went with them. Overall good price good product

By MrReefer on - Nov 8, 2010


One of the best products that I have purchased for my reef tank. I wouldn't be able to keep my temperature steady without it.

By Reefer on - Nov 7, 2010

I Like it!

Set up was easy and fairly fast. I upgraded the firmware on the head, the 2 PC4's and the SL1 and it was easy. It took me a few days to get comfortable with the programming. But now it is running great. It runs everything I want. The only thing I might do down the road is buy a Net module.

By CECIL HARKEY on - Aug 8, 2010


For a first time user I am delighted with this controller. Plugged 3 metal halides in and since we have occasional short power outages, the memory feature has eminated having to use timers that need to be reset. The temperature probe is a great backup. I have not had time to really spend much time programming functions but certainly plan to replace my old pH and salinity monitors as well as add another power block for more items. I will agree instructions are poor but emailing or calling DA for advice is a good experience.

By DENNIS HALL on - Jun 29, 2010

Great device at a great price

This is a great device. The peace of mind that it provides for temperature control alone makes it worth the cost. It will keep temps within two tenths of a degree. You can set audible alarms if temperatures are out of your specified range. I am using a fan and home air conditioning to keep the tank temperature down, but I have no doubt a chiller would be as well controlled. I added the NET module too. That was a little more challenging as they were upgrading hardware and software at the same time. Nonetheless, it proved to be valuable as well. I noticed the next day that the temperature had fallen a couple of tenths lower than expected overnight. When I investigated, I discovered that I had neglected to plug in the heater after the software upgrade.

By GREG F on - Jun 28, 2010


I purchased the reefkeeper lite 1 month ago and have been dealing with a problem which causes my lights to flicker when using the wavemaker on the switchable outlets. The only way to get the new Koralia Evo's to work with the units wavemaker is to plug them into channels 1 and 4. I have my lights plugged into channels 2 and 3. When the lights are off they will flicker on every time the unit powers on the pump. I have my wave timer set at 3 seconds so this happens a lot. I emailed the company about it and never received a response. I then posted on their forum and was told this was a known issue. When I asked if this would be fixed in the future they never replied. Bottom line if you are going to use the wavemaker with powerheads whatever you plug into the other outlets will receive power when the pumps are turning on and off. I'm pretty disappointed in the customer service as well.

By ERIC on - May 20, 2010

Keeping Control

Great unit, well worth the money. If you were buy timers to match this unit you would not only have a lot of clutter but still would be missing the temp, time, and other good stuff.

By CARLOS CRUZ on - May 6, 2010

RKL Plus

The RKL is literally one of the best purchases I have made in support of this crazy hobby. The system is well designed , of high quality and very cool to look at. Not having to pull plugs on pumps during feeding cycles is a major plus and this thing does so much more than that. The RKL Plus is one of the best buys in the DA product line, since you get two PC4s, enough for me to control just about everything including lights. Finally, I can't say enough about DA's support staff. They are very responsive and knowledgeable. Very highly recommended!

By STEPHEN GOREY on - Apr 19, 2010

RKL Level 1

I got the RKL mainly to control dosing pumps and top-off and eventually expand upon. Digital Aquatics has a great support forum that I recommend you scan through while waiting for your package to arrive. The setup went smoothly and everything made sense to me as I was setting it up. The one downfall I found is that only 2 out of the 4 outlets on the PC4 are controlled by relays. The other 2 outlets have problems switching off when using low wattage pumps like my dosing pumps. I solved the problem simply by using the relay outlets to control my low power drawing dosing pumps. Overall this product is well worth the money and is hard to beat its price when compared to other controllers. I would recommend this product to anyone with aquarium.

By Joel on - Apr 4, 2010

Incredible Value

I replaced a very flakey heater controller with this unit. For about the same price as a heater controller, you get so much more! With the Level 1 kit, I replaced not only my heater controller, but two light timers as well. I use it to control the heater, turn on the fans when needed, and it can even shut off my MH lights if the tank temp gets too high. Incredible value for the price!

By Reefer on - Mar 22, 2010


Well worth the money, does everything it says it can do and it was very easy to program(took me like an hour to get all 4 sockets set up). I would recommend this product to anyone in the hobby looking to go to the next level.

By JOSEPH KOZLOWSKI on - Mar 10, 2010

Nice Unit

This controller was easy to set up from updating the firmware to controlling the modules, alarms and timers. The display can be set as bright as you want for daytime and nightime. Setting up my heaters, lights, pumps, skimmer and lights was a breeze. The manual is lacking but you can get the new manuals online for the new updates to the controller and modules

By MARVIN ZEIGLER on - Mar 8, 2010

Solid product

I bought this unit simply to organize my electrical outlets on my reef setup. I am setting up a 90 gallon reef with sump and would have ended up using about 5 timers for everything in my setup. Instead of spending more money on good timers I decided to buy this unit. I can say that so far it is just what I expected it to be. It has simplified the design of my electrical system tremendously and the temp probe makes me feel much safer about the temperature of my tank, as I have had more than a few heaters run away on me in the past. I do understand why people have such a difficult time programming the unit though. I am a CNC programmer and I even had a few simple issues(my own fault) that I had to work through. My advice; remember you are working with a a machine when programming it, it is stupid. It will not turn on if you don't tell it to, and you need to remember that, it would be like reminding a person to breathe every few seconds. It must be told even the most simplest of things to do. The only reason for the four stars is the fact that I had to update the firmware on both modules first thing when I received the unit, which wasn't the problem. The update was free on the website but was not easy to find. You had to go to the forums about the product and find the download for this unit. The website could have a link on the initial page for updating your firmware, not buried on one of the forum pages.

By JOHN BUNTON on - Mar 6, 2010


I'm a fan of computer equipment and reefs and the one thing I've learned is that everything is expensive..and if it's cheap theres a reason...for instance my cheap hydor theo heater that overheated and killed half my reef. So when I got a new heater and decided I wanted it on a controller I found that this $100 reefkeeper was barely more than a standard temperature controller...yet offers flexible control for 4 outlets right out of the in addition to being a great two stage temp controler it can control my lighing. Plus it has hardware for firmware updating. Naturally I assumed there is a catch...guess what...there isn't! Maybe they just want to you become addicted at $100 so you'll buy module that will text you give you online access to your system...more But who cares...just the base system for $100 is amazing value!

By BRENNAN MOHRING on - Feb 24, 2010

Good Controller, Great Price.

I just recieved my Reef Keeper Lite L3 a few hours ago. It took me about 1 hour to set up and figure out how to work the unit. Calibrating the PH probe was a breeze but I had to look online for instructions on how to do it. I recommend looking through Digital Aquatics forums while waiting for your unit to arrive so you can have a heads up on what to expect. The Unit came with no instructions and this is the reason why I gave it 4 stars. Other than that, this is a very nice controller that does what it is supposed to do and at a reseanable price.

By New York Styles on - Feb 24, 2010

Great for NC

My Nanocube 12 is now under control. Perfect! wavemode is super Cool plus my temperature stays under 84 even tho my home might get 88+ without AC. The instruction booklet is terrible. I dont understand anything in that book. Took me 2 hours to figure out all the modes. Great product poor instruction

By Hong on - Feb 16, 2010


this item is exactly what I was looking for! everything I needed controlled is in check. thanks for everything

By KIRK on - Jan 21, 2010


The product works excellent I can control basically all for my tank(125g)I like a lot. I don't give a five star because the instruction are not good especific they need to inprove that. I recommended

By MIGUEL VALLE on - Jan 6, 2010

Great Controller

Great Controller, Terrible Manual More than sufficient for most, with numerous advanced features. Easy to setup and mostly easy to configure. The only real negative about this product is its poorly designed and implemented manual. Details on how to configure "Standby" or how to properly calibrate the pH probe are lacking, and DA's help forum could use some more work too.

By SEAN IRWIN on - Dec 17, 2009

Nice product

This is a great entry level contoller that does just whatn I need it to. I just wanted something to keep my temp consistent and to keep my lights on a regular interval without having to take up lots of room with timers. The only reason i am not giving this 5/5 is becuase of the price of the PC4's, $80-$90 for an additional PC4 is a bit extreme and the price should come down. Other than that, I highly recommend this product for any simple reef or fish only aquariums.

By TYLER on - Dec 15, 2009

Fantastic product!

I am an intermediate reefer and the Level 3 has met my needs perfectly. With the limited outlets I combined like items (ex. PC lights all on one outlet) but I had enough for my Metal Halides, PCs, Moon lights, Heater, Fan, Sump, Skimmer, power head. The biggest complaint that I read was the manual was hard to follow. The manual is a little vague for programming but if you read the description of what is function is and it parameters, it is very easy and flexible. There are sample programs for common items on the support discussion board if needed. I especially like the alarm function which I have programmed to turn my MH off if the tank gets is too warm from fan failure. Controller holds temperature +/- 0.1 from set point. Fantastic product.

By MATT on - Dec 10, 2009

ReefKeeper Lite

It works really well and as advetised. It keeps my temp right at 78. Has different settings for the fan, heater, and light. Once it's programmed you don't have to worry. It does alot more that I do not use at the moment. It's a bit difficult to program right out of the box though and I had to call technical support a couple of times. They are friendly and helpful. The only drawback is the lack of documentation to operate it. ONce you get it down though it's fairly easy and the online support is ok to.

By Omahaone on - Nov 29, 2009


Great features and controls. Terrible manual, took a while to figure out how to use it. Great product.

By JAMES GIESE on - Sep 28, 2009

Super highly recommend

This is a fabulous item. One you won't be sorry you purchased! I'm mechanically challenged and the directions were a bit confusing...but just go to the Digital Aquatics website forums and you will get all the answers you need, already written, to get this thing working for you. Piece of cake. I love it!

By G. on - Sep 19, 2009

Good buy

Great buy for the money. Runs my heater and chiller among other things, cant get that dual function cheaper. Expandable for my future needs.

By MARK DOMASZOT on - Sep 18, 2009

Great product!

I mostly got this because the thermostats that are built into heaters tend to go bad and are very on the wall in terms of accuracy, especially when they are in saltwater over a period of time...mine was taking my tank up to 84 degrees when I had it set at 78 and I didn't even know until my thermometer broke and I got a new one. Luckily I didn't lose any livestock. The way this comes into play is that it has its own temperature probe that is operated by the unit and it overrides the heater's own thermostat and controls the system's temperature accordingly. I have mine set to turn the heater on when it falls below 79.8 and turn off at 80 degrees. It has been doing what it's supposed to. So far, it's great! Also it could control pumps, lights, has alarms and is very upgradeable. I'm using it to control my actinics, daylights and moonlights and it programs everything down to the second. Very easy to use and program, would definitely recommend it to others and I am glad it was recommended to me! Kudos to Marine Depot for the super fast processing and shipping as well!

By Danny on - Aug 27, 2009


I have now ordered 3 of these. Thye are the perfect controller for my nano-reefs. Very easy to program and the customer support is way above average.

By OSCAR on - Aug 5, 2009

Bang for your buck

I didn't need my controller to run put a man in space just take care of temp (heater/chiller) and the timing on my lights. Wow did this lil guy deliver! easy to program and reasonable to upgrade later. If you are considering a RKL just buy it. you wont be disappointed.

By Jacob on - Aug 5, 2009


So glad I picked this up. Makes things so much easier. Love all the modules you can get too. I wish Marine Depot carried them. Would spend my money again on this item. I like that DA lets you trade in your Lite for an Elite and give you credit towards it. Great company. Again very pleased with my purchase.

By DANIEL NORMAN on - Jul 30, 2009


Really satisfied with this controller. Much, much easier to use and setup than the AC Jr. Already used up all 4 modules, so I can see upgrading to the Elite very soon. Tech support is super!!!

By RICHARD on - Jul 30, 2009

Pretty cool!

Really nice clean and easy unit to control your aquarium. I use it to control lights, heater and fans at this time. The time/date stays in memory after outages or if you disconnect the unit so the light timers don't shift. You can set a temp over which the lights go off in case of overheating. Another temp to trigger the fans on. A heater also can be controlled via the units temp probe providing better control with +/- 0.2F and customizable hysteresis range. Sound alerts available for any action. Standby mode for any outlet. Wavemaker function for 2 powerheads... would recommend!!

By LEONARDO RISTORI on - Jul 13, 2009

Great Product at a Great Price

Good product for the price. Build quality could be better as the unit and power strip are both made out of plastic versus the Reefkeeper2 which was made out of metal for the controller and power strip housings. All and all this is a keeper. I like that it is expandable too.

By ALEX B HATT on - Jul 13, 2009


very plug and play. it was a breeze to setup, mount and program. the programming language took me a minute or two to feel confident with, but it is very simple once you go through all the menus and options. the programming is 10x EASIER than on the aquacontroller jr. this controller also does more than the aquacontroller jr. i recommend it any day!

By MICHAEL JACOVINO on - Jul 7, 2009

Excellent Investment

This controller is a great inverstment for the bucks. I have it controlling my lights, hetater, fans and ATO... Very Pleased!

By JON E BUSCH on - Jul 6, 2009

Totally worth it

When I saw that DA had dropped these controllers to $99 I didn't even look at the features, I just clicked order. I'm so glad I did, I didn't even have a proper thermometer before, and now this thing is controlling my heater and a fan mounted above the tank, and my tank is staying between 78.1 and 79.1 always, because that's where I set it. It's so nice to have peace of mind at least that water temp is staying constant, not to mention that this thing is totally expandable, I'm looking to get another PC4 and an SL1 already. Totally worth the price for the features it comes with. You probably will have to update the firmware out of the box, but even this was made easy, I was able to do it in under an hour without ever seeing the DA website before the first night.

By Scott on - Jun 20, 2009

RKL Level3

I found the ReefKeeper Lite easy to setup and program. I like the clean simple design and black housing for the head unit. It looks good mounted on the outside of my stand and the controller gets the job done. DA provides excellent support via phone and online forum. I would recommend reading the DA forums before purchasing as I find the RKL manual to be missing many functional details and the controller itself has a few odd caveats. The only caveat I will list here is that you may need to plug your low power draw equipment (pumpspowerheads) into the higher amp rated outlets or you may have difficulty with them turning off when they are supposed to.

By BRAD DONDLINGER on - Jun 18, 2009

Perfect for simple reef

This is my first reef aquarium. I wanted a controller to help with all of the timer'ed items as well as to do simple controls like turning off MHs/turning on fans at a certain temperature, etc. The Reefkeeper Lite 3 does this and more. There are just enough outlets (many light fixtures have 3 plugs; heater is 1; return pump is 1; skimmer is 1; powerhead is at least 1; ATO is 1 = 8). You can of course choose to not plug in something to the Reefkeeper (for instance, if you use a Vortech MP40 powerhead, you may choose to plug this into your regular outlet since it has its own controller). The RKL fits on a smallish melamine (organizer section at home improvement stores) board which makes a nice "electrical panel" that can then be mounted in the cabinet or, in my case, outside of it and away from any water. The interface is a little confusing at first (at least for me), but after a few days, I got used to the logic it uses. I did receive a RKL with older firmware and had to have their Support help me through the update; they were extremely patient and nice about this. All in all, the product and support are excellent!

By Roxanne Bittman on - Apr 28, 2009

Great Controller!

Hooking up and programming the controller was a breeze! This is a great unit with more than enough configuration options to run all equipment and keep your tank stable. No more tinkering with equipment to get things just right. This does it ALL for you! I highly recommend this product if you are looking to automate your system.

By Mike Allen on - Mar 20, 2009


The manual could be a lot better. However, I must say the customer service to date has been excellent answering all questions. Ability to control so many items is huge load off the mind. Monitoring, PH, temp is great.

By JERRY CHURCH on - Mar 18, 2009