Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Rena FilStar External Canister Filters xP2 9 in. X 9 in. X 11 in.

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API Filstar XP Canister filters - (Formerly Rena XP Canister Filter) is now branded under the parent company API. Are you looking for a reliable and effective solution for filtering your aquarium, you have found it with Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Rena Filstar XP Canister Filter. This popular product features a wide range of benefits to the aquarium enthusiast including a multi-stage, by-pass free system. - For Fresh and Saltwater Aquariums - Includes all Filter Media, Tubing and Filter - 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty - Guaranteed self-priming unique anti-airlock system - Efficient 3-step filtration: Chemical Filtration, Biological Filtration and Mechanical Filtration Whisper quiet and ideal for many types of aquariums, the Filstar XP is great addition to any tank. It features strong flow rates, a large media capacity and elegant design. If you are looking for an easy to use, simple to maintain filter, you’ll be happy with the Filstar. Easy Installation:- Inlet tube with adjustable height- Modular outlet system allows customization to any set-up- Inlet/Outlet can be used together or at opposite ends of aquarium. Rena XP Filters provide Maximum Performance:- Large area for filtration media with separation grid allows for three stage filtration:Mechanical, Biological, and Chemical- Bypass flow through design ensures optimal flow through unit, not around it.- Low speed flow through filter allows maximum contact time with media- Unique sediment collection chamber for removal of solid wastes- Anti-Airlock automatically expels trapped air in the filter when starting unit Filstar XP S - (Formerly Filstar XP1):For aquariums up to 45 U.S. GallonsFlow rate output to 250 GPHMaximum Water Head - 47 (1.2 m)Power Consumption - 13 WattsDimensions - 9.5L X 8.5W X 10H Filstar XP M - (Formerly Filstar XP2):For aquariums up to 75 U.S. GallonsFlow rate output to 300 GPHMaximum Water Head - 55 (1.4 m)Power Consumption - 16 WattsDimensions - 9.5L X 8.5W X 14.75H Filstar XP L - (Formerly Filstar XP3):For aquariums up to 175 U.S. GallonsFlow rate output to 350 GPHMaximum Water Head - 63 (1.6 m)Power Consumption - 19 WattsDimensions - 9.5L X 8.5W X 17H Filstar XP XL - (Formerly Filstar XP4):For aquariums up to 265 U.S. GallonsFlow rate output to 450 GPHPower Consumption - 23 WattsDimensions - 13L X 9W X 17H Rena API Filstar XP Canister Filter: Filstar XP M - Formerly Filstar XP2 - (300 GPH - Up to 75 Gallons) #721 - Aquarium Canister Filters - Filter

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fish filter type: cannister


Product Title: Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Rena FilStar External Canister Filters xP2 9 in. X 9 in. X 11 in.

Manufacturer: Aquarium Pharmaceuticals

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