Reviews for Ecoxotic ecoxotic Stunner LED Strips 48", 24W Color: Magenta/12000 degreeK White


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Stunner ?

I was expecting a deeper purple light to highlight my corals with my current actinic LEDs and this light is way too pink and not very bright. Not impressed

By BILL MEGINLEY on - Apr 30, 2014

Short Comings

This Strip gives off great lighting, but the reflective strips that are made for it should have came with it.

By HAROLD BRYANT on - Apr 9, 2014

Magneta strip

I like the light but was hoping for more magneta than what it gives. The video shows almost a pink dark color in the tank. Its nowhere like the video.

By STEVE LUNA on - Jan 20, 2014

no pop

I picked up a 453 to add "pop". Doesn't get corals to pop. Led strip is overpowered by t5 bulbs and MH definitely overpowers the strip. Overpriced and Dim.

By mike on - Aug 24, 2013

Great Product For The Money!

Having a 240g I switched from 4 96w PC bulbs to these and the stunner strips are amazing. Great shimmer, brings out the definition of the entire aquarium. 2 48" strips are a little dim (expected that) and the actnic is not quite blue more purple but it gives everything a crisp look. Ordering 2 more this week and my tank will be perfect.

By LUCAS CANTONI on - Jul 23, 2013


Just received the lights and from the first moment I fell in love with them

By EDWIN CRUZ on - Jul 21, 2013


Light works great , makes all the colors on corals pop.

By ELI GONZALEZ on - Jul 5, 2013

Very satitfied

Was as expected. Easy to install, runs hotter than expected but very happy with the added color. I'm using this along with the actinics ... not running with MHs because the MHs overpower them so it's just a waste of electricity.

By SANDRA WITT on - Oct 21, 2012

great light

i have 4 on my 90g and the shimmer affect is amazing i even have little rainbows dancing in random places on the bottom of the take very slim so they easy to fit anywhere and best of all make the color of your coral pop

By ROBERT BISHOP III on - Sep 21, 2012

Ecoxotic 48 Inch Stunner 24W L

I lost a T5 ballast and needed to retro the T5 space in a 48 inch fixture with LED. I decided to try a stunner strip and it was a great choice! Easily mounted with the supplied tape to the T5 reflector....plug~n~play!!!! Perfect to use alone for ramp and to supplement MH. One driver will power two 48" stunner strips so I'm going to add another soon. Adds super fluorescence and makes colors really pop. I don't know if these LED strips will grow coral by themselves but they are vastly superior to T5/PC/VHO for supplemental lighting.

By JOHN MOFFETT on - Aug 20, 2012


I just bought 2 of these and the shimmer is out of this world!! Im about to buy 2 more! I called Ecoxotic and they told me i need 4 to 5 to grow LPS and SPS corals. Im new in these LED light but i hope they work like they say they do.

By DON on Marine Depot - Oct 27, 2011