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The BEST food

My chihuahua had very dry skin, oatmeal shampoo wasn't even enough. She also had a hard time eating other dog foods because she is only 2lbs. with a very small mouth. I went to wean her off her old dog food and once she tried Royal Canin, she turned her nose up at anything else, there WAS NO weaning process. Her dry skin has disappeared and she is very healthy and has no problem eating the small bites.

By acohen87 on PETCO - Nov 5, 2008

Royal Canin

I have just stumbled on this product. I have a Two year old Chihuahua/min pin and her pup eight month old and she is a chihuahua/min pin/wee in which I tell others she is a chi/pen/wee and all of about maybe 6 pounds? I have gone through literally hundreds of dollars on food and treats for these two..they like NOTHING..they are so picky. right now I have a small bag of beniful/one/all natural with carrots and fruit that I just mixed altogether and put it out and sometimes they nibble on it and sometimes the outside critters get it. I am just wondering if Royal Canin would work?

By sandes on PETCO - Feb 15, 2011


My name is Elvis. I'm a 7 year old rescued Chi and I love my new dry food. It's the first time I have liked one. I have always eaten yucky wet food that leaves my breath really bad. Now I get tons of kisses because I don't have smelly breath anymore. Yay! My dad really likes that it comes to us in the mail. It's called bottomless bowl. Thank you Royal Canin and Petco.

By Elvis07 on PETCO - May 6, 2010

Great food!

I have a 3lb long haired chihuahua and this food is great for him. The pieces are very small which is nice for his small mouth. The food smells good for being dog food and we get the big bag which lasts him for months. It is specially made for chihuahuas which I really like. Also the bag is resealable so it stays fresh. My little guy loves this food!!!!

By pacony on PETCO - Nov 14, 2011

good purchase

My dog likes this food. He is a bit fussy but can't wait to eat this.

By momy22 on PETCO - Feb 24, 2011

Excellent product and service

We have difficulty finding Royal Kanin dog food for our two small Chihuahua puppies. After finding it here the problem is solved - great service and reasonable cost for this product.

By Gator106 on PETCO - Jul 30, 2010

Good for Sensitive Tummies

I've always fed high end natural foods, but one of my chis has developed digestion problems - he would cry out from the painful cramps after eating, finally refused to eat or was stumped, and he suffered for over a month with repeated vet visits. He'd have a good day, and then go back to hiding in a corner in pain again. Finally one day I was buying food (for the other dog - the sick one was on baby food and rice) and noticed Royal Canin. My vet sells the Rx version of RC, so on impulse I tried the chi version. From the first bowl of this, my sick boy ate it with gusto, kept it down, and the stomach rumbling and painful cramps went away in a week altogether. I am amazed and thankful to Royal Canin.

By CoHuahua on PETCO - Jan 7, 2010

Tap your Bowl !!!!!!

I know my chi wants his chihuahua 28 when i hear his fingernails tapping the bowl. I've been feeding him this for 4 years now,ever since he switched from puppy to adult food .He loves it for the taste, i love it for nutrition and healthly (non- fainting) stool / stool odor. = )

By 808bellyrubs on PETCO - Jan 5, 2010

Best Chihuahua Food

My husband and I have been using Royal Canin Chihuahua Food for 4 years. We have 3 chihuahuas and they all love the dog food. They love it so much that they won't eat other food that is offered to them. We recommend this food to anyone who has finicky chihuahuas.

By AronAvery on PETCO - Aug 10, 2009

"Finally a food my Chi will eat!"

I would recommend this food to anyone who cares about their pets. I adopted my long haired Chi, Jessie, when she was 18 months old and was given a bag of Purina food by the prior owner. Unfortunately, Jessie wouldn't touch it and ended up eating my cat's food which only made her sick. I tried 6 different types of food over 7 months before I tried Royal Canin. As soon as I opened the bag she was hooked! This is the only food she has ever eaten to the bottom of the bowl. She had also developed severe dry skin but after beginning Royal Canin her skin cleared up and she is now shiny and beautiful. Thank you Royal Canin!

By Justninny on PETCO - Jul 3, 2009

Best dog food ever

I'm feeding Royal Canin to 3 chihuahua's and they love it. They eat every piece of food. They have never had a problem with the food and one of my dogs has been on it for 5 years. It may be a little pricey but its worth every penny. To know that Royal Canin cares about my dogs health as much as I do puts my mind at ease that they are getting the Best.

By bigdreamer1312 on PETCO - Jun 3, 2009

Does what it says!

This food has definitely improved my Shy's skin coat. His coat is super shiny and the hair he had lost prior has fully returned. He also has a lot less gas than he had before when we were feeding him Caesar's dog food. Sorry Caesar, your still awesome.

By BlackDragon13 on PETCO - Mar 29, 2009

miracle food!

my chihuahua does not eat anything! she looks at her food, shakes, then walks away. the second i gave her one kibble of this food she was jumping up and down for me to put her bowl down! she loves it! i have NEVER seen her eat like this before! im so happy and still in shock that my dog actually eats now.

By baybekeyz on PETCO - Nov 15, 2008

Royal Canin Rocks!

This is the BEST dog food of all time! We've tried all the top dog food brands and I give Royal Canin an extreme thumbs up! Less BM's and way less smell! I can tell she's (our Chihuahua) getting pure nutrition from what she's eating! I recommend HIGHLY!

By NachosMom on PETCO - Nov 3, 2008

Love this food

my chihuahua immune system got very low because i was giving her beneful puppy so her body wasn't taking it & she got very sick (lost her hair, n got Demodex Mange) but ever since she started eating this food... she has all her hair back & even after her medicine to help cure this she is doing much much better... she's is more playful, eats better & her stool is much better as well... she runs like a rocket now. i recommend this food for anyone who has a chihuahua... for a reason this is for chihuahua!

By LaDiiCoOkiiE on PETCO - Aug 13, 2008

thank you royal canin

if your chihuahua doesn't like other dog foods, then feed it this. my dog cachito does not like other dog foods. so our vetenarian recommended this product. it actually works! my dog loves his food now!

By cacholover on PETCO - Jul 30, 2008

Excellent Food

This food was recommended by the local chihuahua breeder and my veterinarian. It turns out to be the only dog food that our female chihuahua will eat and that doesn't upset her digestive tract. The vet also told me to free-feed my dog (who weighs a whopping 3.7 pounds). It's working fine as long as we stick to the Royal Canin and don't give her any table scraps.

By ChiBabysMom on PETCO - Jul 1, 2008

Finally a food he will eat.

I have tried numerous other dog foods and Bailey would not eat them so had to give the food to the Humane Society in town. This food he really likes and eats every day. It's great!!!

By lindad on PETCO - Jun 1, 2008

Amazing Dog Food!

My dog normally eats her dog food one by one, and she would take a piece to another part of the house and eat it there, come back to get another piece and eat somewhere else. She rarely ever ate it, I would feed her jasmine rice and some beef but I didn't want her to be unhealthy. I got online and read all these reviews and decided to try this food out, with the premium guarantee I wasn't afraid of her not liking it because I could just take it back. I opened the bag and poured it into her sister's bowl and they both attacked the food, I was in awe. Her sister also was a picky eater, my cousin owns her and they happened to be together when I bought the new food. Now both my cousin and I love this dog food and it made us so happy that our dogs ate like real dogs now, with their head in the bowl. Definitely worth the price.

By ChiLover23 on PETCO - Apr 20, 2008

Picky Chi not so Picky now

I have a Chi that is very picky. I had tried several different types of food and Royal Canin chihuahua was the one she like the best. I have definatley seen a change in her stool, it doesn't smell as bad. It has made her coat nice and shiny too! Her previous food Blue Buffalo which was a good food too but it made her have soft stools and gas which were very smelly, so I had to switch.

By mvm120101 on PETCO - Apr 3, 2008

My Chi would eat NO dog food whatsoever until...

we tried this. When I say she's finicky, I mean I literally bought every brand of natural or organic food and she literally would sniff and refuse. I tried wet, I tried dry. I tried stews, I tried gravy-NOTHING. It got to the point that I was serving her chicken or beef or turkey mixed with brown rice myself. Even then she would eat it one day but not the next. I had Labradors all my life so this was annoying me to no end. They would inhale anything within reach. For some reason, she took to this right away-I really could not even believe it and would highly recommend anyone with a finicky dog try it.

By thisstuffsavedme on PETCO - Mar 12, 2008

This is awesome

My dog first ate canned food and he wouldnt eat any dry food but once we tried this, he was smashing his face into it. Anyways, this product is the best.

By Bannedsk8r on PETCO - Feb 28, 2008

Best recommendation

A co-worker recommended this brand to me and I love it and so does my dog Oliver. He doesnt have stinky breath and he's regular so that's a plus for me. This is a great product.

By evt1torres on PETCO - Feb 28, 2008

My two chihuahua loves it

I have two two long hair chihuahua they been eating this food for awhile and they are so picky especial my little girl and when she was a puppy she was so picky then I found this ever since she been on it she been so much happy this food they love it. I recommed to everyone who has samll dogs like these. My vet is happy with their coat and teeth they are in such good health thank to this food.

By Cindi on PETCO - Feb 18, 2008

Perfect for Picky eaters

My Toy Chihuahua is picky with her food. She will not eat anything other than this food. I tried several brands at differnt price ranges. This one is best for her health and diet.

By mousekim on PETCO - Feb 14, 2008

Great Dog Food

My Chi is extremely picky. SHE LOVES THIS FOOD! I recommend it to anyone with a small dog who is picky!

By chihuahualuver on PETCO - Feb 11, 2008

The best food for a Chihuahua

I honestly think this is the best food for a chihuahua. My baby girl is tiny and the food is small as well which makes it very easy for her to eat. It also helps with stool odor which is very nice for indoor accidents. It doesnt happen very often but when it does it doesnt smell. Royal Canin is also really good about maintaining little miss anna belles weight. Strongly reccommend this food for all chihuahuas and i am sure the rest of the Royal Canin line of foods are just a wonderful or even better. Try it if you get a chance....YOU WILL LOVE IT.

By Stiles on PETCO - Feb 5, 2008

the PERFECT Chi Food

I have two very different Chis - one who cannot keep weight on despite being only 5 and having great health and another who thinks she needs to eat all the time and refuses to actually chew her food. This dog food literally solved all my problems! I used to feed two different foods but this one bag is the solution! The fat dog as we so fondly call her, now chews her food and does not inhale it! She is down to an appropriate weight and we can now leave the food out all day and she NEVER overeats! It's remarkable -- this food has completely changed her bad eating habits! And as for the skinny fickle chi, she loves the food, too! I simply cannot tell you how pleased I am I had literally tried everything and am amazed at this product.

By luv2bme on PETCO - Jan 27, 2008

Solved My Food Problem

I have a teacup chihuahua, when I first got her I tried all kinds of dog food..but they were all just to much for her to handle, the morsels were so hard and too big for her. I would buy a food and cut the morsels down to her bite size. It wasn't until I got another teacup that I really started searching in earnest for a dog food that I didn't have to cut down to size, that's when I found Royal Canin MINI Canine Health Nutrition Chihuahua 28. This was perfect..they both loved the food and it provided so many nutrients that were essential to their health and I didn't have to cut them down to size..wonderful.

By pfali17 on PETCO - Jan 22, 2008

Best choice for chihuahua care!

My chihuahua has food alergens and this food is realy good for that. Her coats shines like never befor and the small kibble is easy for her to eat. And Yes its true it does make her feces not smell that bad. Thanks Amy & Bonnie

By on PETCO - Jan 21, 2008

My Girls Love This!

I love that this dog food is specially designed for chihuahuas. Since getting my two girls, I've noticed their coats are much healthier, they are livelier, and even their breath smells better. Chihuahuas definitely don't have the same nutritional needs as other dogs, and this is the only kind of dog food I trust with my dogs' health. My picky eaters love the taste, too. I used to buy very expensive premium foods, but this is just as good (even better!), affordable, and easy to find at every Petco.

By Fitchy on PETCO - Jan 21, 2008

Best Food Ever for Chi's

When my chi Cricket had died of old age, my chi Quinnie missed her and was lonely. He refused to eat. After trying different foods to tempt him with no sucess, I asked a friend who breeds chi's what to try. She recommended Royal Canin for Chi's. I tried it and Quinnie gobbled it up like it was turkey hot dogs (Quinnie's favorite indulgence). The kibble size of this food is perfect for chi's, even those with short muzzles and tiny teeth like Quinnie. No more struggling to find a kibble size he can eat. Quinnie has put on muscle, and his coat looks shiny. His stools are almost odorless. Royal Camin advertises that this food helps to keep a chi's teeth clean, often a long term problem for chi;s and helps guard against heart disease, also a common problem for chi's over time. I give this food my highest recommendation. It will be Quinnie's staple food from now on, escept for an occaisonal turkey hot dog of course!

By Tootsie on PETCO - Aug 26, 2007

Mister Ate It

My one year old chihuahua Mister is soo picky when it comes to his food. I was feeding him an all natural food that a friend of mine sells, however I started to notice that he was smelling like raw fish. So I switched him over to this and not only does he eat it and enjoy it but he smells like a dog not a fish factory. I would highly reccomend it to anyone who has a chihuahua. I am extremly catious with what I feed him and I am extremly impressed with the quality and what's in it. I am soo happy I switched him.

By Mister on PETCO - Jun 21, 2007

Great food for my chihuahuas

I have two chihuahuas and they didnt like dry food at all until they taste this one, they love it!

By Marpu on PETCO - Oct 6, 2006

my Chihuahua loves it!

I have a 9 month old chihuahua and she loves the chihuahua food. The quality and price of the food are great. I'm never going to try other brands because this food is simply the best!!!

By Jules on PETCO - Aug 18, 2006

5 Paws up:Royal Canin Chihuahua Food

I have 2 chihuahua's, One of which is the pickiest dog i have ever seen. I have tried about 10 differnet types of dog food with her and she would never eat. So one day I bought this Royal Canin Chihuahua food and she eats it like its candy. I have no more problems trying to get her to eat.

By TiataFawn on PETCO - Aug 2, 2006


My chihuahua does a happy dance when he sees me getting him this food. He LOVES the taste and can't get enough of it. The only downside to it - he has gained a pound since he started on it (guess that is my fault for giving him too much!)

By on PETCO - May 23, 2006

Only food I get

I received a recommendation from a friend for this and now this is the only dog food that I get. Chihuahuas are really finicky, but both of my dogs adore this.

By on PETCO - May 10, 2006

Great food for picky eaters!

My finicky chihuahua-pomeranian mix loves this food. She eats her food at one time instead of picking at it. She is very shiny and in perfect health. This is a great food for pet owners who care about thier pets' health and well being.

By on PETCO - Apr 26, 2006

royal canin

I always buy royal canin for my teacup chihuahua. it is exellent i love the quality of it and my dog loves it. royal canin keeps theheart working and has odor reduction. i know that i can trust royal canin and i dont have to worry if it's not if you are the kind of ownerthat worry about your dog health get royal canin.

By on PETCO - Mar 19, 2006

For Heavens Sake

My dog heaven loves this food and I love it because she is a paper trained dog it there is no odor. This is a great product.

By on PETCO - Jan 8, 2006

Best on Market

Helped with teeth... and the dog loved it!

By on PETCO - Dec 4, 2005


My Chihuahua was eating Purina Dog Chow prior to switching him to this because it was all he'd eat. I had tried higher quality foods before and he refused to eat all of them. I bought a small bag of this to just try for him and he loves it!! He eats more, he's starting to gain weight finally, and he looks healthier overall. I would certainly recommend it. It's definitely worth the cost!

By on PETCO - Nov 30, 2005