Toro Irrigation Supplies. Blue Stripe Drip 1/4 In. X 100 Ft. Tubing With Emitters

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Product Type: Garden Hoses


Product Title: Toro Irrigation Supplies. Blue Stripe Drip 1/4 In. X 100 Ft. Tubing With Emitters

Manufacturer: Toro

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Power Score: 4.9 | 9 Reviews

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Great drip irrigation tubing!

Pretty much what the description says - 1/4" tubing with emitters. The nice thing is that the emitters are every 6 inches, which is hard to find. I just wish my local HD would carry them again, but free shipping makes it close to a wash. I use this stuff for dense flower beds and vegetable gardens - works like a champ!

By MikeinDFW on Home Depot - Feb 12, 2013

Excellent dripper but I discovered a limit in application

Backround of user. I am not a contractor but a retired person who helps others to water their garden with a timer instead of watering with a hose. When you use any drip line emitter, you must reduce bib water pressure to 25 PSI, include a vacuum breaker and a filter. Then you transition from a 1/2" distribution line to the 1/4" blue line emitter which drips 1/2 gallon per emitter, every 6", per...
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By Lou81 on Home Depot - Jun 14, 2012

This tubing is really great for closely spaced vegies such as lettuce or peas.

The 6 inch spacing of the emitters allows for accurate delivery of water to each plant for closely planted veggies. The entire row is easily wetted without applying as much water as with 1-foot spaced 1/4 inch tubing.

By Stew on Home Depot - May 8, 2012

super efficient for whole bed watering!

This stuff is great for efficiently watering an area with many small plants (such as garden beds) because you don't have to cut a bunch of short lines and install individual emitters. We think this double-sided in-line emitter design is more reliable than the laser-drilled tubing type, and the 1/4" soaker tubing is just not consistent enough over more than a couple feet (releases lots of water/hr...
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By brxl on Home Depot - Feb 28, 2012

Excellent tubing when installed properly and used for the right application

I've been using blue stripe ¼" emitter tubing professionally for I believe over ten years. It's the perfect thing for many applications where plantings change often or seasonally such as vegetable gardens, annual and even perennial beds. (For shrubbery I prefer to use ½" tubing with two individual emitters per plant.) It can be pulled aside to rototill. It's reliable and easy to install. I've...
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By Beathoven on Home Depot - Jul 3, 2011

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