Energizer Litter Locker II Cat Litter Disposal System

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Product Title: Energizer Litter Locker II Cat Litter Disposal System

Manufacturer: Energizer

Power Score: 4.5 | 35 Reviews

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New and Improved

Litter Locker II is actually an improvement over the original. Although the refills are not interchangeable, disposal of the full bag is easier on the new model. Both work a lot like diaper genies; they significantly contain odor, and make litter box clean-up a tolerable chore.

By DeuxChats on PETCO - Jan 3, 2012

Just what I was looking for!

finally found something that will allow me to scoop the box throughout the week but only have to empty once and it keeps the smell out of the air!

By spunkylute on PETCO - Dec 27, 2011

Great product!!

I bought the Litter Locker II a couple of months ago and I recommend it to every cat/kitty owner I know! I was wasting a lot of garbage bags b/c I didn't want to leave cat waste sitting in the house garbage can until pick-up day so I'd toss the whole garbage bag out even if it wasn't full. (I don't have/use plastic grocery bags b/c I use reusable bags for shopping.) Now I can scoop out the litter...
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By on PETCO - Dec 26, 2011

Good product

I use wheat for litter box and I need to scoop up a lot every day since my cat is 16 years old and stay in the home most of the day.(used to be outside cat). He drink a lots of water and use a litter box a lot. This product save my trip to the trash outside. I can keep one week in the bag and no smell. One draw back is that opening of the middle part is not closed properly. so I need to careful...
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By MaxandSammy on PETCO - Dec 11, 2011

They've done it!

This thing works great. Does what it's supposed to do, easy to use and clean!

By bterranova on PETCO - Dec 5, 2011

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