Blue Buffalo Wilderness Duck Recipe for Adult Dogs Dry Dog Food

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If humans can eat healthy, why cant dogs? We all know that dogs will eat just about anything and our furry canine friends look to us, their owners, to make sure that what theyre putting in their mouths is the right stuff. Made with natural ingredients and no grains, Blue Buffalo Wilderness Duck Recipe for Adult Dogs Dry Dog Food is just what your dog needs and will love to munch on. Its full of deboned duck, sweet potatoes, blueberries, cranberries and carrots so your dog will get the protein and energy he needs to get through his day. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Duck Recipe for Adult Dogs Dry Dog Food makes sure that your dogs nutrition is well-balanced and complete every day!


Product Title: Blue Buffalo Wilderness Duck Recipe for Adult Dogs Dry Dog Food

Manufacturer: Blue Buffalo

Lowest Price: $16.35 from pupdaddy

Power Score: 4.7 | 34 Reviews

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Great features

My 2,3&14 year old labs eat nothing else.My 3 year old chocolate had terrible itching and ear infections.after switching to Wilderness there has been no more infections or itching.Would never consider changing.

By 14andcounting on PETCO - Apr 3, 2012

Over priced and the dogs refused it!

I have an English Bulldog and Boston Terrier that refused to eat this food from the very beginning. Even when I mixed ~90% of their previous food with it they didn’t like it. When they did finally eat it, I slowly increased the mix, but they were still reticent to eat. As the amount of the Blue Buffalo increased their flatulence increased dramatically and as was horrible. My vet also said that...
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By Highlander7264 on PETCO - Mar 28, 2012


My sweet loving 4 year old pit bull, had constant ear infections. He scratches his ears and the infection transfers over to his paws. We tried everything over the counter, and going to the vet worked with antibiotics, but nothing truly worked until we switched his food to all "Blue Wilderness". He eats the treats, the canned food and the dry food and he is finally infection free!! He loves it,...
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By PITLOVER1973 on PETCO - Mar 13, 2012

Excellent dog food

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Duck is a favorite with the pets. They try to crawl into the sack while filling the feeder. I love the ingredients and have been thrilled with the health and weight of my dogs.

By adopteddogmom on PETCO - Mar 8, 2012

Best Dog Food Ever

Our 4 month old Blue Pit Bull has been on i_m_ Large Breed Puppy since we brought him home at 4 weeks old. We had a lot of problems with diarrhea and some vomiting. He got to where the only time he would eat the i_m_ was if he was starving. We thought that he had seperation anxiety and never thought it could be his food since he had no problems at first. When he got to where he wouldn't eat it we...
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By Ransom2011 on PETCO - Mar 5, 2012

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