ZUPREEM FruitBlend Flavor ML Premium Bird Food 17.5-lb bag

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ZuPreem FruitBlend With Natural Fruit Flavors Premium Bird Food is formulated for various species of adult psittacines (hookbills) and passerines (softbills). Nutritionally balanced and available in various pellet sizes. - Larger pellet sizes have five different fruit shapes and colors - Naturally Preserved - ZuPreem is the No. 1 selling pelleted bird food brand in the US Recommended for Conures, Amazons, Greys, Pionus, Caiques, Senegals and other medium to large parrots. ZuPreem FruitBlend with Natural Fruit Flavors Premium Daily Bird Food - Medium / Large Birds: 17.5 lbs #38317 - Bird Food

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food size: large, medium


Product Title: ZUPREEM FruitBlend Flavor ML Premium Bird Food 17.5-lb bag

Manufacturer: ZUPREEM

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Power Score: 5 | 8 Reviews

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My conure loves this.

I have noticed her feathers are shinier and brighter and her molt went away quicker since she been on the pellet diet along with fruits and veggies. She enjoys them and they do last longer then a bag of seeds. Very glad I bought them. :)

By mw92 on PETCO - Jan 22, 2012

THE BEST parrot food!

I have an African Grey, 2 Macaws and an Amazon and they all love this food! They eat this, fruits and veggies and whatever we give them. If I run out of pellets and run for a quick bag of food, they arent happy and throw the food in the bottom of their cage. I keep their food in a large glass jar and one of my sons friends was standing there munching on it one day and commented that he thought it...
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By irsuzy on PETCO - Feb 21, 2011


I have used this on my birds for years and they always are in tip top health. Easy to use...great product full of everything a bird requires!

By petlover4me2 on PETCO - Aug 26, 2010

describes it well

Good flavor from what my birds say, balanced diet and mixes well with other seeds and nuts and things, am very pleased with it.

By MNANGELMOM on PETCO - Nov 7, 2009

Love It

I love this food. It smells like fruit loops. I do not want to give my birds a lot of fattening seeds and most pellet food smells terrible and my birds won't eat it. But my birds love this food and it is all they eat. They will be getting it for the rest of their lives.

By SalamanderOwner on PETCO - Nov 3, 2009

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