Freedom Pet Pass Pet Door, Large

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If you've been thinking about getting a pet door, look no further! The Freedom Pet Pass Pet Door is the solution. The innovative design has a safe, flexible, draft-free single flap system, , which seals tight in all temperatures and keeps the weather outside where it belongs! When shopping for a pet door energy efficiency is a very important factor to consider.'re cutting a hole in your exterior door. The Freedom Pet Pass Door uses a PVC frame because aluminum results in heat loss and/or condensation build up. The doors come completely assembled and are made entirely of safe, durable, energy-efficient, non-toxic materials that enhance thermal performance, and save you money. The PVC frame can be painted with plastic spray paint to coordinate with your door and home. Doors are designed for easy installation, however, some homeowners may want to consult a contractor for installation. Each door features a self-sealing pet flap and independent flexible jam, lined with a high-energy rubber magnet. The durable thermal flap will not warp and is flexible, lightweight, safe, and easy for pets to use. The use of the magnets creates and maintains a wind resisitant seal that prevents drafts. The door has no mechanical or metal parts that can pinch or cut your pets. An EasyLock security door is included for use when you want to limit access. The security door is manufactures with a sturdy, acrylic panel in a high density plastic frame and can be locked into place. Oh....and did we mention you'll LOVE the convenience of a Freedom Pet Pass Door. With the Freedom Pet Pass Door your dog can let themselves out whenever they want. That means more freedom for your dog AND for you! Plus, no more scratching at the door and fewer accidents in the house. You'll likely find that having a pet door also reduces problem behaviors and keeps your pet more active. For more information and a closer look at the Freedom Pet Pass Door, please view the videos


Product Title: Freedom Pet Pass Pet Door, Large

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