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The Innovative Way To Eliminate The Hassle Of Nail Grooming. Traditional Clippers Can Cause Painful Nail Splitting And Cracking. Its Rotating Filing Head Gently And Safely Files Your Pet's Nails To&Nbsp;A Smooth Rounded Finish. Plus, The Protective Cap Catches The Filings, So There Is No Mess! Your Pets' Nails Will Be At A Healthy Length And Your Home Will Be Safe From Scratches And Snags. For Small/Large Dogs And Cats Won't Crack, Splinter Or Break Nails Quiet Motor Cordless Fast, Easy And Gentle Made In China


Product Title: Trademark Global Pedi Paws Pet Nail Trimmer

Manufacturer: Trademark Global

Lowest Price: $13.99 from PetSolutions

Power Score: 3.2 | 37 Reviews

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Good for small dogs

I used to do professionally dog grooming and I can say that while this product is not professional grade, it is great for home use on small to medium sized dogs. For those of you complaining about how long it takes to cut the nails, you are letting the nails GROW WAY TOO LONG. You can't expect a dremel (even a pro one) to take 1/2" or more off the nail. If our salon, we always trimmed with a...
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By RachelandUgMug on PETCO - Mar 10, 2012

it worked well

My cat is hard to hold to brush and so thought this would be easier then a file, It was. The noise did not bother him at all. He did not pull away anymore then his normal behavior so yes i would recommend this.

By Angelrnob on PETCO - May 26, 2011

Low power

It's not rechargeable! and the power is very low. There are many other rotary tools that may work better. The bit cover is helpful for keeping the nail dust out of your face. I like that feature.

By MikeInOr on PETCO - May 21, 2011

Great buy!

Works great on my chihuahua! I was getting desperate when my pup wouldnt let me clip his nails and they were getting way too long. As a last option before paying for a groomer to do it i tried pedi paws. Phyll doesnt mind at all it almost seems like he likes it. The only trick I use is holding him as I do it, once he got used it it's been great and saved me so much money.

By Phyllsmom on PETCO - Apr 5, 2011

Keeps the dogs off the couch...

This thing takes ages in comparison to a regular set of clippers. Can't get either of my dogs to sit still long enough for me to file down their nails to the appropriate length (you have to file in short bursts, produces too much heat otherwise). Better off going with clippers, they're quicker and your dogs wont fuss as much.

By Calicoast214 on PETCO - Feb 3, 2011

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