Cabela's Nail Clipper Medium Dog Quick Finder

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Product Title: Cabela's Nail Clipper Medium Dog Quick Finder

Manufacturer: Cabela's

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Power Score: 2.9 | 10 Reviews

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Finally a product that makes it easy for me to cut my own dogs nails.....I just wish I could get my doggie to stop squirming!

By goodtimes619 on PETCO - Jun 29, 2011

Miracle coat quickfinder for dogs

Like the design. Haven't used yet. . .still building confidence in my ability. Sure the clipper will work. . .did one nail! Like it!

By LSD1 on PETCO - Aug 31, 2009

Just a gimmick

My husband and I were looking for a decent clipper for the small dog we have. When we tried to cut her nails they cracked off and did not cut properly. the light did not function properly. An expensive piece of junk...

By on PETCO - Apr 2, 2009

A: Does not work B: Does not trim

I bought in-store. I was concerned about paying $32 for the 'quick finder' feature if it didn't work. The friendly assistant asked someone in the back who said they'd sold a lot of these and had received no complaints. So I went ahead. They had no regular trimmers in stock and I needed a trimmer. The package recommended itself for my size dog. The quick finder mechanism in my trimmer basically...
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By plunkit on PETCO - Aug 8, 2008

Quick nail finder

I Like this item it is easy to use especially for people who don't know where the quick is.

By bordercollieslover on PETCO - Feb 6, 2008

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