Bayer Advantage II Once-A-Month Large Cat Topical Flea Treatment

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Product Title: Bayer Advantage II Once-A-Month Large Cat Topical Flea Treatment

Manufacturer: Bayer

Lowest Price: $47.99 from

Power Score: 4.7 | 295 Reviews

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Decrease in fleas

I bought this for my two kittens (about 6 months old). They came home after being neutered, infested with fleas! I gave them the first treatment about two weeks ago. I noticed "sick" fleas (moving very slow, easy for me to pick off and kill) the very next day. They still have a few fleas but I would definitely recommend this product.

By naesmom on PETCO - Apr 2, 2012

Advantage for Cats

I've been using Advantage for my cats since day one. It has always been effective and in my opinion it's the best way to treat your cat for fleas or prevent them altogether. The fact that these were on sale made me decide to buy from Petco - I have 4 pets - 3 dogs and one kitty so every little bit helps when it comes to savings!!

By lasoria on PETCO - Mar 31, 2012

This product works very good for your cats.

I like Advantage better then Front Line. I have used Front Line in the pass and it seems to not work as well as Advantage. My cats are very happy.

By lisa1965 on PETCO - Mar 28, 2012

Advantage flea treatment

I was very happy to find that you could save $15-$20 by ordering from vs going into the store for such a necessary product. Thank you!

By emhs on PETCO - Mar 26, 2012


Advantage II topical flea prevention Great produce NO FLEAS ON MY CATS!!

By BARKBARK on PETCO - Mar 25, 2012

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