Petmate Deluxe Cat Fountain 50 oz Bleached Linen -- 1 Bowl

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This state of the art purifying waterer for your pets add oxygen, cools the water, and gets rid of unwanted bacteria. Quiet and economical automatic feeder. This large deluxe fresh flow fountain holds up to 50 oz. of water and contains non-skid rubber feet to ensure no slipping or moving of the machine when wet. Note: Charcoal inserts should be changed every 60-90 days Dimensions: 13.5 x 9 x 7


Product Title: Petmate Deluxe Cat Fountain 50 oz Bleached Linen -- 1 Bowl

Manufacturer: Petmate

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Its ok

My cat likes to drink out of the faucet. For her I wouldve rather bought a fountain that made a gurggling noise like one of the ones that pours as opposed to flows. Not only do I think it would encourage her to drink from it more but on the one I got, hair and dust gets stuck to the "slide" almost every day

By on PETCO - Mar 4, 2012

Good starter unit

3 cats 1 w urinary crystal probs. 2 like to drink from the tub and play w water...but get this it's filtered and incourages water intake even with wet food eaters. I would like to upgrade to a chrome one i saw in the store tho bc plastic allergies happen in older cats. With limited cash and not knowing if they'd use it i'm happy with this one for awhile.

By panaru on PETCO - Feb 26, 2012

Great answer

Our cat wanted to drink from the spiquot. The pet fountain was the perfect answer. He gets flowing, fresh water.

By Caroll on PETCO - Feb 9, 2012


The slide does not "snap" on as directed when the filter holder is in place. Without the filter holder, it does. Right now I have it assembled with the slide in place but not snapped in place. It's pumping, but the water flow is not optimal, and I can't be sure if all the water is passing through the filter. This product needs a redesign.

By sfct on PETCO - Jan 14, 2012

It works

This does work and I like it for the price, I just wouldn't choose this model again. There are a couple of things to take apart to clean it. For me, putting it back together has to be just right, or it will ALMOST work, but not quite. I would choose a different model of the same brand next time. The charcoal filters are relatively inexpensive too.

By Missyjmcbee on PETCO - Oct 4, 2011

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