Hagen Vision Small Bird Knock-Down Bird Cage 18" length x 14" width x 20" height

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Hagen Vision Bird CagesVision bird cages are re-inventing the Avian environment!Our Vison Bird Cages are an ideal housing solution for Canaries and similar sized birds. Quick and easy snap-fit assembly requires no screws, hooks or tools. The unique design of these sturdy wire, single or double height cages provides your pet with the ultimate comfortable and accessible home. Multi-grip perch surface promotes circulation and helps prevent foot problems, and double doors pivot inward at a 90 degree angle, providing free-flying birds with a handy landing pad . Raised ridges inside the deep base improve air circulation and help prevent mildew for a healthier environment.Debris guard, deep base and seed/water cup placement keep waste inside the cage, while the practical no-drawer design reduces clean-up time. Simply detach and empty the base! Exterior non-invasive access to multi-purpose seed/water cups and perches, reducing stress on your bird during maintenance and the deep base design accommodates multiple types of litter, and improves air circulation. Built in features help you keep things nice and clean, the debris guard helps retain waste inside cage and the bottom grill is removable.Accessories included: 2 Seed/Water Cups, 2 Waste Shields and Perches, color varies with size:Large & Large-Tall: TerracottaMedium & Medium-Tall: GreenSmall & Small-Tall: Blue


Product Title: Hagen Vision Small Bird Knock-Down Bird Cage 18" length x 14" width x 20" height

Manufacturer: Hagen

Lowest Price: $49.99 from Amazon.com

Power Score: 4.4 | 24 Reviews

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