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PROZINC made for cats PROZINC is a protamine zinc insulin, a type of long-acting insulin that is ideal for your cat's condition. Protamine zinc insulin formulations have a typical duration of effect in the cat of 10-14 hours.1 PROZINC insulin releases slowly over time to help maintain a stable, consistent blood glucose level throughout the day. PROZINC is the first long-acting protamine zinc insulin with FDA approval for diabetic cats. In fact, PROZINC was specifically designed for feline diabetes and is backed by extensive clinical studies in diabetic cats. PROZINC works: Quickly and effectively, with just two doses a day. To regulate blood glucose regardless of the diet a cat is fed. PROZINC has been proven safe and effective for the reduction of hyperglycemia (high blood glucose) and clinical signs associated with hyperglycemia in cats with diabetes. The safety and effectiveness of PROZINC insulin in kittens and in breeding, pregnant, and lactating cats has not been evaluated. Use of this product, even at established doses, has been associated with low blood glucose (hypoglycemia). An animal with signs of hypoglycemia should be treated immediately.


Product Title: ProZinc Insulin for cats

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