HQ Wrought Iron Cage w/ Cart Stand Victorian Cage Color: Brass

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HQ Opening Victorian Top with Cart Stand Bird Cage - Stylish Cockatiel Bird Cage and Conure Bird Cage Selection Enjoy a bird cage that features classic design and quality construction with the HQ Opening Victorian Top with Cart Stand Bird Cage. This elegant medium-size cage comes ready to go with all the features that pet parents want in a bird cage for cockatiels, conures, parakeets, lovebirds, and more. The stylized Victorian design and arched roof provide enough room to house up to two birds.The HQ Opening Victorian Top features an innovative design that provides plenty of living space as well as safety and security for your pet. Thick and sturdy wires ensure that your bird cannot chew his way out of his home. Wire spacing of 1/2 is ideal for a cockatiel bird cage or conure bird cage as the narrow width prevents birds from getting tangled between the bars.A wire grate keeps your bird up and out of the food and pet waste that falls into the plastic base, keeping him healthy and clean. The roomy interior and Victorian top provides ample room for your bird to move around. The top opens to give your feathered friend even more freedom to fly when you want.The HQ Opening Victorian Top with Cart Stand Bird Cage is made with convenience in mind for both you and your pet. Two dowel perches give your bird ample resting and sitting space. Three stainless steel cups hold food and water; you can easily access the dishes using their swing-out door mounts.This conure bird cage or


Product Title: HQ Wrought Iron Cage w/ Cart Stand Victorian Cage Color: Brass

Manufacturer: HQ

Power Score: 4.6 | 5 Reviews

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Got this cage the other day for my two parakeets and they absolutely love it! Its huge and the space is exactly what they like. My only negative about this cage is that platinum is more of a grey than a white like i was expecting. This cage is sturdy and has tons of ways my parakeets can play around in it. Definitely a must for the price!

By kaylenepeanut on PETCO - Mar 24, 2012

Very Nice Bird Cage

We purchased this birdcage approximately 2 weeks ago and are very happy with it. We have two 3 year old parakeets that needed some more room and we wanted a more stylish look to the cage which is in our family room. This cage met both of those criteria. We really like how easy it is to change the birds water and food with the swing out doors. Our children can do so without really disturbing the...
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By bigblue177 on PETCO - Mar 2, 2012

Great Cage!

Excellent features. Very well constructed. Plastic bottom of cage is not nearly as good as the rest of the cage, low-cost plastic, should be thicker. The instructions are sufficient. It's good they give extra screws cuz some are badly threaded. Do not be fooled by A&E brand that has the look-alike cages as they are trash compared to HQ.

By JnBinCA on PETCO - Feb 29, 2012

Very nice, and sturdy too

I love this cage. Beautiful design and sturdy. Take my advice and always buy a cage that you screw together, and not the so called snap ones. You will love this too.

By AbbyKnows on PETCO - Jan 9, 2012

Excellent Cage :)

I bought this cage a few months back and it was well worth what i paid for it. Other than having to put all the pieces together with poorly written instructions. It fits my two cockatiels very nicely they both have room to stretch their wings out and hop around. Although the perch I got with it was not so nice. The perch i received with this cage was splintered and I could not put my birds in...
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By musicangel5650 on PETCO - Dec 15, 2011

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