Ryobi Tek4 5 Pc. Combo Kit 4-volt Lithium Ion Tools Pc Tools (Retail Package

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This kit comes equipped with 5 tools that can do anything from cutting and fastening to providing you protection while you work. These tools offer a number of advanced features but what they all have in common is superior runtime; the Screwdriver screws up to 55 screws per charge, Snips cut up to 580 feet per charge, Smart Headphones have 24 hours of continuous runtime, Mobile Power provides up to 80 hours of audio runtime and the LED Flashlight has 6 hours of continuous runtime. With these runtimes this is the kit you can rely on. (include 2 batteries and 1 charger)


Product Title: Ryobi Tek4 5 Pc. Combo Kit 4-volt Lithium Ion Tools Pc Tools (Retail Package

Manufacturer: Ryobi

Power Score: 4.7 | 78 Reviews

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Tek4 5 pc Combo Kit

This is an excellent set and the value for the money is amazing. I bought 3, one for me and my two sons as gifts. The size and life of the batteries are fantastic. I am especially impressed with the mobile power device and the LED flash light - I have used both extensively. I am waiting for the summer to use the headphones, but I have worn them to check them out. They fit very well and are very...
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By mmm01 on Home Depot - Mar 6, 2010


Great set for the price, headphones are really good at keeping out the noise of tools. The clippers are nice and the drill is perfect for the small jobs. Would definitely recommend.

By jbbkkj on Home Depot - Mar 6, 2010

Good Stuff

I am impressed wit the headset and flashlight, The driver has good power as well. The scissors ar OK, but since I got all of this material for less than the cost of the head set, I am way ahead. The additional power kit does not have a connector for my Treo... Good deal for the money.

By ZekeMan on Home Depot - Mar 6, 2010

Great Value

This kit comes with 5 tools that you can use for cutting and fastening to providing you with noise protection while you work. Flashlight is excellent. Great value for the price, you will not be disappointed.

By HomeDepot410 on Home Depot - Mar 6, 2010

Tech4 5 pc Combo Kit

I have found the combo kit componets to be all and possible more than they were advertised to be I have also added the laser level to the kit it is the best I have used or seen the fines are clear but narrow allowing you to be more accurate when using it. Both the kit and the laser level are well worth the price.

By Quent on Home Depot - Mar 6, 2010

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