Solvit Sta-put Seat Covers Deluxe Bench

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DELUXE BENCH SEAT COVER. A seat cover that combines luxury and protection with a padded and quilted construction. Made from solvitex a heavy cotton twill that is soft to thetouch yet wears like iron.. UPC : 891293000118. Color : NATURAL. Size : LARGE. Length : 10.5. Width : 12. Height : 6. Product Type : Dog - Travel Accessories / Car Accessories. Shipping Dimensions: 10.5x12x6

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Material: Polyester, Suede, Synthetic


Product Title: Solvit Sta-put Seat Covers Deluxe Bench

Manufacturer: Solvit

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Power Score: 4.6 | 33 Reviews

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works well, the dogs seem happy

This is really a no-frills bench seat cover. The straps go over the headrests, and some bands wrap around the sides. The cover is not thick and padded, but the top is soft and the dogs seem comfortable when we drive. I got this when it was on sale and think it was a very good purchase.

By tenlbham on PETCO - Mar 7, 2012

Good bench seat cover for big trucks

This was our second attempt at getting a seat cover for our Tundra Crew Max. The first one was not big enough, even though it was the largest one we could find in a store. This product fits our Crew Max back seat pretty well, and it definitely stays in place! We've had it now for 2 months, so we've had our large dog in it for long trips and short ones. He settles comfortably on the fabric,...
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By Weimarmom on PETCO - Nov 17, 2011

Bench Seat Cover

I was disappointed with this product and had to return it after ordering it twice. Several months ago I ordered the same product but the material was solvitex (heavy cotton twill) and I liked it. I wanted another one for my other vehicle. This one turned out to be a micro suede not as advertised online. I thought they sent me the wrong one on the first order so I returned it and ordered again....
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By slds on PETCO - Jul 17, 2011

Finally clean seat in my car!!!

I really like this product. I have a Toyota Priius and it fits just fine. My boxer loves it. I wish I could get matching ones for the front seats so that when she sits in the front I wouldn't have hair there. I 'd love the front ones to be able to be maybe flipped over to the back without having to completely remove them so that I or my passenger wouldn't necessarily have to sit on them..

By donzi on PETCO - May 8, 2011

Better than the first one I bought

I just bout a new 2011 dodge durango, and I wanted to keep my seats nice, so I decided to buy a seat cover for when my dog is in it. I bought one from another pet store and i was very disappointed. It was waterproof and held the liquid in one stop, so my dog's fur ended up absorbing it, and it was so rough my dog wouldn't lay down on it. (they seem to have that same one on their website I believe...
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By SarBear62307 on PETCO - May 2, 2011

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