Bedside Platform Dog Bed

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With this raised dog bed you can give your dog a comfortable place to sleep without giving up precious room on your bed. Our solid pine platform elevates your dog’s bed to a height compatible with your bed, allowing you to sleep close together without crowding. The raised platform offers ample storage in the built-in drawer and under-bed compartment. Bolster bed mattress features 10-oz. pure cotton canvas with high-lofting polyester fill. Raised platform is sized to fit rectangular Classic and ToughChew® Dog’s Nests® in size large. Platform in cinnamon stain. Wooden steps have nonskid rugs on each step for secure footing; in cinnamon. Dog bed in sage. Dog bed cover is removable for washing. Bed made in USA. Platform is imported. Wooden steps not available.Dog bed platform: 47L x 33W x 23H; 4D well for mattress. Dog bed: 43L x 29W x 4D.


Product Title: Bedside Platform Dog Bed

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