Revolution for dogs 86- 130 lbs.

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Revolution is a topical liquid medication. It is used for flea prevention, heartworm prevention, and prevention and control of ear mites and sarcoptic mange. Applied once a month, conveniently on the skin. It may not be used on dogs less than 8 weeks old. Each product has 3, (once a month) applicators or 3 month supply. A prescription is required for this product. To order, place order below, and fax or mail us the prescription obtained from your veterinarian to our address on the INFO page. Fax to 800 905 6155. We will ship once we have received the prescription. Shipping will take place only after we recieved the prescription. This product will ship alone due to its nature. All other products will ship independently.


Product Title: Revolution for dogs 86- 130 lbs.

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