Reviews for Perfection Clothing Pedigree Perfection RN101Q-08-BLK Weather Master Quilted Rain Suit for Your Dog, 8-Size, Black

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Nice Rainsuit!

I am very impressed with the 3 rainsuits I bought for my 3 dogs. I've used them several times so far this year and they seem to keep the dogs warm and dry. I have put either a sweater underneath or a jacket over for additional warmth on a really cold day since the material is not real thick. I do think they should have put a snap or clasp at the top & bottom of the velcro-ed area, though, since the velcro is not as strong as some velcros that I have come across. I have had to pin in instead since the one for my small dog is rather snug and seems to open up if I don't pin it. All in all, I'm glad I bought the rainsuits and looking forward to using them this winter and for years to come(hopefully).

By peggy648511 on PETCO - Jan 22, 2012

Mini Pin coat

Hello, I have searched everywhere for a coat for this little dog. She has such skinny legs and wide rib cage that its hard to find something that is not too long. She is about 15" H to tail, so using the previous comments from other customers...I bought the size smaller. It worked Perfectly! I bought the 12" for her and I still have room for a hoodie under the coat for her. She doesn't have much fur so we need all the help we can get!

By loveminipin on PETCO - Jan 19, 2012


The best coat I've found so far for our needs. It's not water-proof, but it is VERY warm and should prevent icicle and snowball formation. I ordered the size 16 (too big); but the 12 fit my mini-schnauzer (I wish Petco offered the size 14. It would have covered the tops of his winter booties, AND more tush coverage--a PERFECT fit). There are ample cut-outs for the dog to potty, and a slit for the leash to collar connect. Not too stiff--he could run in it. The hood is the con here. Cumbersome--It should be detachable. It will be too big for some, too small for others. Hopefully, more color choices offered in future.

By Ingo on PETCO - May 30, 2011


how do you get your dog to wear a doggy snowsuit and howhe or she has to take a trickle or poopie when wearing the snowsuit

By jtdesean on PETCO - Feb 20, 2011

Nice product - but BIG

I bought this for my cocker. I measured her from neck to tail and order the size based on those measurements. I loved the product. It was well made and a good weight for winter snow. But it was huge! She was able to walk right out of it. I wish this was a product that was available in stores so I could try it on her. I loved it but am hesitant to order another one since I don't know what size to get. The good thing is that store returns are very easy!

By MomofZoey on PETCO - Jan 24, 2011

not for everydog

i love the quality - very well made but a little tough to get all the limbs in the right place then get the middle velcroed up! once that's done tho - looks nice and warm - only problem is if the dog isn't the perfect size to fill it - the leg parts fall foreward and trip the dog so next thing u know - thy're wriggling out of it! I have to send mine back. wish it fit tho - looks so warm!

By on PETCO - Jan 24, 2011

no more sweater and raincoat

We purchased the weather master suit for our Puggle who seems to like wearing it and looks adorable in it! This will replace the layered sweater and raincoat on snowy and rainy days. The legs should be made a little shorter or adjustable for dogs with shorter legs. I sewed them up so that they wouldn't fall down during walks. Material is very repellent and it is fairly easy to put on. This was a wonderful purchase.

By pugglelovesit on PETCO - Jan 18, 2011

Great... for TALL dogs!

I have an adventurous Shih Tzu; he's 17 long and wide chested, so he wears between a Medium and a Large. I thougth this would be perfect to keep him warm, dry and clean in bad weather. And it was except for one teeny tiny thing.... the legs were way, way too long!! I tried rolling them up, but when wet, they came down and tripped him. So I tried to sew the legs up to make them smaller (I admit I'm no seamstress) and though the legs are now the right length, my dog walks funny.

By TataV on PETCO - Dec 22, 2010

It is about time.

I jsut love this raincoat and warm coat all in one. It is about time something like this came out. When you use a raincoat it is not warm enough for my dog, now I have warmth and weatherproof all in one. Thanks

By Shortstop on PETCO - Nov 12, 2010

great idea

with my dog it was hard to put the head through and the feet. the velcro over the stomach was a good idea, If it was velcro around the feet and neck it would be easier to get on. Probably would be great in the snow.

By pupper on PETCO - May 19, 2010