Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Rena FilStar External Canister Filters xP2 9 in. X 9 in. X 11 in.

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The API FilStar XP Aquarium Canister Filter is technology for the millennia. These easy start self-priming aquarium filters provide efficient stage filtration. Patented anti-airlock system ensures continuous flow while the self-locking water shutoff system prevents any accidental water loss. Multi-stage bypass-free circulation ensures complete water flow through filter media. Multi-use filtration baskets with handles allow for easy maintenance. The longlife ceramic shaft will not degrade, even in saltwater. Extremely quiet operation. All aquarium filter models, including the API FilStar XP L, come complete with filter foam, Microfiltration Pad and Bio-Chem Zorb Pouch and a nozzle outlet. 160 degree rotation of inlet/outlet nozzles. Barbed nozzles and safety clips assure a watertight connection. 2 year manufacturer's warranty.

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fish filter type: cannister


Product Title: Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Rena FilStar External Canister Filters xP2 9 in. X 9 in. X 11 in.

Manufacturer: Aquarium Pharmaceuticals

Lowest Price: $99.99 from PetSolutions

Power Score: 4.5 | 92 Reviews

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API XP Canister Filter

Excellent product would buy again. I would get the best hose clamps that would be available locally. The plastic ones that come with the filter are not secure. There is no noise from the filter at all! The only reason for the 4 is that the hose clamps are iffy at best. I will buy this again for the rest of my tanks. I especially like the 4 tray filter options.

By KURT STUDIER on - Nov 7, 2013

Happy fish

After careful consideration and research chose the Filstar XP. Have had 2 Marineland cannister pumps in the past that worked fairly well until recently. The second one developed a leaking problem after only about 2 years. Decided to choose another brand. Set up for the Filstar XP was simple. The instructions were well written. Parts came as advertised. Start up was a breeze. Pump is very quiet....
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By BARBARA TRITT on - Sep 6, 2013

Works Great..

This works GREAT!! Got the 75 gallon unit for my Red Ear Sliders and it works well for keeping thier nasty tank clean. Ordered a second for the fish tank.. Only issue that keeps it from 5 stars is that it can be tough to prime. Ignore the directions, and put the pickup in the water. will save you a mess and lots of frustration.

By DAVID MILLER on - Apr 29, 2013

Watch out it LEAKS

The water leaks out at the electrical cord. The troubleshooting guid identifies the fix as the in n out water tubing must be putting too much pressure on the unit - but I keep trying to fix/adjust & nothing seems to work for more than a few hours. Anyone for water all over the floor? I didn't think so.

By DON SMITH on Marine Depot - Mar 9, 2012

Great filter at a great price

I bought my filter back in July of 2007 and it has been running strong for almost 5 years now. I love this filter. Easy to prime (have only had to do it the one time and never again after cleaning), never had any leaks, very quiet (I put mine on an old mouse pad to quiet it even more but it IS a very quiet filter). Well made, seals well, keeps the aquarium very clean, easy to clean and change...
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By carl87gt on PETCO - Jan 30, 2012

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