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Shop for Garden Center at The Home Depot. Bedbugs are back. Once thought of as extinct, bedbugs have grown their population by 500% in recent years and are infesting households across the United States. Ortho is introducing Ortho home defense max bedbug killer so that you can help arm your customers with the right product to take on these nasty pests. It penetrates cracks and crevices where bedbugs like to hide and will not stain water safe fabrics and surfaces. Approved for use on mattresses, furniture, and luggage.


Product Title: Scotts Ortho Home Defense Max Bed Bug Killer Aerosol

Manufacturer: Scotts

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Power Score: 3.5 | 6 Reviews

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We discovered a pretty large infestation inside of our bed frame (wooden frame). Sprayed this directly on the insects, actually saturated them in it, where they were in standing puddles of it. Once it dried, they walked away from it, unscathed. The only thing it did was to stick them to the frame until it dried. If you need something to make them stop running long enough to smash them, use this,...
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By Ranzumze on Home Depot - May 15, 2013

Good spray

I purchased the spray and it does kill bed bugs. Initially I didn't think it worked because I was still being bitten. I called an exterminator and he did treat my bed and sofa but noticed the bugs were dead with a few remaining. Told him I sprayed on my own and he said Ortho is one of the best brands. It's the closest to commercial spray. I had a very mild case of bed bugs but I wasn't taking any...
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By Erma on Home Depot - Apr 1, 2013

For BEDBUGS not Roaches

I totally agree, This says it is for BEDBUGS, NOT ROACHES. read the can and follow the directions. You have to buy the right stuff if you need to kill Roaches... If you do not do the job right, then I fell you do not have the right to tell others to not buy the product. Thank You....

By Lisa on Home Depot - Apr 1, 2013

too much money for in contact product but...

it's perfectly good and does it's job what we told. spraying daily on your bed and on your carpet could be your solution. and it doesnt say it kills roaches so please stop using product for bed bugs on roaches and saying dont waste your money.

By celchuchan on Home Depot - Jul 18, 2012

Kills on contact

I have not had time to see how this works longterm, but it definitely kills on contact.

By Gina on Home Depot - Mar 11, 2012

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