Rockler Table Saw Fence Micro Adjuster w/Magnet

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Make fast, accurate adjustments in less than .001" increments to your T-square style table saw fence. Allows for precise dadoes and a perfect fit every time. Three powerful rare earth magnets hold adjuster securely on front rail. Mounts and dismounts in seconds without tools. With soft rubber handle for comfort. Soft plastic cushion on adjuster head won't mar fence. Install and remove in seconds without tools. No alterations to saw or fence needed. Patent pending. Set the fence to within 1/4" of cut. Place adjuster against rail at 30-degree angle and slide to fence. Roll adjuster down tight against rail, engaging magnets. Adjuster should be firmly resting on top rail.Turn handle to adjust fence. To remove adjuster, pull on bottom and lift upward. Do not lift off solely with handle.


Product Title: Rockler Table Saw Fence Micro Adjuster w/Magnet

Manufacturer: Rockler

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