Reviews for JBJ 24G Nano Cube Deluxe 24-Gallon Aquarium Tank

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crummy connection tubes

Strengths: looks good-good water flow when pump is working

Weakness: pump, zip ties on tubes, difficult to work on without draining and disassembling!

One month after purchase the pump tube came loose and squirted water all over my floor. The zip tie was small and wimpy. I finally reattached it I thought it was tighter but then 3 weeks later it did it again then one week later it came loose again! The third time trying to fix it, the bottom tube came loose from the motor which was a nightmare. The cover has a TINY hole with a TINY rod that the cover must go onto. When I contacted JBJ they said to take the motor out and see if anything is lodged in it, the on line manual does not even show the parts to the MOTOR

By mamashann - Jun 6, 2006