Pioneer Tidy Cats Non Clumping MultiCat Instant Action Odor Control Cat Litter


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NonClumping MultiCat Instant Action Odor Control The immediate odor control of Instant Action keeps your lively space a happy place Odors are instantly neutralized in even the busiest of multiple cat litter boxes while making maintenance fast and easy TIDY CATS Odor control for your multiple cat home Fast acting moistureactivated odor control system Neutralizes ammonia odor 996 dust free Low tracking


Product Title: Pioneer Tidy Cats Non Clumping MultiCat Instant Action Odor Control Cat Litter

Manufacturer: Pioneer

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Power Score: 4.3 | 13 Reviews

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Long-lasting litter

I buy this product most times and care for multiple cats, tidy cat immediate Oder control litter haven't failed me. :-)

By Hbkris113 on PETCO - May 4, 2011

Dust free!

I was so tired of scooping and rescooping the litter box trying to get all the little pieces that you can't get with the clumping litter. I had tried the Fresh Step brand of clay litter and it was just too dusty to use, plus it was perfumed. This Tidy Cat is incredible! It really is dust free and there is no smell to it, either before the cats use it or after! Plus, I have 2 cats so I have 3...
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By mabel7 on PETCO - Mar 23, 2010

Love it!

This is the only litter I use. It works great at controlling odors and isn't too expensive.

By CanisEquis on PETCO - Oct 7, 2009

just litter

i have one kitten and decided to try the multiple-cat strength litter just to be safe..(i dont like stink!) i was pretty dissapointed by the odor coverage. i definatly would not recommend this litter to someone with multiple cats, it cant even cover up the odor from a kitten. It does clump well, which is why i gave it two stars instead of one.

By laziekitty on PETCO - Mar 16, 2009

My favorite litter!

This is the best litter for those of you that DO NOT LIKE CLUMPING LITTER! I have multiple cats and they love the fresh litter. This covers a great deal of any ammonia smell. The best I have found. Clay litter is easier to clean up. Scoopable litter is lighter and travels farther, hence the messier floors.

By mahrobertson on PETCO - Sep 10, 2008

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