Trixie Natura Animal Hutch with Enclosure in Brown, Large


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Trixie Natura Animal Hutch with Enclosure in Brown -- Find this Rabbit Hutch Kit and Spacious Rabbit Hutch Online Developed with the comfort and special needs of rabbits in mind, the Trixie Natura Animal Hutch with Enclosure in Brown makes for an excellent way to properly house your favorite furry floppy-eared friends. Featuring a fitted ramp that leads to the bottom enclosure, this outdoor rabbit hutch provides your pet rabbit optimal running space at all times. As rabbits require an ample amount of exercise and physical stimulation throughout the day, this spacious rabbit hutch kit is available not only to promote more activity, but also to make maintenance more convenient for you. This hutch includes a bottom enclosure that has a front door, which gives you easy access to your pet. Meanwhile, this rabbit hutch provides your pet rabbit with a safe enclosure for resting, playing and sleeping on the ground. Fitted with a lockable hatch, this hutch can be opened on the top as well as on the front. The extricable plastic-coated base ensures quick and easy cleaning and overall hutch maintenance. Constructed of glazed pinewood, which makes it winter and weatherproof, this hutch includes a pull-out plastic pan for fast and simple cleaning.Please note: Water bottle and bowl in picture are not included.


Product Title: Trixie Natura Animal Hutch with Enclosure in Brown, Large

Manufacturer: Trixie

Lowest Price: $220.13 from PETCO

Power Score: 4.0 | 17 Reviews

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I read numerous reviews before I ordered this product, when we opened the box we had to glue the wood back together and the instructions where backwards so the cage part is mostly on top so we can not completely enclose him. I am very upset for having to pay so much to give my bunny a bigger home and to have such poor quality of instructions and the material to do it and I may be returning it.

By FunnyBunny1 on PETCO - Mar 14, 2012

Great Buy!

Just got it in today. Can't believe the quality I got for such a low price. Everything went together great and I think my rabbit is very pleased! Directions were a little sparse, however anyone with commonsense can figure it out. FYI- There are holes pre-drilled for all the screws, except the rabbit roof. Be sure and screw towards the very bottom (1/4 inch from bottom workes for me) so you make...
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By SomeBunnyLuvsU on PETCO - Feb 29, 2012

Good for the money

The directions were pretty much useless, there was some hardware missing, and some pieces of the wood was a little broken. However, for the price I think it's really nice afte the frustration of putting it together. It looks really nice, and the small pieces that were broken can easily be fixed with some superglue. As far as waterproof goes, I do not have it outside so I can't say for sure, but I...
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By Tric07 on PETCO - Feb 20, 2012

affordable hutch

Very nice extremely cheap hutch. Especially considering you would only get a cheap plastic cage for the same amount. The only issue I seemed to have is that the wood easily splits and the directions aren't all that clear because English is the secondary language as German is the primary. Other than those minor issues it is an excellent product.

By 4thwinds on PETCO - Feb 2, 2012

Leaks water

This hutch looks great and was easy to put together, but it leaks water through the top, which pretty much negates the purpose of having a hutch in the first place (to provide shelter). The wire is also starting to rust. I added 1/2 inch hardware cloth for safety--the gauge of wire currently on the hutch allows for a raccoon to stick its hand in there and grab whatever it wants.

By OhEverett on PETCO - Jan 10, 2012

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