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Plugged it in thought the plug didn't work it is that quite. The brand name speaks for itself. Thank you Lifegard and MarineDepot! Tim

By TIMOTHY MILLS on - Mar 11, 2014

Quiet One 4000

I was replacing a smaller Quiet One unit that I had, and it works great. Marine Depot shipped out this promptly, and my 80 gallon reef tank is happy again!

By DON on - Feb 16, 2014


this pump does the job but quiet not really its pretty loud. I was expecting something really quiet but it sounds like a blender on the lowest speed

By FRANCISCO LOPEZ on - Dec 5, 2013

durable & quiet

this put is built to last it has performed flawlessly for 2 years even when my sump ran low. i had a mag 7 it was so noisy i had to replace it i dont even notice the lifeguard pump running. I'm buying other pumps for various applications they will all be lifeguard pumps. 5 stars out of 5...

By JEFFREY ROBINSON on - Nov 22, 2013

Lifeguard aquatics quiet one

Excellent pump quiet and efficient good buy for the money

By CARLOS FRANCIS III on - Nov 20, 2013

Dependable and long-lasting

I've used a 1200 for my freshwater ATO for my reef tank for almost 7 years now, and it has been flawless. During the summer I'll go through 5-6 gallons of water a day, so this pump is cycling a few seconds every minute or so. Even when I've neglected to keep it fully submerged, it just keeps working. Very happy with this little guy.

By Bill Lee on - Aug 30, 2013

Not Quiet at All

This was a replacement for an original Quiet One pump that actually was quiet. This new one is so loud that I will not use it and keep it just as a backup. I have taken the impeller out, checked everything and still shakes, rattles and makes tons of noise.

By STEVEN BERG on - Jul 15, 2013

Great pump for the price

I purchased this pump to replace an old dying mag7 that was getting too loud for my liking. This pump is fairly silent but becomes loud if you cut it back too much. I currently have this in a 60g cube 30g sump, and it puts out way too much flow for a tank this size! Consider what kind of plumbing you have before purchasing as it can be pretty powerful. Mine is on 1" pvc half way up until it splits to two separate 3/4" pvc outlets. FWIW, This pump is quiet enough for my liking and the performance is phenomenal! For the price, you can't go wrong. Oh, and it comes with 2 adapters... both are 1" MIP thread to 3/4" vinyl tubing.

By Nate on - Jul 6, 2013


Very happy with the Quiet one pump. I got my first quiet one 3000 pump about 2 years ago and still running strong. Starting up a new reef tank and will be running a Lifegard Aquatics pump. Best pump for the money.

By JOSH MITCHELL on - Jun 10, 2013

It is Quite!

I am very pleased with my Lifeguard Aquatics Quite One Pro Series pump. It is not only quite....but can move quite a bit of water. The pump I replaced was an Aqueon AQ1700. I used this pump to return water from my sump on my 29L mixed reef. Over the past 7 months the Aqueon developed an irritating vibration. I was unable to satisfactorily correct this issue. Additionally I recently added a JBJ Arctica chiller several weeks ago and the Aqueon's usefulness as a return pump came to an end. Needless to say, you will not be disappointed with the Lifegurad Quite One Pro Series pump. It not only offers generous adjustability but moves an outstanding amount of water quitely.

By THOMAS GULCYNSKI on - Apr 16, 2013

Great Pump

The pump is well built. I bought the 6000 for a 120g. The return goes through 4 90 degree turns and still pumps a ton of water. I actually turned the ball valve down a little to slow it down. It initially ran loud, but has since broken in and is no noisier than any other pump I've used. Took about a week to break in. I used a Mag pump prior that rusted so this has been a welcome addition and gives me piece of mind they haven't had rust issues in the past.

By BRIAN BADILLO on - Apr 5, 2013

quiet pump

It is a quiet pump i have it in my wet/dry sump & you can't hear it run.moves alot of water w/5ft of head psi.

By DOUG MILLER on - Mar 11, 2013

3-years and still going

I've had my quite one 3000 pump now for three years running on a 120 gallon tank. I still can't tell its running when turned on. My reef keeper turns it off twice a day for feedings.. I was a newbie 3 years ago when I started my tank, did a lot of things wrong to begin with EXCEPT!!! for this pump it just keeps running quietly... Great buy.. I will get another if this one ever quits

By BURDETT HEIDEMANN on - Feb 9, 2013

Lifegard aquatics 4000

They all claim to be quite but this one really is! Good flow! The only problem I foresee is no prefilter.

By SEAN KIRKEBY on - Nov 20, 2012

Lifegard Quiet One pump

Great product. This is my 2nd QuietOne pump and have had no problems. Very reliable pump and quiet.

By NEILSON VILLANUEVA on - Oct 12, 2012

Perfect no problems!!!!

I purchased two of these 3000's to mount on the outside of my sump and keep the heat out of the water. I drilled the holes and have 3/4" lines from the outlet to each bulkhead, I put them on a thick rubber pad to dampen any vibration and also the intake is 1" I did not reduce that at all for fear of more noise from starving the motor and all is working perfect, no to very little noise and great flow in my 72 gallon bowfront. Also the price is great!

By jeff reed on - Aug 27, 2012

Runs hot & not quiet

This pump runs hot. After changing it out for an EHeim 1262, the tank temperature dropped 2° F (ambient temp in the room 75°). I also have a Quiet one 6000 in a 20 gallon pre-mix tank in my garage. If I run that tank continually the temperature rises to over 90° F (ambient temp in the garage 75°). They are not quiet either. I didn't realize how noisy they are until I got an EHeim.

By GARY on - Jul 30, 2012

Great pump

Quiet, dependable and creates very little heat compared to my old circulation pump. This is a very high quality pump at a reasonable price.

By ROBERT on - Jul 28, 2012

Great pump.

Great pump, quiet, powerful and does not seem to add much heat to the water (submerged).

By SEAN OHARA on - Jun 24, 2012

All I run now!

I have used the Mags, rio, maxijet, aqeuon and eheim. For the price, performance and"electricity saved",I have switched my system completely to this line! The 4k is the older hh for my return from the sump, the 2200 is for AquaC EV120, and the 1200 running reactors and UV. I find the power amazing, and the 2200 blows the mag 5I had away! The energy consumed is minimal and I need heat to keep the tank at 78. Their performance continues to amaze! Excellent line!

By DAMO on - May 19, 2012

A excellent pump

This is my second Quiet 1 3000. It's one of the best pumps made today. Very quiet and efficient.Plus $ economical.

By MANUEL J VAZQUEZ DU VAL on - May 12, 2012

Great pump

Quite pump and great flow. good price.

By JOHN NICHOLS on - May 10, 2012

Great Pump

So far so good, only have had for a week, easy hook up and very quiet pefomance so far with hardly any noise. But as with most pumps, time will tell if it really is a good pump.

By PH on Marine Depot - Apr 18, 2012

Great Pump

So far so good, only have had for a week, easy hook up and very quiet pefomance so far with hardly any noise. But as with most pumps, time will tell if it really is a good pump.

By PH on Marine Depot - Apr 18, 2012

Wasn't impressed. Waste of $

I decided to buy this because I was looking for a more energy efficient pump. The reviews/info said it's quiet and has slightly more flow than my Mag Drive 9.5 but uses 15 less watts. Sounded tempting. This was not the case. It has much less flow than my Mag pump and is actually more noisy. It's touchy with noise too. For some reason I have to have it sitting tilted in my sump for it to run most quietly. Basically, this pump ended up being a noticeable downgrade when I was hoping for an upgrade. I heard they don't last long either. I'm sticking with my Mag pump and keeping this as a backup.

By JAMES COYNE on Marine Depot - Mar 18, 2012


good pump. quiet when submersed in water.

By RICH HANTGE on Marine Depot - Jan 9, 2012

Nice and quiet

Powerful silent and low energy consumption.

By ROBERT GANN on Marine Depot - Dec 28, 2011

good pump

This is my spare, I have the same model that I have been using for about 4 years. Runs a little warm, but thats why they make chillers. Really quiet like they say

By ROBERT MCCLINTON on Marine Depot - Dec 8, 2011

Lifeguard 6000 pump

Excellent product

By ROGER KUBISCHTA on Marine Depot - Nov 17, 2011

Quiet aquarium pump

I had a similar pump for almost 4 years, it was time to get a new one, they are good, very reliable, quite and very economical. I have a 125 gallons salt water tank with fish and coral. Delivery of the item was withing a cuple of days.

By MARIO DAROSA on Marine Depot - Nov 12, 2011

Very quite

replacement pump for a jbj 24g nano cube

By DAVID BERGMAN on Marine Depot - Nov 9, 2011

good pump

I have a 90 gal. salt tank.This is my third pump like this in 10 years.This pump is very powerful and really guiet.We have the tank in the livingroom and cannot hear the pump at all.

By FRANK SANDIDGE on Marine Depot - Aug 26, 2011

Mixing Pump

We are using this pump to mix our saltwater in a 55gal barrel. This pump is great for the price, since it can be replaced completely. I would definitely recommend this pump, as it works quietly, efficiently, and is affordable.

By RYAN MATCHETT on Marine Depot - Aug 8, 2011

Awesome Pump!

Great pump! The name really says it all, it's quiet. Very quiet. I'm currently using it as submersible, I haven't tried it as external yet.

By ischmid on Marine Depot - Jul 13, 2011


Has been a great pump - have four of them now!

By NEAL BOOK on Marine Depot - Jul 7, 2011

Value but not quality.

These pumps have good performance for their cost. They also look sturdy but unfortunately they are not as study as they look. In four years I have had one faied impeller and the new pump swopped it for sheered off the fitting into the mechanical filter where it entered the housing when I unscrewed the lid to the filter. So if you buy be careful in handling it.

By JAMES ANDREWS on Marine Depot - Jun 17, 2011

Quality Pump

I bought two of these and they work great. Virtually silent and pump alot of water at a 6" head.

By ROBERT FLOREY on Marine Depot - Apr 9, 2011

quiet one 4000HH

Switched out a smaller quiet one pump to the 4000HH as a main sump pump and to push water through a canister water polisher. This pump tripled my water flow with no additional noise in a small saltwater set up. Highly recommend the pump.

By KEVIN on Marine Depot - Mar 19, 2011

Mo Flo

Replaced a Quiet One 3000 with this Quiet One 6000 to get more flow, and that is exactly what I got. I think the fact that I purchased another pump of the same brand tells you that I was happy with Lifeguards reliability and performance. Quietness was a concern of mine and I wasn't disappointed, although the 6000 is a little louder it isn't nuisance.

By JAMES GAMMON on Marine Depot - Mar 6, 2011

Queit but...

Pump runs quiet but it generates alot of heat. Even with a fan blowing on the pump, it is still hot.

By Steve on Marine Depot - Nov 24, 2010

Great Quiet Pump

Great perfect...the best part for me is that the power usage is low.

By Ron on Marine Depot - Nov 8, 2010

I own 5 of these.

I have the 3000 model running on all 4 of my systems. Quiet, relieable. We get power outages here, and I have an automatic generator. When an outage happens, the power is off for a minute before the generator kicks in. These pumps have never failed to start back up. They are quiet and consume little electricity. I have some inside the sump and some outside. Never had a problem, and it has been a couple of years since I started using them. I have 4 running saltwater, and one for a backup sits on the shelf.

By clownfish breeder on Marine Depot - Oct 11, 2010

Love this pump

I've run this pump on many tanks and love it. It's quite versatile, and affordable! No flaws.

By JAQUIN ALIPRANDO on Marine Depot - Oct 11, 2010

what a joke!

if you want to see a pump that disintegrates in your had , this is the one to get! bought one from petsmart to mix saltwater and ended up find the salt made the pump flake plastic bits off it and eventually metal. i gave it the benefit of the doubt and bought another. same exact thing happened. i had to throw the water out along with this crappy unreliable pumps. ive also heard the failing in sumps/tanks also. for something that looks so good its a big disappointment

By DAN ROOS on Marine Depot - Aug 18, 2010


I have the pump set up outside the sump of my wet dry and it puts so much air into the tank it's hard to see anything.

By Steve on Marine Depot - Aug 1, 2010

These pumps are junk!

I purchased the 1200 model about 6 months ago. This pump was used externally for my 1/4 chiller. The pump performed great for the first 3 months. The pump froze up and by doing so allowed my temps to reach 86 degrees. I inspected the pump and it was clean to my surprise. I put it all back together and it ran fine until last week when it stopped again. Upon inspection the magnet impeller was swollen and was difficult to remove. This is the first and last Lifegard pump I will buy. Spend the extra 10-20 dollars on a better pump.

By RUPERT on Marine Depot - Jul 20, 2010

Good stuff

Nice pump thus far, i have been running it for about a week. Its fairly quite i would not call it dead quiet as there is an audible hum, but i dont think you can get 100% silence from any pump. Also there are a few 90 degree turns on the way back up to my tank which add head pressure so the pump is doing well for what it has to push. I would recommend getting it away from all walls of the sump as the hum likes to get into that as well and radiate even louder. I would like to see bigger rubber feet, the ones included are quite small and very hard, i think this is one of the reasons its not as quiet as it could be. Overall im satisfied, ive had no problems starting it up after turning it off. Its one of the best bangs for the buck with the amount of water it pushes.

By CHRIS LANSMAN on Marine Depot - Jul 9, 2010

do your research!

i started with two mag pumps in my sump, a 7 for my aquaC ev skimmer and a 9.5 for my return. within three hours the temp on my tank shot to almost 85 degrees! i came to realize the watts used has relationship with heat put into your tank. the quietone 3000 and 4000 use half the amount of watts for flow generated compared to any other pump(eheim, mag, etc). make a story short my tank runs at 78-79 with these two quiet one (3000/4000) pumps and no other cooling measures needed versus the mag pumps that i started with.

By jon on Marine Depot - Jun 15, 2010

Quiet one 1200

pumps well. Is very quiet. running pump outside of my aquarium for my chiller.

By CLAYTON SIDDENS on Marine Depot - May 15, 2010

Reliable workhorse

This pump is quiet but not silent. I use it for a water feature sculpture that I hang on a wall in a commercial office building. It works well - I ordered this one to serve as a back-up for an identical one that I have been running for a couple years. No complaints.

By GEORGE FELT on Marine Depot - May 1, 2010

lifeguard quiet 1

Pump operates well, but the first one I had cracked a housing 14 months after I bought it. The pump motor is warrantied for 5 years, but the housing only has a 12 month warranty. Now I know why.

By DR BEN on Marine Depot - Apr 22, 2010

This thing can move some water

I used a 1" hose and built a SUPER filter for my 55 gal turtle tank. There is only about 30 gal in there and this thing blows a solid stream out of that 1" pipe no BS. It is fairly quiet and i like the submersible aspect. Also it is remarkably small considering the power. For the price, I cant imagine getting any better of a product!

By ADAM SMITH on Marine Depot - Apr 21, 2010

You get what you pay for

This is the first time I purchased a pump I wasn't familiar with, based in part on the low price. I won't make that mistake again. Red flag one, not self priming. That should have stopped me in my tracks. Now I have it, it's noisy and the build quality is really sub-par. Never again.

By SCOTT on Marine Depot - Mar 24, 2010


I had a quiet one 4000. I maintained this thing perfectly for 4 months and I shut it down for tank maintenance it wouldnt restart until I switched it on and off a couple times. It wouldnt restart at all a couple weeks later. DONT BUY IT.

By TODD SAWASKY on Marine Depot - Mar 17, 2010

Aquatics Quiet one pump

Works great on my 55 gallon tank

By FCB on Marine Depot - Mar 12, 2010

good for the price

I bought this as a return from my sump, flow volume is as expected at 3foot head pressure, sometimes it tries to run backwards and I have to flip the switch a couple of times. Just a minor annoyance. other than that its great.

By TERRY WRIGHT on Marine Depot - Feb 21, 2010

Lifeguard quiet one 6000

I have had several of these pumps. They seem to work reliably for as long as I have operated them and with minimal maintenance. This one is quieter than my last with the exception of the fact that in my closed loop aplication, I must restrict the output to calm cavitation noise that seems to be happening at the impeller. I guess if I decrease restance on the inlet, it might stop.

By EVAN KAMIEN on Marine Depot - Feb 7, 2010

Average pumps

I am using a 3000 to run my chiller and a 6000 as my return pump to the Display tank. Both are in the sump and don't seem to cause any heating problems. Neither pump starts right back up after the power goes off or I switch them off. They always come back on after hitting the switch a few times.

By BOB ANDREWS on Marine Depot - Jan 25, 2010

Greart Product

I have the QuietOne 800 and 1200 as refugium pumps for a 55 gallon reef. They are QUIET, LOW VIBRATIION, LOW ENERGY, and submersible or not even the 1200!! Personally I am beginning to like QuietOne and MaxiJet Utility as my favorites for quality. I have had a Rio and its noisy, Sen was noisy also, and despite the renowned reputation for Mag it has been outsourced to China, is loud and created heat

By DAVID WILLIAMSON JR on Marine Depot - Jan 25, 2010

Bad pumps

I bought two Quiet one 4000 pumps, used them for 1 month and both of them will not restart.

By RAND RUTLEDGE on Marine Depot - Jan 12, 2010

Lifegard 1200

Very pleased. Compact, very quiet and really liked the threaded fittings that allowed me to adapt it.

By CHARLES HENRY on Marine Depot - Dec 23, 2009

4 star

well made,quiet,no leaks.

By MICHAEL HYNES on Marine Depot - Dec 16, 2009


I have had this pump (Model 3000) run for about 3 months now, and it will not always start if power is cycled. I have to cycle the power about 3 - 4 times before it "catches". My heaters are in the sump so I need to get something more reliable.

By ARJUNA K on Marine Depot - Oct 7, 2009

Not quiet enough !

If you want to have a quiet pump, don't buy this one. The power is good but noise is high !

By SUELI DA SILVA on Marine Depot - Oct 6, 2009

No Head

This pump is not reliable. I used it to fill my water change reservoir which is only 4 1/2 feet tall. After just three months, it could not even pump the water up to the top of the reservior. The specs are very misleading, it says there is 10' head. For me, after three months the head was 3 1/2 feet before any water would come out of the outlet hose. Very pathetic. I also had the 4000 which stopped running after only one year. Don't buy this product if you need any kind of head pressure at all.

By The Laws on Marine Depot - Sep 20, 2009


Have this pump in a freshwater fountain for about a year and in broke for absolutely no reason. Additionally, the flow adjustment is awkward and not easy to adjust (it sticks). I am extremely disappointed with this pump.

By DEREK W on Marine Depot - Sep 11, 2009

The Loud One

I purchase two of these pumps,4000HH and a 6000. The 4000HH needed a new impeller right out of the box. Would not recommend this product to anyone, very loud and does not have the flow rated I need. At 12ft only get 300GPH with the 6000, very disappointed in the product. I have purchased a mag 12 and a mag 24. Looks likethe Quite One pumps will be used for water changes or be placed on Ebay.

By BubbleMiester on Marine Depot - Jun 16, 2009

The Loud One

I purchase two of these pumps,4000HH and a 6000. The 4000HH needed a new impeller right out of the box. Would not recommend this product to anyone, very loud and does not have the flow rated I need. At 12ft only get 300GPH with the 6000, very disappointed in the product. I have purchased a mag 12 and a mag 24. Looks likethe Quite One pumps will be used for water changes or be placed on Ebay.

By BubbleMiester on Marine Depot - Jun 16, 2009


I tried two of these pumps. Both were noisy. I ran dry, maybe they work better submerged.

By SHAYNE WHITE on Marine Depot - Apr 12, 2009


For the cost, size and low power consumption you can't beat it. A lot of people say they're unreliable and won't restart after a power failure. I must say that I have come home after several power failures to find my system running like a charm. Only once have I ever even been able to witness the no restart malfunction, and it was while I was testing an overflow design that wasn't working so well, so I'm thinking maybe if you have a higher amount of head pressure on the outlets then it may not restart. Don't know.... But otherwise I love that it only uses 40 watts, it's insanely quiet compared to my skimmer, and puts out good flow.

By ZACHARY on Marine Depot - Mar 10, 2009


This is a nice pump. It works well. It has 1" outlet but it also comes with a 3/4" adapter making the installation to my system easy. I have been running a 780gph rio pump and I wanted more water flow. I was disapointed, the water flow is about the same and the old rio pump is quieter than the rainbow lifegard pump.

By WILLIAM VALLE on Marine Depot - Feb 22, 2009

Versatile Product

Very compact unit, seems well built, has a large flow volume for its size. I am pleased with its performance. I adapted it for my tile cutter and it works great.

By DAN SCHNEIDER on Marine Depot - Feb 11, 2009

Quiet one

The first time I started the pump, I had to bump start the impeller and it was pretty loud. I gave it a day and longer it ran the quieter it got. It starts every time I plug it in and I can't even hear it. Great pump. Makes my Reef Devil skimmer work better then ever and I hate clamps so I really like the threaded output. PVC fitting matches so plumbing is safe and easy.

By Matt Barry on Marine Depot - Feb 7, 2009

fatal flaw

I had trouble keeping the lid on over the impeller, as the hose would pry it off. Can't take any sideways pressure. Had to send it back. Would be OK if there is no sideways tension on the outflow hose.

By DOUG on Marine Depot - Feb 2, 2009

This is Junk

Poor design my pump leaks on the SUCTION SIDE I must keep a towel under it. I can not take it apart because it is siezed on the threads. DONT BUY THIS PUMP the company is a ghost no phone number or tech support for parts or inquiries. JUNK!!!!!

By LAYTON MCGAW on Marine Depot - Dec 22, 2008

Great Product

I had my last one 3 years, and I had it on 24/7 except to feed our fish.

By A Myers on Marine Depot - Dec 12, 2008

nope, won't recommend

have this pump, running for 6mo and cuts out. attached to a chiller and a pentair af94 and af93. Runs hot and transfers quite a bit of heat. quiet? yup. reliable? nope. Recommend? nope.

By TODD MAKIYAMA on Marine Depot - Oct 31, 2008

Great Pump

I have used several pumps before coming across this one. My tank resides in my TV room so the noise level is really important that it be minimal so my family can still enjoy TV. Quietest pump I have ever used. Works great. I had one of these 10 years ago but forgot just how quiet they are. Thanks Rainbow for making such a quiet pump.

By TERRY H on Marine Depot - Oct 15, 2008

It's, well, quiet

Runs quiet and efficient, great return pump for my smaller tank.

By Paul Barulich on Marine Depot - Oct 2, 2008

great pump

I purchased this pump to run my skimmer and it works great. Much quieter than the Rio that I had before and for a great price!

By TRACI F. on Marine Depot - Aug 26, 2008

pump no good

after 7 months: the impeller went out. can not find anyone who sells repair parts. I will not buy this model again.

By MIKE ELSKES on Marine Depot - Aug 23, 2008

Too small for 75gal

This pump is not as strong as I had hoped. The GPH sounds good was not nearly as strong as I had liked. I added an oversized power head to help the flow in my tank but I still wish to upgrade the pump for more overflow filtration.

By BRADLEY FIORENZA on Marine Depot - Jul 21, 2008

Awesome Pump

I haven't had one problem with this pump(knock on wood)! It does its job as I expected it to.

By JAROD SIGMUND on Marine Depot - Jul 15, 2008

Quiet one 5000

Ive had experience with a few quiet one pumps and they are are very quiet and just great overall!

By MIKE F on Marine Depot - Jun 19, 2008

1 Year Life on Light Duty

I bought a Quiet One 3000 to pump water from my RO reservoir to my aquarium and my wife’s pond via a hose attachment. Under this light duty (ran perhaps once a week) the pump lasted right at one year before it seized up. I can get a replacement impeller but the impeller doesn’t appear to be the problem. I can't in good conscience recommend Quiet One pumps on this experience but I did like the fact that the pump came with accessories to run both wet and dry. Now if it would just run at all.

By BOB WOMBLE on Marine Depot - Jun 13, 2008

Poor Choice

I have a 6000 and it rarely restarts and calcifies easily because it runs so hot. I have to disassemble and clean it at least once a month. I can't recommend this pump. I'm forced to use it because of space restrictions.

By BRANDON DAVIDS on Marine Depot - May 13, 2008

Loud One

Of the three pumps I have, this one is by far the loudest. I got is specifically because I figured a pump called "Quiet One" would actually be quiet. Took the noise level in my sump from "barely noticeable" to "can't ignore." Do not get this pump for an indoor application. That being said, it pumps well.

By JEREMY HOLOVACS on Marine Depot - Mar 24, 2008

the best

I've had my 3000's for 5 years in sump returns,the best returns pumps made for the money one of them is starting to make this buzzing sound makes me think this might be time to replace it. If you want to be a elitist dont buy this pump. if you want some thing that will work for years with no issue's at all get this pump.

By Nomad Rhodes on Marine Depot - Mar 23, 2008

Nice Pumps

I've now purchased my second Quiet One. My 4000 has been running for about 8 months now. I love them both and have never had a single issue with them. I can't think of any negatives for doesn't match the color of my sump...oh wait it does.

By NICK VANDER SYS on Marine Depot - Mar 5, 2008

Rainbox Lifegard

This is a Very Quiet Pump and runs very good.

By DONALD MCCUDDY on Marine Depot - Mar 2, 2008

Rainbow lifegard 6000

Excellent and quite as expeceted from Rainbow Lifegard. Always my favourite.

By SAMUEL HO on Marine Depot - Jan 30, 2008

Good & Small

This quiet one 1200 is a good product. The price is resonable, size is very compact, pumping is strong, it's almost 300GPH, power effecient, not only save money for the long run, but also less heat into the water. One more, it's quiet.

By MARVIN CHANG on Marine Depot - Jan 16, 2008

Great for lifeguard filter

This pump came with the lifeguard advanced filtration kit. It sits underneath my 54 gallon bow front reef tank, taking water from the intake and pushing it through the lifeguard micron filter, then through the lifeguard chemical filter, and lastly through a 1/15hp chiller before returning to the tank. I have had it for a year now, sitting underneath on a folded towel - no problems at all, and it has always been quiet, although i imagine if i had it sitting straight on the wood there would be some vibration noise.. but its very quiet as set up.

By ECKHARD on Marine Depot - Jan 12, 2008

Strong, quiet little pump

This is a very nice pump that comes with fittings for both dry and sub. (wet) uses. The adapter for dry use converts it over to 1/2 MPT (male pipe thread). There is also two barbed hose fittings so you can go directly to a flexible hose. The submersible fitting which is shown in the product picture is adjustable and does work. The only down side I can find is that the fittings are hard to swap out for the submersible and non-submersible. It is a very tight fit and you have to use something to help you lock it in place.

By dogsoldier on Marine Depot - Jan 11, 2008

Do not trust

I have three of these pumps and they all have the same problem - not starting after power failure. If you love your livestock get a different pump for you return. I've tried cleaning the magnet with every cleaner but whatever it is - will not come off and I believe that is the problem. Either go with an external pump or try a different brand.

By CeeKaye on Marine Depot - Dec 5, 2007

Great little pump

This pump works really well. I've always had good experiences with Quiet One pumps. They're fairly cheap in price, but they work really well and reliably. I was going to use this as a feed for my chiller and phosphate reactor all in one, but ended up using the Quiet One 1200 for that, and the 800 as a salt mixing pump. They both work great and very quiet. I've never had problems with them starting up either.

By kinetic on Marine Depot - Nov 29, 2007

Good pump!

I am running my Aqua C Remora Pro with this pump on a 190 gal. total system and it fills the collection cup every week with a thick greenish-brown sludge.

By STEVEN BONEBRAKE on Marine Depot - Nov 29, 2007


very nice pump. extremely quiet. would recommend.

By CHARLIE on Marine Depot - Sep 26, 2007

May not start

It may not start on is own after a power outage.. I run it on a timer 12 minutes a day in 2 min. intervals every 4 hours as a condensate pump. The "O" ring seal is too tight to dissasemble for routine maint. without breaking the housing. This is my second one because the system is plumbed for it.

By EDWARD GREENE on Marine Depot - Sep 4, 2007

low volume output

I have similarly rated pumps in terms of gallons per hour, and this one appears to pump less gph than similar pumps. Prefer my mag-drive 18, noise level on both is very low, cost is similar.

By EDUARDO GOMEZ LOPEZ on Marine Depot - Sep 1, 2007