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great results

My dog loves this food. It might be the fishy smell...

By Zulena on PETCO - Mar 6, 2012

Will not try another brand

I started feeding my 9 wk old boxer this the day after I picked her up. We had her weighed in at 10 lbs. She in now 12 wks old and almost 18 lbs and growing like a weed. This food is amazing and she is living proof!

By ishe858 on PETCO - Feb 28, 2012

Wonderful Puppy Food!

I have 2 female Malamutes, and I chose Solid Gold Wolf Cub Large Breed Puppy food for my girls. This food has a fresh/clean smell, comes in a bite size of a pea for the smaller puppy mouth and begins its ingredients with Bison. I have always refused to feed my girls anything with additives and dyes, and Solid Gold food has absolutely none of these nasty ingredients. I feel that this food has benefited my pups, for their coats are shiny and soft, receiving compliments from my veterinarian and staff. Overall, my malamutes LOVE this food and I will continue to only feed them the Solid Gold brand!

By Sarah83 on PETCO - Jan 13, 2012


My 7 months weimaraner loves this food, she looks healthy and her hair very shinny.

By mverochang on PETCO - Jan 3, 2012

He loves it and we love that it is good for him!

We have a soon to be 6 month old German Shepherd puppy. The breeder started him on Iams (large breed puppy) and after doing some research – we switched him to Blue Buffalo (large breed puppy) because we wanted him to have a better/higher quality food. We used pumpkin to help with the transition/his digestive system. With Blue Buffalo – it took quite a bit of coaxing for him to eat it (adding a little water to it helped a great deal) – would leave him with loose stools – helped a bit with the rash under his front legs. We felt like we were on the right track on putting him on a better food, but felt that there was something even better – and we found it – Solid Gold Wolf Cub (large breed puppy)! He devours it/loves it/can’t get enough of it– pumpkin/shumpkin (totally not needed) – no loose stools - the rash under his front legs are gone – his coat looks amazing. I only wish we found it sooner!

By on PETCO - Sep 7, 2011

Worth the money

My golden puppy was on Blue Buffalo, which I was really happy with the results, also: shiny coat, no illness... But after 3 months she lost interest in her food, so we decided to switch to another brand. After some research, we found Solid Gold. She loves it! If you look at the ingredients, you would notice a huge difference with other brands in a good way. It is a little expensive than other commercial brands but it's worth the money.

By DilekK on PETCO - Sep 7, 2011

solid gold

For an all natural no filler dog food its the best on the market for coat growth and muscle conditioning. I have used it on shelties and am now feeding my 3 month old dobie and the vet says she's in great condition.

By sizzlemydobie on PETCO - Aug 27, 2011


we love this dog food and so does our pit. He has a gas problem but not with this food.

By mommykelsey on PETCO - Feb 18, 2011

The *RIGHT* Puppy Food

We breed and train German Shepherds for show, SAR, police work, and more. This is the *only* puppy food we will feed to our puppies once they're weaned onto solid kibble. The ratios are right for large breed puppies and when following the suggested feeding chart for age and weight we've never had a puppy be too thin or overweight. Other puppy foods haven't come close, let alone have quality ingredients like this one. We'll continue to feed Solid Gold products to our dogs until we retire. Once our puppies reach adulthood we feed Solid Gold Barking at the Moon.

By RagnarokFarms on PETCO - Dec 16, 2010

Akita food

My 9 month old akita started not eating his food. Solid Gold was my first try and might I say it worked. Bison and salmon are unique for a unique dog. Suggest for any other akita owners.

By Akita on PETCO - May 18, 2010

wolf cub solid gold

only food that agrees with my puppy's tummy. He loves it too

By standardlover on PETCO - Mar 15, 2010

Amazing Food!!

This food was high on my list. I put my boxer on it at 6 months now he is 10 months and is in great health. I believe this food has made his muscle definition better and his coat is shinier. I highly recommend this food to anyone who has a large breed puppy for it has done wonders for my boxer.

By BoxerLver on PETCO - Dec 4, 2009

Excellent product

This is among the top of the better, retail brands. Works well for our masitff.

By Brock on PETCO - Nov 21, 2009

Not so good

I recently purchased a bag of Solid Gold wolf cub large breed for our 4 month old golden retriever. It did not agree with him at all. We mixed it with his old food for a week. this food gave him soft stools.we kept at it but it did not get better. As soon as we switched back to the old food the problem went away.This dogfood also smells faintly like dead fish.

By drojsir on PETCO - Nov 8, 2009

Very good puppy food

My dog trainer told me I should put my GSD pup on large breed puppy food and recommended Solid Gold Wolf Pup. My 4 month puppy, Samson, has been on it for a little over a month now. He loves it. He is healthy, active and his coat is soo soft.

By petfreak on PETCO - Oct 14, 2009

Excellent Food!

When we first got our little girl Stella (Rottweiler/Lab) she was 10 weeks old and had awful stomach problems from eating whatever they were feeding her at the Humane Society. We thought she was sick because of the horrible diahrea so we took her to the vet. They recommended Wolf Cub and I will never feed her anything else! It cured her diahrea and also stopped her flaky skin problem. Now her coat is shiny and soft and her digestive system is back to normal! This food is excellent!

By EmandStella on PETCO - May 15, 2009

Cured the "itches"

Our Bernese Mountain Dog puppy Missoula is 13 wks old; the breeder we bought her from told us to stick with Innova dog food but Missoula was itching ALL the time like crazy. My brother in-law recomended Solid Gold and litterally with in a week she was not iching even half as much and her dry skin has improved as well. We will never go back! Innova may be an excellent food for this breed in general but did not do well for Missoula!

By Missoula on PETCO - Dec 31, 2008

Best Purchase Ever!!!!!

My black lab Partner had extremely bad digestive problems when we first got him at 7 weeks and seems to suffer from Pica. After trying many different commercial brand dog foods including Eukanuba I took a chance and ordered Solid Gold. Partner is 5 months now and I'm happy to report his digestive problems have much improved! We're still working on the Pica but it too seems better. His coat is so healthy and shiny and Partner just seems a happier dog overall. I just ordered seameal vitamin and mineral suppliment. Can't wait to see the effects.....

By gonecucu on PETCO - Dec 11, 2008

Won't feed anything else

This is the ONLY kibble that I will feed my large breed puppy that is allergic to chicken. Every other brand that has a non-chicken variety is either not for large breeds or has corn, wheat, beet pulp, sugar, salt, meat by products, and a lot of other junk that they try to pass of as healthy when it's garbage. So it's either Solid Gold or RAW.

By moneycat on PETCO - Nov 11, 2008

The only food she'll eat!

Cocobella is a Chocolate Lab puppy. I was having trouble getting her to eat without putting rice, yams or parmesan on her food. My friend's Vet suggested Solid Gold Wolf Puppy for her. She scarfed it right down! She LOVES her food now.

By amznggrace on PETCO - Oct 17, 2008

My dog loves it!

I have tried a few brands of food with both my 2 yr old yorkie and my puppy pitbull. Since switching to the solid gold dog food lines my dogs are eating up all their food. The absolutely love it and love the fact that i am not throwing away food anymore. The best part is that its all natural and good for them.

By SoxNZena on PETCO - Jul 19, 2008

exellent product and service

my daddy bought me this food and I eat it all the time. It tastes great and good for me too. It arrived in excellent condition.

By Bailey08 on PETCO - Jul 17, 2008

We Love It

We started using Solid Gold when we first brought home our two month old Rottie (14 pounds). His breeder uses Solid Gold on all her dogs. Being that I saw how beautiful and strong they were; I figured that we couldn't go wrong. Our little guy (7 months old and nearly 80 pounds of pure muscle) loves it. He eats all of his food every time and if I am a half an hour late he sits in front of his food and waits for it. He coat is so soft; shiny and beautiful; we always get compliments about it. His vet says that he is growning wonferfully and that he a great looking dog. He sheds as all Rotties do but not as much as one that I had years ago. We never have a problem with itching or excesive stools. He goes twices a day; within an hour or two eating. I love my dog and don't think twice about spending the money on Solid Gold!!

By rottieloveraz on PETCO - Jul 17, 2008

Doggie Delight with Wolf Cub Product

I recently purchased two (2) 33 lb. bags of Solid Gold Wolf Cub Large Breed Puppy Dog Food for my now 7 month old Golden Retreiver, Riley. When my Golden began experiencing too many diarreah problems with Iams Puppy brand , I began to investigate other brand names. A representative of Petco who was schooled in that area recommended Solid Gold Wolf Cub brand. He explained that the ingredients contained in Wolf Cub did not include the excess amount of fillers that were present in other brands. In the two months since I switched to Wolf Cub, my golden has not had any stomach difficulties or diarreah problems. I would highly recommend this product to oweres of large breed puppies.

By GoldenGuy on PETCO - Jun 21, 2008

Awesome Puppy Food!

I have a 4 1/2 month old Brindle Pit Bull puppy. Originally I was feeding him Puppy Chow. Horrible stuff. After a month and a 1/2 of eating Wolf Cub my pit has gained a good 20-25 pounds, hardly ever sheds and has a beautiful shiny coat. I've just recently started feeding my 7 week old blue nose pit wolf cub soaked in hot water to soften it up and she's already grown a few inches and put on a good 4 pounds. You cant go wrong with results. while other dog foods are based off of lamb, beef or chicken.. Wolf Cub is based on BISON.

By staffordshirelover on PETCO - Mar 17, 2008

Worth every penny

I have had my lab for about one month. The breeder had her on another puppy food. Within 5 minutes of eating she would have a BM and was going about 6 times in one day. After doing some research on the web I chose to try Wolf Cub. Even though it is expensive as compared to other brands I am very happy with the results. The ingredients are excellent and great for my pet. I also like that there are no fillers. I want to give my puppy the best food since I will not be feeding her table scrapes. My pet's input is the same but the output is half and my puppy is not acting like she is still hungry.

By lablover2 on PETCO - Mar 8, 2008

great food

I am feeding this to my Great Dane puppy and he loves it! Shiny coat and great growth at this time. He self feeds and eats less than normal of this product. Vet says he looks fantastic and to keep using this. Stools are solid and he perfers his food to even treats.

By smbernard on PETCO - Feb 14, 2008

Great food

Our puppy was on pruina puppy chow, and had lots of trouble. Since switching to Solid Gold Wolf Cub, he is doing great!! He absolutley loves the food and we also use it as treats for him. His bowel movements have been great, no trouble at all!! Plus, this food has so many good things in it for your Pup!! Highly Recommended!!

By angeleyes on PETCO - Feb 8, 2008

Solid gold is worth its weight in gold!

This dog food is the BEST! I started using a brand that vets like to promote only to find out that my dog HATED eating it. It was a chore to get her to eat her meals. And her stools were quite large. After doing alot of research Solid Gold products seem to be the food to get. After I did, stools are smaller and fewer and my puppy is happy and healthy as can be, no more fighting to get her to eat yucky food!!

By Luckylash7 on PETCO - Feb 4, 2008

good food

everything else gives my dog terrible gas besides solid gold.

By diamondx0x0 on PETCO - Feb 4, 2008

Very Good Stuff

I just started feed this to my 3 month old German Shepard and he loves it. His coat is very bright and so are his eyes. Very good stuff!!!

By GermanShep on PETCO - Feb 1, 2008

Finally a puppy food for Giant Breeds

On my 3rd giant breed dog now (looking forward to more to come in the near future) I have fought a horrendous battle of breeder (NO puppy food) vs vet (a puppy MUST have puppy food!) and I am SO grateful to have found this and be confident that my next giant breed puppy will be a WolfCub puppy as it has the RIGHT amount of Protein/Fat for a growing giant breed pup. Not to mention my VERY finicky dane girl (2 now) eats it like crazy when we had to grab some as the Barking @ the Moon was out of stock. I am a dedicated Solid Gold customer for my show dogs from here out.

By TxDaneMom on PETCO - Jan 29, 2008

my puppy hated it

i have a king shepherd puppy and i fed her this for the first 3 months i had her and had to switch to another brand because she barely ate it even after i tried mixing in everything from canned dog food to cooked grilled chicken. she started looking really skinny and what she did eat of it gave her bad gas and diarrhea . its got great ingredients but if your dog doesn't eat it what good are they? i switched her to prurina one and she is eating every last bit of it. her coat is shiny and she looks great. also no more gas or diarrhea

By bamadog5 on PETCO - Jan 26, 2008

I"m the best mommy ever!

Because I care about me, I care about you! I eat right, exercise and so do you. I love you puppy!

By sunshine94553 on PETCO - Jan 24, 2008


As a dog enthusiest and trainer, I know the important role that nutrition plays in a dogs overall health and longevity. My American Bulldog, like most dogs, is allergic to wheat, corn, and soy (often called lecithin on ingredient labels.) It's been difficult to find a food that doesn't contain these ingredients, along with no sunflower oil (a polyunsaturated fat, which suppresses the immune system and has been shown to lead to cancer and other health problems) and so far, the only kibble that I can find is WolfCub - not as wholesome as the raw diet I normally feed, but it's convenient to have it on hand for those days when I'm too busy to make them a meal!

By Asha on PETCO - Dec 12, 2007

Great Product

I have been feeding Wolf Cub to my Shepherd/Malinoi and she Loves it.. Her black coat is SO shiny!! = I get alot of comments when i take her to the pets stores.. She is very active and intelligent = and I contribute this to her foods.. The fact that you can physically see that the food is packaged under a vacuum and is fresh is a Bonus!! Solid Gold food and Treats for my Puppy*

By namyzzo on PETCO - Dec 8, 2007

beautiful healthy dog/pups

I am so amazed at the difference I have seen in my puppies and dogs. Their fur is shiny and soft, less B/M to clean up in the yard. Overall health and well being has been an up-grade. Each time I shop in the pet store, I always tell people that they should really consider purchasing solid gold dog food, for the price of the so-called other brands that they think are good for them - are really not at all. I explain to them about the bi-products in the food that they are buying and for what they are gonna pay for that , they can get the best food for their dog by looking into Solid-Gold. The Managers in the pet food store always tell me that I need to work for Solid-Gold. I really want to educate people on how important it is to feed your dog right. I never have vet bills and my Siberian huskies are the most gorgeous dogs around. I get comments from othe dog owners and they ask me how come my dogs look so beautiful, so I tell them ---Solid Gold.

By p5reid on PETCO - Oct 9, 2007

Outstanding Puppy Food

My German shepherd was on a raw diet originally, but he ate poorly; he almost completely boycotted dry food. I had to sit on the floor and hand-feed him. I finally picked up samples of a variety of brands and flavors. He inhaled every packet of Solid Gold. When I mixed in his leftover Evanger's, he picked out the Wolf Cub and left the Evanger's behind. He is doing so well, I don't know what I'd do if I had to switch his food. He's sleek, glossy, at a great weight, no growing pains, and just perfect. My local PETCO carries a couple of Solid Gold products, unfortunately not this one, but they order a few bags at a time for me and don't charge shipping. I'm very happy shopping there.

By Kuuipo on PETCO - Sep 21, 2007

Awesome Dog food Helped overcome Mange!!

My rottweiler pup has been battling cronic mange since she was 4 months old. This food has helped improve her immune system so well that we have finaly over come the problem. Excllent nutrition is the key to a healthy dog. I would recommend this food to anyone with a large breed puppy.

By BrandiH on PETCO - Aug 29, 2006

Great food but not easy to find

Our dog loves this food but we can't feed it to him without being raked on shipping charges. Why doesn't Petco carry it in their retail stores? I went to two Midwest Petco's last week looking for this food and neither of them had any Solid Gold products. Since we can't purchase it locally without paying shipping, it is very costly. We are switching our Pup to another brand food until this food is made more available to us without a huge shipping up-charge. I don't mind spending a couple dollars more for good pet food but almost double the cost of the other brand when shipping is added is unacceptable.

By cuervogold on PETCO - Aug 21, 2006

Glad we switched to Solid Gold

I thought I was feeding my Great Pyrenees puppy a premium dog food untill he came down with Panosteitis and I started doing a bit of research. After a week of internet and phone call comparisons, I decided to make the switch to Solid Gold Wolf Cub. The bouts of Pano have decreased significantly and my giant puppy's stools are smaller :) Sure, it's more expensive, but it's a higher quality food and your dog will not to eat as much compared to a lower quality food. Add the Solid Gold SeaMeal to your dog's food to see even more excellent results!!!

By Valerie on PETCO - Jul 31, 2006

Awesome food!

My newfoundland puppy was eating another large breed premium food. He did not like it and refused to eat most of the time. From the time I opened the bag of Wolf Cub he was in love! He is now eating like he should and is growing in a controlled fashion. His coat is soft and he's happy! Read the ingredients - you will be sold!

By on PETCO - May 30, 2006

Georgia from Colombia

I purchased it for my Pup Lab, it thought that Royal Canin Max was the best until... I tried Solid Gold Wolf Cub Large Breed Puppy... her stools improved and so did her energy and coat..... this is the best dog food I have tried... expensive and but worth it every penny.....

By on PETCO - May 30, 2006

Solid Gold Large breed puppy food

This dog food has changed our puppies life. Our puppy has been real sickly since we got him at 8 weeks of age, now he's 6 months. He always had real bad bowel problems till we changed his food to the Solid Gold Large Breed puppy food, now he is growing and gaining weight, and his coat is nicer. He is just an all around happy healthy pup now. The solid Gold food is the 3 food we tried, and it is the one that he has been able to tollerate and do good on. We believe he was allergic to the poultry products in the other foods, and this food has bison and salmon instead. We are all happy campers now that he is feeling better and growing as a puppy should do. Thank you Solid Gold for a fantastic product. You have turned a sick puppy into a thriving one.

By on PETCO - May 3, 2006

33lb bags??????????

My breeder recommended Solid gold for my great dane puppy. Not only is his coat shiny and soft, but he seems so full of life! My problem at the moment is, where is the 33lb bags?!?!?! I have a GREAT DANE to feed!!! I help people choose which foods to feed their dogs everyday, and I always tell them about Solid gold! I ask them to really look into what it is in their dog's dishes, and think about making a switch if they are stuck on one imperticular.

By on PETCO - Apr 28, 2006

Re; Lab puppy

This is the best food for the Large breed puppies so they don't grow too fast for their joints. Our pup pup loves it everyday!

By on PETCO - Dec 19, 2005

One of the Best Dog Foods Out There

After having our 2 Newfoundland pups on the supposed expensive Premium Brand dog foods (I won't mention names), our trainer, not our vet recommended feeding all natural dog food to our pups. We looked at the ingredients in the premium brand and saw most of the items should not be in food for any animal. Solid Gold uses only natural human consumption quality ingredients, not by-products, fillers, or other junk. The puppies' health and energy levels have improved dramatically since we switched.

By on PETCO - Nov 12, 2005