Bosch PB360D Power Box Jobsite AM/FM Stereo and Charger with Sirius and Remote

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Power Box Jobsite AM/FM Stereo with Sirius Compatibility - PB360D. Includes Remote Control. 6-in AUX cable. (2) AA Batteries


Product Title: Bosch PB360D Power Box Jobsite AM/FM Stereo and Charger with Sirius and Remote

Manufacturer: Bosch

Power Score: 4.2 | 6 Reviews

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My LOVES this radio. Many nice features.

Works great! Protects the cell phone too. Husband uses it every day on his job sites.

By Debbie on Home Depot - Feb 5, 2013

Great features

This jobsite radio has the most features of all the others. 110 volt outlets, a 12 volt outlet, usb charger and mp3 hookups and it recharges the battries. Something that Milwaukee, and porta cable do not. The sound is good, no problems with that. The two bad things I have found about it. Is it will not play my MP3 well it is charging in the USB port. The other is the radio weighs a ton.

By FireandSteel24601 on Home Depot - Jul 1, 2012

Excellent radio....

This is a great product from Bosch. Shipping was fast, thankfully it was free since they don't carry this version in stores. It will not control an Ipod, you must use the headphones jack as stated by others. Do not leave this unit in direct sunlight for very long, the LCD display will go black and it has to cool down to become visible again. This thing sounds great for its size. The remote must...
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By on Home Depot - Jun 16, 2012

Won't charge iPhone/iTouch while playing!

I bought this to use it with my iPhone for playing songs and Pandora radio while working on my boat but the unit doesn't charge through the USB port AND play music at the same time. It will only charge through the USB port when the source is selected as USB but you have to set the source to AUX 2 or 1 to play music from the iphone because it plays through the headphone jack of the iphone NOT...
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By BM619 on Home Depot - May 11, 2012

Very happy with my Bosch job radio.

I was not happy that job radio did not come with a rechargeable battery so that it would be portable. Batteries are very expensive and you did not offer a discounted sale price for one, if you did i would have purchased one.

By jesse on Home Depot - Apr 10, 2012

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