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Balanced-By-Nature BlendThe Ecology of NutritionWith more than 115 years of pet nutrition experience, 8 in 1 Pet Products fully understands your pet's food preferences and, more importantly, its daily nutritional requirements.Inspired by natural-environment field research conducted by world-renowned animal and zoological nutritionists, 8 in 1 Pet Products introduces Ecotrition--a unique premium blend distinguished by nutrients found in your pet's natural habitat, the foundation for well balanced nutrition. These distinct environmental nutrients are blended into a gourmet mix of tantalizing seeds, wholesome nuts, tasty fruits, and garden fresh vegetables.The combined result--a masterpiece formula that provides your pet with a delicious, balanced-by-nature diet for overall good health and well-being.Insta-Sect: Essential Parakeet NutritionDifferent species of wild parakeets can be found throughout the majority of the world's continents. Despite the differences in these geographical locations, field research indicates parakeets eat a variety of small insects and insect larvae, providing unique nutritional benefits. Containing high-quality proteins, these insects possess the optimum type and quantity of amino acids important for maintaining a parakeet's overall well-being. This same nutritional composition has been replicated in the Ecotrition Insta-Sect pellets to help ensure a unique, nutritionally complete diet for your parakeet.Vitamin and mineral fortified.

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food size: 5 lbs

bird food type: health

bird food bird type: parakeet


Product Title: 8 In 1 Ecotrition Diets Parakeet 5 lbs

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