Klein Tools 53751SEN 3/4-Inch by 72-Inch Flex Bit Auger

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Used to drill holes through wood within a wall Tapered back for easy bit retrieval. Spring steel shaft resists deformation Screw point tip pulls the bit through wood Hole in tip allows for use with wire or cable pulling grip, Manufacturer: Klein Tools


Product Title: Klein Tools 53751SEN 3/4-Inch by 72-Inch Flex Bit Auger

Manufacturer: Klein Tools

Power Score: 3.7 | 3 Reviews

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Expensive garbage

QFirst and only One time use , drilled only 1.5 inch into wood and got stuck, soon afterward it broke one half inch from the drill side end where there is a hole for cable feed. Good idea, poor blade design and inferior material grade. Spend Half the cost on the drill bit extender to attach the flat blades that cut much better

By Fastlemon on Home Depot - May 16, 2012


placed inside wall through new box hole to drill up through double top plates to install new wiring. excellent in every way: cut through wood like hot knife through butter, has hole to attach wire and pull back down. flexible yet very sturdy.

By doityourselfjohn on Home Depot - Jan 24, 2012

Must have for pulling wires!

I have been using this drill (and an older discontinued combo drill) for several years and I cannot begin to tell you how much time and work it has saved me. I have used it to install electrical, phone, cable and network lines on both first and second floors. You will need 2 extensions to do the second floor. Have not found them online but they are in the store. The best thing about this drill...
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By JoatMon on Home Depot - Sep 24, 2011

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