Ridgid Tile Saws, Cutters & Accessories: RIDGID Replacement Submersible Water Pump for Tile Saws...


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Shop for Flooring at The Home Depot. The RIDGID Replacement Submersible Water Pump for RIDGID Tile Saws fits RIDGID tile saws R4007, R4010 and R4090 and most other brands of tile saws. The pump features a maximum output of 50 GPH.


Product Title: Ridgid Tile Saws, Cutters & Accessories: RIDGID Replacement Submersible Water Pump for Tile Saws AC11301

Manufacturer: Ridgid

Lowest Price: $29.97 from Home Depot

Power Score: 2.0 | 4 Reviews

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Product Reviews (4)

Works well and out of the box

Bought this to replace an ailing pump on my Father in Laws tile saw. Worked perfectly out of the box and had all the power I needed.

By BeerofallTrades on Home Depot - Jul 16, 2012


Dead when new out of the box. Disassembled, applied power, turned impeller manually, pump made ugly noises and ran. Now requires disassembly and manual start every time it is powered up (remember - this is a brand new unit). Returning for credit. Sometimes you don't even get what you paid for.

By unhappy on Home Depot - Sep 26, 2011

never worked

We bought the 7in tile saw and the pump came with it. First time testing it out, it didn't work. We exchanged the water pump for a new one. Got home, and that too didn't work. After 2 failed water pumps, I called Home Depot to see if they would let me exchange just the ridgid water pump for the roybi. The made the switch. The cheaper roybi water pump worked.

By YandJ on Home Depot - Feb 8, 2011

Brand new and broken

I got this pump as part of my Ridgid 7" tile saw. The pump has a QC label on it but my pump was dead right out of the box. I guess that the manufacturer's QC covers only blemishes and not functionality. Lets see how long I have to wait for a replacement. Running back and forth to Home Depot with gas at $3.39 a gallon is starting to wear my patience thin.

By DrPcFix on Home Depot - Dec 26, 2010

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