Ryobi 10 In. 13 Amp Portable Table Saw With Steel Table Bts12s

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Product Title: Ryobi 10 In. 13 Amp Portable Table Saw With Steel Table Bts12s

Manufacturer: Ryobi

Power Score: 3.9 | 54 Reviews

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10" table saw

Bought this table saw while on sale for $99 and figured it would come in handy if ever needed. The occasion finally came when I had to trim off 1/2" from a closet door. The closet door was hollow with MDF around the 4 sides (not exactly super strong material by any standard). After taking off 5-6 inches, the table saw would get stuck due to lack of power. If this table saw can't even cut MDF, its...
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By SyossetJoe on Home Depot - Nov 30, 2010

Not the Usual User

I bought this saw to turn tree branches into blanks for turning pens on my lathe. It is great for squaring up branches and then cutting the 3/4 X 3/4" pen blanks. I used it this weekend to cut some rough mesquite into blanks and ended up with a beautiful set of pens. I will use it for some more standard products, but I am totally pleased witht his tool! Had a Delta before, but this one is far...
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By RobertTurnsPens on Home Depot - Nov 29, 2010

save your money

Good point: Saw is lightweight enough to move around easily in your shop or at a job site. Bad point: The bevel dial on this saw is a plastic dial with teeth which operate a gear to pivot the saw blade. The problem is that both the dial and gear assembly are made from small plastic teeth which didn't match up well. The result was that after only a few different bevel cuts, the plastic teeth wore...
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By woodworkingirl on Home Depot - Oct 21, 2010

Great for the self-home-remodeler

I like this table saw very much. It's small and portable. I work on the house on the weekends, and so far this table saw has been great for cutting the trim for our newly installed energy star windows! This involves cutting 1"x5" lengths of wood lengthwise. I'm probably never going to use it like a contractor would, because, well, I'm a weekend warrior more than a contractor. Great middle of the...
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By calamitybeth on Home Depot - Sep 7, 2010

Great saw for the money

I've owned one for about 5 years and it has worked almost flawlessly. I had to dissasemble and clean the contacts on the on/off switch recently(carboned up), and the plastic angle adjustment is wearing out. Other than this it has been a great saw for little money. Unfortunately, the new ones come with a steel table. Mine has cast aluminum which I like much better!

By Troubledtrimmer on Home Depot - Aug 13, 2010

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