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Never Buy LitterMaid--shoddy product, poorly designed

Strengths: None. The unit doesn't work. You will still be scraping popps every day.

Weakness: Everything. Too many to enumerate. Breaks easily.

I bought the LitterMaid Mega Elite approximately five months ago. I had to switch out THREE different boxes until one finally worked OK. PetCo was great about swapping them out. However, every day, I had to scoop out poops myself and the poop often ends up on the floor. However, it worked reasonably well until a few days ago when I found two little plastic parts mixed in with the litter. Apparently, something had broken off the rake and the back end to the unit was rising up while the rake would only scrape about half way clean. I was determined to buy a different brand and simply junk this one. However, I was at Wal-Mart and we were very pressed for time and the only unit available was the smaller LitterMaid unit, so I went ahead and bought it thinking that maybe a smaller unit would not have so much trouble raking. (Apparently, LitterMaid uses the same sized receptacle for ALL their units, regardless of whether they are rated for one cat or multiple cats.)

Anyhow, I set up the new one, put in the batteries and plugged it in. Everything seemed fine and it was much quieter than the larger one. About an hour or so later, however, I went back and the light wasn't on! The entire unit had died. I called LitterMaid in the morning and they said they would send me a new unit (they didn't hesitate, so apparently this business of the units dying immediately isn't news to them). They also agreed to send me a new rake for the old unit. They were aware of this problem, too -- the plastic wheels on the rake break off! I must say that both times I have called LitterMaid, I have been put on hold and have had do deal with EXTREMELY RUDE AND OBNOXIOUS tech help. They aren't very good at explaining issues and they get angry easily and mouth off at the customer. I have a master's degree, so following reasonable instructions is something I am good at. I wish this company would go out of business. Their products are horrible. I have friends who had the older versions and were very happy. It's obvious that they have skimped on quality with their later designs, using cheap plastic whenever possible. I use the best, most expensive cat litter and I don't overfill.

I was late to work twice on account of having to call LitterMaid. I've had to bend over and pick up tons of poop off the floor, let alone the constant scraping of poop on a daily basis that is required to keep the unit working. When I vacuum, my cleaner stinks of cat poop now since it spilled onto the floor so many times. LitterMaid's design is flawed in so many ways, it's hard to enumerate, but the most basic flaw is that the unit should not be designed to work with clumping litter. Clumping litter sticks to the bottom of the unit and never quite comes up.

My suggestion is to buy the Scoop Free litter box instead. uses a different philosophy: crystals instead of clumping litter. I have had this unit now since my fiasco with LitterMaid. I have never once had to scrape poop off the rake or the bottom of the unit. It works splendidly!

By Tajmari - Jan 14, 2009

this is the worst cat litter box

Strengths: NONE



By ssaxe443 - Apr 22, 2009

What a waste of money

Strengths: NONE


This is a big waste of money. I have unplugged it and now use it as a regular litter box. I had the original Litter Maid for several years and was pleased but this model does not work at all. The rake does not reach the bottom and lumps break up as it scoops toward the storage container and then the lumps fall behind the rake on its trip back to the home position.
I wrote to the company to complain and I got a standard reply that was nothing more than a repeat of the users instructions.
Elizabeth Solomon

By eba2009 - Mar 2, 2009

Don't buy the LitterMaid Elite Mega Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box!

Strengths: None noticed.

Weakness: It simply does not work as well as the old one did. It doesn't scoop all of the waste, the box top doesn't close tightly, and the tines save bits of feces behind them.

This is a worthless, but expensive, machine. I had an old LitterMaid self-cleaning litter box which worked wonderfully even with three cats. It broke a bit sooner than I thought such a pricey luxury should (1 1/2 years) but, since I liked it so much, I simply replaced it with another one without doing any research. Mistake! I doubt that I will ever buy another LitterMaid self-cleaning Litter Box.

By anonymous; - Nov 17, 2007

Self Cleaning Right

I recently purchased the Elite w Ionic Air Cleaner to replace the 4 year old brown model that worked great until the motor died. I am constantly cleaning the litterbox with the handheld scooper provided. This unit is not self cleaning; the tines do not go down far enough to rake all the waste. It leaves the waste near the receptacle possibly the motor is not beefy enough. And it bring the waste back to hide behind the tines. I am returning the unit today after a two week trial. I am disappointed. And will look for an new older model unit.

By meryerdr - Sep 17, 2006

I agree with the First Review

Strengths: None

Weakness: None

I too purchased this model because my older one finally stopped working. I thought because it's larger it would work better for my cats. There is way too much contact with cat waste in replacing the boxes, changing lids and I too have to hand scoop.

Very dissatisfied!

By ashnda - Sep 28, 2006

NEW! LitterMaid Elite Mega - Advanced Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Strengths: None

Weakness: Doesn't have enough power. Cheaply made.

We also had one of these litter boxes for many years and when it broke we replaced it with a mega box. It does not have enough power to move the waste and parts are starting to break off of it after not quite 2 years.

By Roberta54 - Sep 25, 2009


Strengths: none

Weakness: eveything

I agree with every bad comments. This litter box is a waste of money. Self cleaning NO! It does not scoop, it get stuck to easily and the container falls apart. I end up turning it off and scooping myself.

By anonymous; - Apr 30, 2010


Bought this for my Skittish kitty (and the other 2, too!) after she became frightened in the room where the previous boxes were and started to hold and deficate on the door mat occasionally. This box is The Caddilac of litter boxes- lots of room,nice features and I can now stand having a liter box in the my office (I have a very sensitive nose). No smell, cleans itself..WHO COULD ASK FOR MORE?!? The instructions are AWFUL and the motor a bit noisy, but we've all become accustomed to the sound (the cats think it's a toy...). Once getting it together..YOU WILL LOVE THIS!!!

By katbatty on PETCO - Jan 14, 2009

littermaid & Natures Miracle perfect together!

I have 5 cats, and have tried every litter & box on the market.. I purchased 2 of the littermaid mega elite's.. and tried many litters and have found that this box and Natures Miracle litter is absolutley AWSOME together!!!! It is by far the perfect match. the Box works flawlessly! the litter is dust and Odor FREE! the two together make litter detail a pleasure!!! You gotta try it if you have cats...

By Grlngneer on PETCO - Jan 6, 2009

Piece of Pooh

Strengths: None

Weakness: Everything

LitterMaid has designed an utterly useless automatic cleaner. The only automatic feature is the regularity that you will be cleaning up litter with a hand scoop. This product is so cheaply made that it does not even work out of the box. DO NOT BUY!!

By anonymous; - Feb 2, 2008

Litermaid Elite Automatice Cat Scooper

Strengths: The only strength this has is it larger than my old one

Weakness: Everything! What a piece of cr*p.

As with the other reviews my old litermaid's motor finally burned out after 4 years and 2 cats. So my husband and I figured we'd spend a bit more and go for the "better" model with a "stronger" motor. Who are they trying to kid, this is the biggest piece of cr*p. We are constantly scooping it out with the scooper because it gets stuck when my cats pee. Also it doesn't get the waste all the way up the ramp to the disposal container. This is a waste or your money dont purchase it!!!!!

By anonymous; - May 7, 2007