Marin Tropic Marin Sea Salts Pro-Reef 200 gallons

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Product Title: Marin Tropic Marin Sea Salts Pro-Reef 200 gallons

Manufacturer: Marin

Lowest Price: $82.49 from PETCO

Power Score: 4.6 | 55 Reviews

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Pure Salt

Like most hobbyists I have used most of the mainstream salt mixes out there and found PRO-REEF to be the best for my reef. Mixed at 1.025 SG my levels remain stable (I do dose TLF Kalk & Brightwell Liquid Reef) with 5% weekly water changes on my 180g system. I mix 40gal batches and never have residue or mixing problems, dissolves fast and clean, also low salt creep compared to past brands. An...
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By SCOTT J on - Aug 28, 2013

Good Price, great product

Another happily concluded transaction.. This is the best reef salt on the market here in the US.

By DONALD TROTTER PHD on - Jul 9, 2013

Good Salt

This is not a bad salt, but over priced. The best salt I have used over the past year is Brightwells. Brightwells salt measures out as good, but mixes faster and better, never gets clumpy or hard and leaves no residue.

By ANDREW BYRNES on - Dec 17, 2012

measuring problems

This salt is a really good product, as it mixes very well. The problem is, I had to guess at how much to add, as there are no guidelines at all as to how much salt per gallon of water to add. I figured it out for 35ppt and wrote it on the side of the box.

By ANDREW ALLEGRA on - Nov 21, 2012

Valued Customer

I have had Instant Ocean, cheap buy for $51.00/ 175 Gallons, I learned a lesson with swiching SG, algea broom and worst, lost some of my SPS. So I called Marine Depot for recommendations, I got advised from expert....switching to Tropic Marine Pro. I switched 30% water change from Istant Ocean to Tropic Marin...and resulted paid off. My SPS seems happier, so my advised to folks out there :"...
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By WARRAN POWERS on Marine Depot - Mar 28, 2012

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